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  1. Having an argument doesn't mean it is a good one or a winnable one. Likely, the Mets' legal team advised management on the smartest and most affordable way to approach the situation with Beltran. When Beltran's team agreed, the two sides negotiated a settlement that both sides could work with. And now it is all in the rear-view mirror instead of being litigated for months.
  2. Who can tell? I think it is weirdly comparing the non-violent actions of the Astros to Rice's physical assault. But how creepy is that?
  3. To me, this is a wildly unfair comparison. Williams resurrected a phoenix from the ashes of one of the most disgraced basketball programs in NCAA history. It could be said that most of his early teams overachieved - despite NCAA sanctions as well as self-imposed sanctions by UMD itself - with his frenetic style of breaking and pressing (as well as his re-popularization of the flex). Not only did Turgeon assume the reins in a much more favorable situation, I can only think of all those teams that disappointed expectations rather than ever exceeding them. Is there a team regarded as having overachieved during his tenure?
  4. This is the most predictable reply I have ever read on OH. 360 × 240
  5. Seems like just yesterday when Selig and Reinsdorf were conspiring to contract the Twins out of existence. Just a coincidence that they cut into the Brewers’ Wisconsin market. Yep, that’s all... coincidence.
  6. Vlad. He was over the hill in his only year here but he was so great before coming to Baltimore that it was exciting when they signed him and so was every plate appearance he took in an Orioles uniform.
  7. Are the antennas not as good? Better? What kind of antenna? The leaf kind or the outside antennas? I ask because I cut the cord years ago and would like to improve my reception. btw, My bill went from $140/month with Fios double play of tv and 1 mbps internet in 2016, then to $50 internet only at 5mbps with xfinity, and since May back to Fios but now at 100 mbps for $40/month.
  8. Beef Supreme

    Austin Brice

    Well, as previously noted, wildcard has gone all-in on voice-to-text. Sucks, but explains it. Doesn't explain your choice of the verb, "affect," instead of the needed noun, "effect," in your sentence, however. 😥
  9. I would have been happy if the Orioles had entered the season with Martin at SS. I am happy that they signed Iglesias, too. There is no problem with the financial commitment. Iglesias might play better defense, which would be good psychologically for young pitchers (and the reason I would not have wanted Villar at SS this year while the team tries to work back toward improving.) Plus, Martin will get his first ever AAA at-bats -- for whatever that's worth. Considering he did OK offensively in his last 509 of 852 AA at-bats, maybe he can work out his swing to get back to OK at AAA this year. His swing will always be a work in progress. But that's true of a lot of players. There was a successful Orioles' shortstop who was constantly tinkering with his offensive approach. I think they will use a different utility player in Baltimore and let Martin get full-time duty at SS in Norfolk for a couple of months and start to re-evaluate from there.
  10. I don't see a single comment that is angry. I do see few comments voicing surprise that the once-vaunted Sports Illustrated would publish such a vacuous article. It really looks more like an amateur's submission to FanSided.
  11. I wouldn't have mentioned it if that homer had been pulled. It's encouraging to see a player turn around a ball that got that deep.
  12. Cool. I remember after the draft looking at video of Stowers and of Gunnar Henderson and being more impressed by Henderson
  13. Whether it is Colas or someone else, the Orioles have yet to jump the broomstick on a hyped international prospect under 25. They need to take that leap sooner than later to establish that they are genuine players in the market. There will be failures. But at this stage, the payroll expense could just as easily be accepted by management as a marketing and advertising expense. Not saying that Cubans don't know the Orioles, but courting and signing current talent makes this destination more appealing for younger players. And should Cuban players have success with the Orioles, then the franchise may become a more desirable landing spot with some kids who are dreaming of a future in baseball. It's time the Orioles cross the Rubicon on one of these players. Or at least try their best. But whatever salary expectation may be guessed at right now means very little. Until we know the salary demands from Colas' representation, we can't make a fair attempt to value the acquisition of Colas or anyone. (btw: anyone have a highlight of Stowers showing the oppo power of Colas in that one clip? ... )
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