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  1. Get rid of EVERYBODY and truly start from scratch.
  2. more BP for Judge and Stanton.
  3. Bundy, Gausman. 3-5 will be filled out by a combination of pitchers who have had arm injuries in the past, aka pitchers no one else wants.
  4. Power hitters who consistently are among league leaders in strikeouts usually don't get better with age.
  5. I'd like for the team to not rely so much on home runs. I wouldn't mind some actual speed, actual patience at the plate, and some timely hitting. I don't want to see Jones leadoff and swing at the first pitch anymore. I also don't want to see Buck's nephew, Nolan Reimold, again in an Orioles uniform.
  6. jerm13

    Buck Stuff

    I definitely put this loss on Buck and his horrific decision to bring in Jimenez. You simply can't have him come in a tie game, in extra innings in a road playoff game.
  7. You can't pick Ubaldo over Tillman. Tillman pitched well in his last start, in Toronto and got the W. He just needs to give them a solid 5 and the bullpen can carry them to Texas.
  8. I'll take Jason Bourne every time. Oops, wrong one...
  9. Miley, Jimenez, and Wilson might have been the worst pitching combination I've ever seen in a single game.
  10. It's got to infuriate the offense. They hit 4 HOME RUNS in the 1st, huge momentum boost to the team, and then Miley wets the bed.
  11. Way to go Wade! 4 home runs from the Os in the first gets completely wiped out.
  12. No. Right now, he's painful to watch batting. It's either a high flyout, a grounder directly into the shift, or his specialty, a strikeout.
  13. I can't remember the last time they didn't have Red Sox vs Yankees as their Sunday night game when they face off.
  14. Kim, as in the Kim hitting .329 with a .409 OBP. That Kim? 4th outfielder?
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