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  1. Sliding catches are not a good sign. Means he had difficulty reading the ball's flight.
  2. Stewart is terrible defensively and uncoordinated regardless of the attempt that current stats try to qualify talent. He's had five plays since Saturday that would embarrass a player at any level. But, sure, hang your hat on sss and misleading stats. He'll prove you wrong in the end.
  3. And Sisco is a fine defensive catcher. And until tonight, Dean Kremer is a sub 2.00 ERA pitcher.
  4. It's like seeing a 5-foot waves and being told, "Nope, surf forecast says 2-foot waves. Don't believe what you are riding." Sorry I have actually been watching the games and not just quoting sss metrics.
  5. Buck Showalter: RHP Dean Kremer Was Best Player Orioles Traded For In 2018 September 23, 2020 Kylie Rau
  6. No he is not "fine." This is a perfect example of when the "stats" distort reality. He has had numerous bad drops. He got away with one on Saturday that should have been his second error of the game.
  7. MLB's New York umps destroy the integrity of the game by overturning calls that they can not possible have conclusive evidence to overturn. The real life umpire is three feet from the tag seeing the play in three dimensions; you can hear him say "No, he missed it!" The umps in the booth see a two dimensional image with no real-life audio, watch plays for two minutes and decide they "see" something the on-field ump didn't. If they take that long, there is no incontrovertible evidence to overturn the original call, regardless of which team it helps.
  8. I was being hyperbolic for comedic effect by comparing Trumbo to Clemente. But that's the extent of it. Trumbo was a far superior outfielder. And Trumbo was a terrible outfielder, even before he got to Baltimore. The former holder of the worst Orioles outfielder, Jeff Stone, was a space cadet but not a bumbling fool like DJ. DJ looks terrible for a high schooler.
  9. Would have been a double either way but yes, horribly misplayed.
  10. Awful. Football player arm. (Non QB, of course)
  11. Didn't hurt, but he terribly misplayed a fly off of The Monster and it bounced over his head and rolled thirty feet away towards the infield.
  12. Still, It's closer to the opposite than it is to being the same thing. "All the time" and "several times over the course of the season" are not even reasonably close to similar. Also, I have watched a fudgeton of baseball and have not seen an outfielder as inept and unathletic as DJ. He makes Trumbo look like Clemente. At least Jeff Stone was coordinated. Not sure you could see the body of work Stewart has produced this season "several times per year" no matter how many teams you follow.
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