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  1. I'm excited for Tate going forward. Love his live arm and movement.
  2. Aw, c'mon, EVERYBODY knew not to take Hobgood! Well, almost everybody.
  3. If I'm Matusz, I take the $13MM. If I'm the Orioles, I would take Door #2
  4. Dude's like, "I'm finally coming north with the team!!!"
  5. Reason enough for me to value RBIs still.
  6. You left out that certain sportswriters turned on him which resulted in some fans turning on Eddie. Those fans didn't come to that on their own, they were convinced by a few bigots with bylines. Some of us remember who they are.
  7. Haha! You certainly don't have to venmo me if they don't get chosen. And if the do get in with those results, I will be happy enough to be proven wrong. Your observation about this being a wacky year is valid and that might help UMD's chances. Really hoping Duke fails to get in.
  8. Flexor? Why not. 60 MLB IPs this year with one or two starts mixed in seems reasonable. EDIT: based on 162 game schedule.
  9. I never said there are NOT a tournament team but that it is wishful thinking to believe they will make it. Good wins are negated by lots of losses. Two of those "good wins," are Ws against Minnesota. They don't look so great anymore and they won't impress the selection committee. I think the national prognosticators and you are over-emphasizing the past four games. Even after four straight wins against legendary basketball programs such as Nebraska, Rutgers and Nebraska (ahem), the team would have risen to a meager 9-10 record if not for the five cream puffs. The probability of the Terps making the tournament by finishing the regular season 2-1 and going 0-1 in the Big 10 tourney is maybe <30%. But if they follow that up with 1-1 in Big 10 tourney -- 17-12 overall -- puts them @ 50%. If they go 1-2 to finish the regular season, they would finish 9-11 in conference/16-13 season. That puts them near 10% probability unless they win the Big 10 tourney. OK, if they go to the finals, maybe 50%, But 1-2 to close out against the weak competition they face would be an indictment of their quality. Even if they go 3-0, it's likely that they need to win at minimum one game in the Big 10 tourney to have an 80% chance to make the NCAA. Losing the first round puts them outside the bubble looking in - <40% chance. Two wins in the Big10 following 3-0...yeah, they are more than likely in: >90+%. And I am not saying that there is no talent there, but they are all supporting players. There is no player that can put the team on its back and come away with a victory. And not having a horse to ride is not lost on the selection committee. Part of their decision comes down to what is exciting for the fans to watch. The 2021 Terps players don't fit that criterion. But I will be rooting for them to make the tournament still.
  10. If we ever hear, "the ball didn't look that great coming out of his hand," we'll know that pitcher has some big problems.
  11. He's not only a poor strategic coach, he fails at the other part of being a college coach: he's a bad educator. What I most disrespect about him is how he repeatedly throws players under the bus. He is tasked with making these young men stronger in body and mind, yet he tears them down after losses in order to build himself up and avoid responsibility for his shortcomings.
  12. Damn, I thought I came up with one.
  13. Have you seen "Coach Turd" on the sites?
  14. This would have been his last year if they hadn't signed him to an extension. This could have been a year to celebrate! "Turgetory." LOL!
  15. You should have stuck with your earlier assessment. This is a bad team. And Turgeon has been proving for a decade how terrible he is with the x's and o's. Blue chipper Ayala has played better this year but has been a big disappointment overall. He is a bricklayer whose offense is limited to standing still around the perimeter waiting for a pass so he can clank it off the rim or backboard. Scott, Wiggins and Morsell are OK, but not special players. Understand, I have been a huge Terps fan since I was a wee little kid. I root for them despite my lack of respect for Coach Turd. But to imagine this is a tournament team with their dearth of talent is wishful thinking. They would have to win the Big 10 tourney. Or, maybe, if they could go 3-0 and reach the Big 10 final they might sneak in. Even if they somehow get in, they are almost assured to bow out in the first round. But I doubt the tournament selection committee doesn't see the lack of talent.
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