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  1. Yeah, because having a big inning in Game 6 of the World Series, after you've had your asses handed to you the past 2 games, is no time to be smiling. There's no smiling in baseball!
  2. These things you say...they just don't fit in with reality.
  3. You guys talk good baseball when all the heart ache isn't involved.
  4. Oh, I forgot, the MEDIA is always 100% accurate and never biased. I've yet to see any such media report, myself. Must be some O's blog or a local Baltimore paper..?? Funny how the entire year people say we play NL ball in the AL, and now suddenly our style won't work in an NL park..??
  5. What goes hand-in-hand with having a good time? I believe it's laughter. Any manager who stops his team from having a good time, laughing and enjoying themselves while riding an undefeated post-season hot streak straight to the World Series is...wait, nevermind. That manager doesn't exist. If you think they were laughing AT the O's then that's just a sore heart not seeing reality.
  6. Hey, so far this post-season Billy B has a legitimate stolen base, an infield hit, and has scored from 1st base twice. How funny is that!?
  7. Each of the Royals players have been coming up with their own little things they do when they get a hit or make a play. They've been doing it all year long and nobody has had any problems with it all. Where I will agree it crosses the fine line is Dyson and Guthrie. Dyson should have stopped when he said he didn't think it would go back to Baltimore. Fine. He didn't need to add that he thought they felt the same way. Guthrie's shirt with an O's logo on it...I think the particular play on the song's phrase was kinda funny, but yes, disrespectful to the other team. I heard somebody say (can't remember where) that you shouldn't speak for the other clubhouse. That I would completely agree with, and I hope they're learning from that. They're all brand new to this, remember, and it's hitting them very quickly. Instant reaction isn't always perfect. As for the antics on the field, though, none of that is ever directed at the other team or anything like that. These guys are making plays and having fun. Hosmer's "shoulder shrug" is indeed like he's putting a back pack on. It's like a get on my back and I'll carry you kinda thing to the team. There's a common theme of "who's going to drive the bus today" because different players at different times have made big plays all year long, and again, they each kinda come up with their own little thing to celebrate back towards the team. I actually have thought to myself that I bet Hosmer's smirk would annoy me if he wasn't a Royals player. The thing is, though, that's only if/when he's doing it to my team. That's such a big part of this, that is completely understandable, but you all have to acknowledge it at some point. They're jacked up, they're making big plays in prime time, and they're having a hell of a time doing it. I don't think you have nearly as much of a problem with it if it wasn't that it was happening at the expense of your home team and your heart. I will say, too, that all baseball fans in KC have said coming up to the series, during the series, and after the series that the O's organization is fantastic, and we'd all love to see us both in this mix a lot more often. Yost may or may not have ever mentioned the O's in his official press conferences (I can't find an unedited one at this point) but I can tell you he's mentioned them and their success numerous times on interviews with our local sports networks and the like. We all know Baltimore is a great baseball town and that they were very successful this year. It's what makes it all the more fun for all of us involved. I hope that when some of the sting wears off and after some exciting games in the series the Royals may be able to pull some of you back on their side. They are representing the American League, and, well, damn the Cardinals and Giants! It's our turn!!
  8. kcdreamer

    Giants vs. Royals

    I saw somebody else make this comment, and I agree, that it almost seemed as if they were trying too hard to not be one-sided towards the O's that it turned into no emotion at all or praising the Royals even more than they typically would. You know Cal had to be cheering for the O's, but he's not supposed to show it.
  9. kcdreamer

    Giants vs. Royals

    That's part of my worry as well. Really, not saying this to be an ass, but they still haven't experienced losing in the postseason. It's a very young team that's been on such a high I don't think they've even realized what's going on in a way. When they lose and feel a little bit of pressure...who knows. Could be down hill from there.
  10. Exactly what A's fans said the Angels would do, and then exactly what Angels fans said the O's would do.
  11. It's available here: http://deadspin.com/jarrod-dyson-claims-an-oriole-kneed-him-for-his-comment-1646599816 I don't think it was intentional, and it wasn't even much contact, really. This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. The media asked him a question, and he confidently answered. What was he supposed to say? "No, I think we'll lose at least 2 of these games, so we'll definitely be back in Baltimore." I'll give you that if he was trying to be a perfectly, politically correct media boy, then he probably should have just stopped his statement when he said no he doesn't think we'll be back there rather than go on to say that he doesn't think the O's players do either. It really wasn't that big of a deal, though, and if this was a regular season series nobody would give two ****s about it.
  12. No, they're trying to make contact. You do that enough with speed on bases and you get what you're seeing. The fact that this is so hard for people to understand is exactly why it's working for the Royals.
  13. That's exactly my point. The O's get guys on base and try to hit a 3 run home run. The Royals hope for a chop knock over the pitcher's head or a shallow single, and that's exactly what they've been getting. This isn't the first run like this we've seen as Royals fans. First time in postseason obviously, but not in general. It's only the first run YOU've seen, so you feel like it's all luck. It's a style of play. It's called small ball. Many hate it. This team loves it.
  14. What you keep forgetting to mention when talking about scoring on bloopers is that you have to have runners on base when those bloopers happen to score on them. That's why KC's turned into runs and Baltimore's didn't. That and the fact that Cain simply catches any bloopers the O's put out there.
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