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  1. You were not in the dugout and have no idea what you are talking about. I have a feeling that only one of us has held numerous positions managing people and it is not you.
  2. Yes, if that had been what was said, i would be more likely to side with Hyde. But not one of us was in the dugout, so the anger I have seen in so many replies to this thread seems baseless. I get it: people hate Davis so much that it determines their viewpoint, with no possible nuance of what may have happened. They hate Davis and his contract and it colors their viewpoint. I want Davis gone, too. I never would have signed him to that contract years ago. But I am not going to side with a manager who provokes a player, especially not one who has never shown a bit of anger in his playing career. Even last night was about the least angry dust-up between a manager and a player I have ever seen. Davis never even got his arms above his waist and stopped after one step. This has gotten blown way out of proportion. I have a feeling, though, that the tone that Brocail took with Hess and the content of their conversation does not resemble what Hyde said to start the altercation with Davis. I have a strong feeling that what Hyde said was personally insulting, at minimum, and was not just a suggestion to "tighten it up a little."
  3. When Hyde initiated the interaction, he had to have known to expect the response he received. If not, he is painfully unaware of human dynamics and is thus ill-equipped to be a manager of people in any walk of life.
  4. This is a level-headed response, not like the thin-skinned ones. But help me understand: do you disagree that Hyde will be gone from the organization by the time the Orioles are playoff contenders again? Or do you disagree about seeing managers go after players for missing scoops of throwing errors? Or do you disagree with both?
  5. This is your idea of macho posturing, I guess: suggesting you are challenging me to a fight. When you disagree with something someone says, you threaten physical violence over the internet. Grow Up. Or better yet, go ahead and take a poke at those eyes you see reflected in your monitor.
  6. Yeah, I was afraid of referencing that jammy. But Hyde did, in fact, begin the interaction. Davis did not react to Hyde farting. While on the subject, starting a fire by placing a flame near an expectant fart is something that should be done with at least one layer of pants on. Also, when a person lets out a fart a little bit at a time while walking, it is called a "drag bunt."
  7. Doesn't matter which team or which firstbaseman, no manager is justified in attacking a player for missing a throwing error. I can't even recall seeing a manager attack a firstbaseman for missing a scoop until Hyde. Last night proved to me what I had been thinking all along: whenever the Orioles are playoff contenders again, Hyde will not be in the organization. Hyde is a placeholder only, like nearly all of the 25-man roster.
  8. Yes, and there was very little "holding back" that needed to be done.
  9. Quite the sweeping generalization. When you light the match, you can expect to start a fire.
  10. Hyde verbally attacked Davis, clearly. Otherwise, Davis would not have reacted. Also, Davis never touched Hyde, so it can not be described as committing "physical violence," as some have said. Maybe they both could benefit from an anger management support group.
  11. Whenever someone, like Hyde, says something to prompt a reaction like we saw last night, it's certain that they fell short -- at least on that occasion -- of being "professional."
  12. Being judgmental of others is the surest sign of "weak character."
  13. In the real world, managers get fired all the time for attacking employees. Hyde is not the owner, he is just another employee.
  14. AceKing Posted 10 hours ago It bounced over the base Thanks for making my point for me.
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