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  1. Wahhhhhhhh!!!!! LOL Whine, whine, whine. Pathetic. The O's lost. Get over it.
  2. LOL Ya think? O's fans need to tone down their hurt feelings over the ALCS. All of the whining sounds like major sour grapes. The Royals are two games away form a World Championship. Even if the Giants win this series, the Royals already have has a very good showing.
  3. Chiefs fans are some of nicest in the NFL. I went there for a game wearing my purple in 2012 and not one bit of trash talk. We spoke to many of them sitting around us they could not have been nicer. Seems like I'm one of the few O's fans rooting for the Royals this series.
  4. What's tonight's tweet? "Back in the stratosphere?" Lol. smh
  5. This isn't about me. It's about Caleb's tweet. At best Caleb looks like a sore loser, at worst he's going to look like a fool if the Royals come back and win. When you tweet this stuff out you open yourself up. Hey, the Royals won because they played at a higher level than the O's. Period. Fans like you can whine about a horseshoe up their asses all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that they are playing in the World Series and the O's are sitting home.
  6. I get it. And I think your vent it appropriate. I had many of the same feelings. But you and I are fans on a chat board. As a player Caleb Joseph is in a different position. I'd rather see these guys just shut up after getting swept and come back next year even better. What good could possibly come from Caleb's tweet other than to fire up some pissed off fans on this board. I think it makes him look bad.
  7. They played with emotion. I saw the Giants doing the same thing in the Cardinal series. When you're a few games from the World Series and you can sense it I'm sure it's hard to contain yourself. Sorry, it has everything with being a sore loser.
  8. Get them back from your couch at home when they are playing in the Fall Classic? Oh please. Whether the Royals win or lose they made to the World Series. They'll have an American League Championship banner flying high now. And their fans get 2 more weeks of fun and baseball.
  9. Why? So the O's can announce to the world what a bunch of sore losers they are? Not a good idea in a Championship series. With that said, if they want to run one of Dyson's rear end in April next year go for it.
  10. Couldn't disagree more. I recall when the Ravens finally won the Championship Game in 2012 beating the Patriots, Suggs ran off the field and said something like, "Have a nice time at the Pro Bowl this year Patriots!". Yea that was probably uncalled for, but I got it because there were many years of hard-fought, heart breaking losses. Suggs finally won and his emotion came out in the moment. But when you lose, just shut up and come back next year and try to beat them. It's pretty pathetic to be sitting at home after they ended your season in a sweep only to be tweeting garbage like this. The Royals swept them in 4 and deserved to win. No question about it.
  11. I wrote on the other thread that KC hit a bloop single to center, but the San Fran shortstop was positioned correctly and ran it down for a great catch. The O's didn't step up and make those plays. The Giants did last night and they won. Plus the Giants had a true #1 on the mound. When I watched the last Giants/Cardinals it was evident that the Giants were playing with as much emotion as the Royals. Maybe what the Royals displayed is what the O's lacked.
  12. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Win or lose the Royals are the American League Champs and are playing on the big stage. Caleb is sitting home on his couch watching like the rest of us.
  13. As long as the organization is doing everything they can to win I could never be mad. It's disappointing when they lose, but only one team out of 30 can win it all. That is all.
  14. From the outside looking in... It's hard to believe Nick would endure all this losing to finally be on a winner, only to go sign somewhere else.
  15. He made a ton of money doing something he loves everyday. Good for him.
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