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  1. Baltimore native Al Kaline collected the 3,000th hit (and last extra-base hit) of his major league career with a double off Dave McNally. Kaline would collect another seven hits before the season was over, but all of them were singles. The Orioles came from behind with two runs in the eighth to win the game, 5-4. The winning run scored on a bunt single by, of all people, Andy Etchebarren. Bullet Bob Reynolds, in relief of McNally, was the winning pitcher. While this was going on, the Yankees, who entered the day in first place, one game ahead of the Orioles, were losing a doubleheader to the Red Sox, leaving the Orioles in first place by a half game. They never let the Yankees catch up. The Orioles won all of their remaining seven games to end the season on a nine-game winning streak and finished in first place by two games.
  2. SteveA's scenario sounds wonderful, but it's pretty hard to imagine that many things going right in one week. At this point, I'd settle for the Orioles winning at least two games out of the three-game series in Boston. If the Orioles can do that, they will win the season's series from the Red Sox and assure themselves of finishing higher in the standings than the Red Sox will. It they want to win a game or three in Buffalo, that'd be a little icing on the cake.
  3. All due credit to Means, but if it weren't for Alberto's aggressive baserunning in the first inning, the Orioles likely would have gone into the bottom of the ninth trailing 1-0. If Alberto had stopped at second on Hays' single to left, Mountcastle's grounder probably turns into a double play and Nunez' looper is probably caught by an infielder playing back with two out and a man on third.
  4. WillyM

    9-19 vs Tampa

    Why is an old Esskay Meats commercial jingle suddenly running through my head? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. WillyM

    9-19 vs Tampa

    According to GameDay, there was a mound visit after the walk to Tsutsugo and another mound visit after Brandon Lowe's fly out. That should have meant Lopez would have been out of the game before Arozarena came to bat. I guess Hyde probably wishes he had taken him out.
  6. WillyM

    9-19 vs Tampa

    And Hays takes over the team lead in caught stealing with his third of the season.
  7. WillyM

    9-19 vs Tampa

    I see the play was scored as a double and an error allowing Wendle to get to third. Was it a legitimate double, or was it a ball that should have been caught in the first place?
  8. WillyM

    9-19 vs Tampa

    At least the Orioles didn't leave anybody on base in the third inning.
  9. That game was Roger Freed's major league debut. He was traded to the Phillies in the off-season. It was a good trade for the Orioles, as they got Grant Jackson in return. Jackson gave them five pretty good years and part of a sixth. Freed never really panned out for the Phillies the way they hoped he would. He does, however, hold the distinction of being the first player to hit a grand slam at Veterans Stadium - which was also the first home run of his major league career.
  10. Three of the nine guys in the Rays' starting lineup entered the game with batting averages under .200. A fourth is batting .205.
  11. I haven't heard otherwise, either. Your guess is probably as good as mine. As far as I know, MLB didn't bother to address this point when it announced how the playoffs were going to work.
  12. Did Cronenworth's grandfather ever win a Triple Crown? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. MLB has announced that the playoffs will begin with the top four seeds in each league hosting a best-of-three Wild Card series in their home ballparks. There will be no traveling from one city to another. Will those top four seeds get the advantage not only of playing all three games in their home ballparks, but also of batting second in all three games? Or will they bat second only in games one and, if necessary, three, with the lower-seeded team getting the advantage of batting second in the second game?
  14. Not sure who's doing the play-by-play on MASN, but it sounds like Joe Buck. Is it?
  15. The catch by Conforto was a major difference-maker, but so was the catch by McNeil on Iglesias' ball leading off the inning. If that ball dropped in, Iglesias would have scored as the result of the subsequent walk and two hit batters, and then Ruiz' ball would have produced another run, since it would only be the second out and Nunez would have scored easily from third. McNeil's catch saved at least two runs for the Mets. Alberto never batted in the 6th, so he couldn't have bunted in that inning. The Orioles couldn't have brought Holaday in when they were leading by 6-1, because they never led by that margin. They led by 5-1 and 6-3.
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