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  1. Wieters was cat-like in his defense behind the plate. He wasn't a very fast runner, but he was tremendously athletic.
  2. Wouldn't be the first time we disagree. But since you described Stewart as "ungraceful," or in your exact phrasing, Stewrt "lack(s) grace," we actually agree, I would say. Synonyms Ungraceful: awkward, clumsy, graceless, stiff, wooden, gawky Unathletic: awkward, clumsy, gawky, graceless, klutzy, lumbering, ungraceful Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary These two words are nearly identical in meaning. Stewart's "lack of grace" stands out like a sore thumb compared to the average player. He is poor in spatial awareness and he is poorly coordinated. I understand people dislike when someone says something negative about their idols but Stewart plays the field like he is doing a Dizzy Bat Race.
  3. Like Gerry Sandusky described Kyle Boller to be unathletic, so is Stewart. You can throw a football 60 yards from your knees and still be unathletic if you have two left feet and trip over yourself, like Boller did and Stewart does. Having a few gifts does not make one "athletic" or "coordinated." I am not confusing anything. I am also not playing semantic games.
  4. It's not even roast beef. It's pink slime dyed and glued together to look like roast beef or pastrami or some other product they are imitating.
  5. Stewart is unathletic whether he catches it or whether he flops around like a fish on a dock.
  6. Can somebody please help Trey pick out a mitt that works properly?
  7. Stewart is a horrible judge of flyballs. As a result, he slowly ran toward the foul pop because he couldn't judge where he needed to be. A good outfielder gets to the spot quicker, at more of a full run, and is waiting for the ball. Instead, Stewart was still half-running towards a popup he should have been under and injured himself. It's not a great play nor is it reckless. It's a typical play by a bad outfielder who can't judge fly balls and could have injured himself worse because of his defensive inability.
  8. I am glad he wasn't hurt. But as a trainer, you go check on a player no matter what. You don't abdicate your professional responsibility just because a player waves you off.
  9. Harvey induced 17 Foul Balls in yesterday's game. The A's were not squaring him up.
  10. He looked woozy after the impact. And he has a concussion history.
  11. I was thinking about him being traded at the deadline during last night's game. I can't imagine what a re-tread like him would bring back. But if Valdez brought back something of value, it would be like alchemy; the trade would be a coup!
  12. I am not going to judge based on one single stat. @DrungoHazewoodBigfoot sighting...
  13. Nobody's finger bones react well to getting hit with baseballs.
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