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  1. Toronto's AA farm club, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, cancelled a doubleheader against Portland on Sept. 5, an entire series against Reading from Sept. 7-12, and their scheduled game against Harrisburg on Tuesday, Sept 14, all due to COVID concerns. They still hope to play the five games left on the schedule Sept. 15-19. The way the Blue Jays have been playing, they probably aren't in urgent need of calling any players up from AA. If they tried to, the Canadian government might not let them cross the border, anyway.
  2. Akin has to figure that one run is all he is going to get and if he wants to win this game, he will have to pitch a shutout. To his credit, he has pitched five scoreless. Only needs two more.
  3. Second and third with nobody out and the Orioles go strikeout, popup, groundout. How many times has that happened this year?
  4. I have a friend who used to work part-time as a vendor at Connie Mack Stadium in Philadelphia. He told me one time that he was sent to get popcorn, which was kept in great big bags in a storage room. When he opened the door to the storage room, he had to stand and wait a bit while the rats scurried around to hide from the light. Anyone thinking hard about the last time they got popcorn at Camden Yards? 🤢
  5. The Orioles' website indicates that, prior to Mike Baumann on Tuesday and Manny Barreda on Wednesday, the last Oriole reliever to make his MLB debut in relief and earn the win was Alberto Castillo on April 28, 2008. Although Castillo is officially credited with a win on that date, he never pitched in the major leagues prior to July 8 of that year. The April 28 game was played in Chicago in terrible weather. Since it was the Orioles' only scheduled visit to Chicago that season, the umps tried mightily to get the game in, but finally ruled the field unplayable after the 11th inning en
  6. He's having a terrific August. Before this month, his numbers weren't as impressive. That gave the major outlets a chance to get focused on other ROY candidates who got off to better starts and who were playing for better teams. If he plays as well in September as he has in August, his numbers are probably going to match up well with anybody's, but it may be too late for him to get serious consideration when the voting for the award takes place.
  7. If the Elijah Green under discussion here makes it to the big leagues, he will be the second player of that name to do so. A lot of people know that the Red Sox' first African-American player was Pumpsie Green. Not as many know that his real first name was Elijah.
  8. I thought surer than anything that Shawn Armstrong, as hideously as he pitched for the Orioles earlier this year, was going to retire the side 1-2-3. Once in a while, it's nice to be wrong.
  9. Striking out is bad enough, but I was disappointed to see Stewart just walk away from the plate, even though Zunino had to block the pitch in the dirt and couldn't catch it cleanly. A lot of players seem to be doing that nowadays. If you're a superstar and your team is winning big, maybe I can understand wanting to conserve energy. But Stewart is not a superstar and the score was tied. For crying out loud, run to first! Make the catcher throw the ball to the first baseman. There's always the chance he could make a bad throw and you'll be safe - which you certainly won't be if you
  10. I wanted to watch the Field of Dreams game, but the local Fox affiliate has the rights to Philadelphia Eagles pre-season games and chose to pre-empt the baseball game for football. I've seen pictures of the event in my newspaper, and the White Sox appear to be wearing black socks. Shoeless Joe Jackson was a featured character in the movie "Field of Dreams." I thought the players were supposed to be wearing uniforms from the time when Jackson played for the White Sox. Unless I'm greatly mistaken, the White Sox of that era wore white socks. Was anything said about why the White
  11. Anthony gets one back in a hurry.
  12. Given Cuellar's accomplishments with the Orioles, I can't see how they could retire number 35 in honor of Mussina alone. Don't forget, Cuellar won 20 or more games for the Orioles in four separate seasons. Mussina never did so. If they were to decide to retire it in honor of Cuellar and Mussina jointly, I'd be OK with that. The Yankees retired number 8 in honor of both Bill Dickey and Yogi Berra. I'd also be OK with waiting for Rutschman to have a career as good as Mussina's and Cuellar's, and then retiring the number in honor of all three of them.
  13. Back to back sac flies. Not as impressive as back to back solo homers, but they count for two runs just the same.
  14. Sulser's fifth save places him second on the team in that category. Valdez still leads with eight.
  15. And it took Scott all of seven pitches to create a save situation.
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