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  1. Nope, didnt watch and will not watch any. Same goes with every sport.
  2. I have no problem what so ever. New guy in charge has the right to get rid of whoever he wants for the guys he wants or feels is the better choice. Just my opinion.
  3. I think Elias knows more about this game than most of us. Im going to trust his process for a couple years before i start judging. 🤷‍♂️
  4. I agree with you here, but just knowing that they have been thinking about all this worries me.
  5. UUgh. Ill quit watching if these rules were implemented.
  6. Yes Twitter is. I was on Twitter just for MLB news. I ended up deleting it about six months ago. Very bad.
  7. Leave the draft the way it is, either use the DH for all teams or pitcher bats for all teams. I fine either way. No to the pitchers clock, no to the pitchers minimum. Im ok with lowering the mound a bit. My opinion.
  8. Yea i cant ever remember the difference either.
  9. Now i troll them. I actually say stupid stuff now just to see how many down votes i get.
  10. Jeeze i dont recommend going on Reddit then. I get downvoted a ton. All i have to say is i like the color Orange more than i do the color Red and ill get a hundred down votes. SMH.
  11. I dont like anything that effects the O's negatively.
  12. All this talk about the O's leaving is getting me sick in the stomach.
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