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  1. The "bad time" you are referring to is usually, at worst, what people call paranoia. That's unpleasant whether it is part of your normal psychological make-up or the result of imbibing a substance, whether alcohol or blueberry pie. Neither alcohol nor blueberry pie could be considered "harmless," using your term. Meanwhile, overeating and indigestion can create a "bad time," as well, as can stress, depression, insomnia, narcissism (ahem), OCD, etc. Many of those maladies can be alleviated for some people by the usage of THC and/or CBD. But that was never my point. And you knew it. Every reader knew what I meant by OD, especially after reading that people "died from excessive caffeine consumption" But you insisted on attempting to "correct" me, trying to be dominant. btw: I get that pedantry is your schtick, but you misused the term "toxic overdose" in a failed attempt to equate it to "death by overdose." When you purported that the phrase, "toxic overdose," indicates that a person has died, you failed to recognize the fact that many people recover from toxic overdose when treated in time. PS: Your ceaseless pedantry is annoying to most everyone, though occasionally, it can be amusing. Mostly, however, it is worrisome. And I am not trying to be funny by saying that.
  2. Yes, by "OD," I meant "to die." You will note that I used the term "OD," not "overdose." Death is the overwhelmingly commonly accepted connotation of the phrase, "OD." By your qualification, one could "overdose" on fresh air or happiness. I am trying to guess the odds that Moose would place on you ever in the past having "overdosed" on happiness.
  3. Compelling trailers are easier to make than good films.
  4. For those interested in attending the event this Saturday, here is some more info: Birdland Memberships, formerly season ticket plans, are designed to take your relationship with the Orioles to a whole new level. On Saturday, March 14, 2020 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., our Birdland Memberships Open House allows fans who are interested in purchasing a 2020 Birdland Membership an opportunity to "try out" seats before they make a purchase. Park in Lot A and enter the ballpark through Home Plate Plaza. Winners will be randomly selected throughout the day. No purchase necessary and you do not have to be present to win. 10:30 - Austin Hays autographed baseball 11:30 - Chance Sisco autographed baseball 12:30 - Richard Bleier autographed baseball 1:30 - Chris Davis autographed baseball Interested In Attending? Reserve Your Spot: https://www.mlb.com/orioles/forms/open-house Don't Wait! Purchase Your Birdland Membership Now!: https://www.mlb.com/orioles/tickets/season-tickets Check in with a Birdland Sales Center representative & you could win autographed memorabilia
  5. Heroin and cannabis are not equal. Nobody ever has ODed on THC. After nearly a century of mercenary science and judicial malfeasance, the majority of the country has begun to reject the notion that cannabis and opioids are even similar. Some of the loudest voices in favor of testing for cannabis in order to punish users are people who drink alcohol. And most Americans imbibe the legal mind-altering substance caffeine - which has never been subject to punishment or even rebuke - despite people having died from excessive caffeine consumption (from powder or pills, not tea or coffee). Obviously, some people have failed to reach the level of understanding that cannabis is less similar to opioids when it comes to physical and psychological damage than caffeine and alcohol are.
  6. I am sure that you understand and agree, Rick, but for those unfamiliar with the term... Baltimore is NOT in the DMV. The DMV is DC and its suburbs in Maryland and Virginia. It does not include Baltimore, the Eastern Shore or Western Maryland, nor most of Virginia.
  7. I am surprised that no one has mentioned, considering the erudite crowd on this forum, the brilliant The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop. by Robert Coover.
  8. Even if his bet resulted in misusing a pitcher, resulting in injury or the end of a career? Even if his bet virtually assured a loss in the subsequent game or multiple games by abusing his bullpen, making key relievers unavailable? Rose only deserves to enter the Hall of Fame on days that he buys a ticket.
  9. That's how they need to revise their playoff format -- 154 games, 2 leagues, two divisions per league, eight teams per division. Season ends @ September 22. The division winners get byes while the four wildcards per league play 3-game series to determine which teams meet up with the division winners. Thereon, all series are best of 7. World Series never stretches into November.
  10. To be clear, I put quotation marks around the word process to differentiate what the Orioles appear to be doing -- using statistical methods and developing research using technological advances -- and what teams like the 76ers called "The Process," which seemed to be limited to tanking to acquire high draft picks.
  11. Well, Araujo was never Elias' guy... I would put the odds on Bailey coming north as high. I wouldn't be surprised if Rucker breaks camp, too. The "process" of valuing talent via Bauer Units (Bailey) or whatever Rucker statistically demonstrates makes me think they are pretty much already sold on the potential of their picks. That might mean the players get a longer rope, even if their ST performance is mediocre. If either one fails miserably -- or, more likely, doesn't provide comparable metrics as to what was attractive about them to begin with -- then I could see one or both being returned before Opening Day.
  12. Lots and lots of 100s. It's true: I am higher on HH than many on OH. I will even go so far as to predict that I think we'll see Harvey healthy all season. That sound you just heard was my knuckles hitting a wooden table, btw.
  13. Yep, that is even worse. The beauty of the actual Baltimore Oriole is the radiance of its orange breast. It shines, almost like gold. Green , pink, baby blue, black-and-white logos, they all fail without the brilliant orange.
  14. I’m happy to see Grenier at 19, but surprised since he is not listed in the OH’s Top 30. Is their ranking higher because of his draft position? Is the OH ranking undervaluing his defense?
  15. Also, easily enough forgotten are the 20 starts in centerfield by Anthony Santander, across the 24 total games he played at the position.
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