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  1. Joe Trezza pointed out that the last time the Orioles opened the season at Fenway Park was 54 years ago. 54 years ago was 1966. That season turned out pretty well for the Birds. ☺️
  2. Look at all the pitchers on the Orioles' roster. They all show up at camp and they all need somebody to throw the ball to, whatever the heat index may be. How would you like to be a catcher at this camp?
  3. Darold Knowles is somebody I haven't thought about in quite a while. He had a couple of good years as the Senators' closer in 1969-70. He started his big league career with the Orioles in 1965, pitching in five games, all of them blowout losses. But he is significant in Oriole history for being part of a three-way trade. The Orioles first traded Norm Siebern to the California Angels for Dick Simpson. Next, they traded Knowles and Jackie Brandt to the Phillies for Jack Baldschun. Finally, they traded Simpson, Baldschun, and Milt Pappas to Cincinnati in the deal that made Frank Robinson an Oriole.
  4. I think I remember hearing that there is a rule that any time a ball is touched by more than two players, it must be thrown out of play for safety reasons. Of course, if anybody brings the coronavirus into the ballpark, it's going to be there all day. It's not going to wait for the umpire to yell "Play ball" before it's ready to infect someone. I'm wondering how this rule will affect pregame batting practice. I used to go to games at Memorial Stadium early to watch batting practice. The batting practice pitcher had a supply of baseballs in a grocery cart next to the mound. He would get a ball out of the cart, throw a pitch, and the batter would hit it. Guys would hit the ball all over the field. The balls would be retrieved and thrown in to an area behind second base, where someone would catch them and put them in a basket. Then he would periodically take the basket to the center of the diamond and dump them into the grocery cart, so the batting practice pitcher wouldn't run out of baseballs. The same balls got used over and over again, and got handled by different guys all over the field. Is a batting practice pitcher in 2020 going to have to use a new ball for every pitch?
  5. It's quite true that Elrod did not tag the runner with the ball. It is also true that the runner, Carbo, slid wide of the plate and did not touch it on his way past. The proper thing for the umpire to have done would have been to make no call, and wait to see whether the runner could make it back to the plate before the catcher could tag him. It always appeared to me that Elrod knew darn good and well that he hadn't made a legal tag, so he immediately started to roll over and get back to the plate. I believe that he would have been in position to block the plate and tag Carbo before he could get back. But when the umpire yelled "You're out!" Elrod realized he no longer needed to tag Carbo. What he needed to do was check and make sure the other runners weren't trying to advance, which is what he did. Then he just flipped the ball to Palmer. Reds apologists have noted that Carbo eventually touched the plate while he and Sparky Anderson were stomping around and arguing the decision, but time had been called, so the run could not possibly count.
  6. WillyM

    Field of Dreams game

    The 60-game schedule hasn't come out yet, but I understand that AL East teams are each supposed to play 40 games against AL East opponents and 20 games against NL East opponents. No games against any teams in the Central or West divisions. Similarly, Central division teams will play only Central division opponents and West division teams will play only West division opponents. I guess that could work, but then I read that MLB is still determined to have the Yankees play the White Sox in a game at or near the site used in the "Field of Dreams" movie. When is MLB going to figure out that the Yankees and White Sox are not in the same division?
  7. I can fairly easily work up a 60-game schedule in which each AL East team plays four three-game series against each other AL East team (48 games), plus one three-game series against each of four NL East teams (12 games). A 70-game schedule would be possible by having each AL East team play four three-game series and one two-game series against each other AL East team (56 games), plus one three-game series against each of four NL East teams and one two-game series against the other NL East team (14 games). Some teams would get a couple more home games than other teams, though I'm not sure how much the home field advantage matters if there are no fans. For a 65-game schedule, you'd need to have each AL East team play three three-game series and two two-game series against each other AL East team (52 games), plus one three-game series against each of three NL East teams and one two-game series against each of two NL East teams (13 games). 60, 65, or 70, they're all doable. Play ball!
  8. I might be OK with being in the ballpark with groups six feet apart. The problem would be getting to and from the ballpark. In normal times, I drive down from York on I-83 and take the Timonium exit, then catch the light rail to Camden Yards. Under normal circumstances, I'm willing to put up with the crush of humanity on the light rail. But I don't expect the threat of the coronavirus to be over before the end of the 2020 baseball season. I don't feel all that sure that the threat is going to be over before the end of the 2021 baseball season. Considering I'm in the high-risk age bracket, I think as long as that threat exists, I'm going to have to forego trips to Camden Yards.
  9. The Bird, to be precise. In a virtual ceremony, the Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting, Indiana, inducted four new honored members today. Oriole fans can be happy to know that the Oriole Bird was one of the four. Boomer (the Indiana Pacers' mascot) and Youppi (formerly the Montreal Expos' mascot, who changed sports and became the Canadiens' mascot after the Expos left for Washington) were two of the other three. The fourth (somewhat bittersweet for Baltimore fans) was Blue, the mascot of the Indianapolis Colts.
  10. With an abbreviated schedule, MLB could have a major headache trying to get rained out games made up before the end of the season. Add ties into the mix and there would be even more makeup games to worry about.
  11. Although the thread title seems to be asking about the Orioles' last 5 tool player regardless of who drafted him, the original question in post # 1 asked about the last 5 tool player the Orioles drafted. On that basis, guys like Adam Jones and Felix Pie would not figure into the discussion.
  12. When the Bullets left Baltimore, I became a Sixers fan - with the exception of when the Sixers played the Bullets. I could not root against the Bullets as long as Wes Unseld was on the team.
  13. I guess the Sabres and Devils have quit screaming. It appears that a format for the Stanley Cup playoffs has been determined. Twelve teams from each conference make the playoffs. The teams that finished fifth through twelfth in the regular-season standings will pair off in five-game series, with No. 5 playing No. 12, No. 6 playing No. 11, and so on for the right to advance to the next round. The teams that finished first through fourth will automatically advance to the next round, but will not automatically be seeded in the order of the final regular-season standings. While the fifth through twelfth teams are playing their five-game series, the first four teams will play a round-robin series against each other to determine who will be seeded first, second, third, and fourth for the second round. It's not clear how the seeding would work if the round-robin series results in two teams with 2-1 records and two teams with 1-2, or three teams with 2-1 records and one with 0-3. And they still haven't worked out the details of where and when the games can be played. But at least they don't seem to be squabbling about money, as the baseball players are doing.
  14. Tony Tarasco, seeing that he was going to be able to catch Jeter's ball just in front of the wall, made no effort to jump for it. Such an effort would have been totally unnecessary if not for Maier's interference, which Tarasco wasn't anticipating. I have a dim recollection that a former Yankee (Dave Winfield, maybe) who was noted for making spectacular leaping efforts to catch fly balls near or above the top of the wall, commented afterwards that Tarasco should have jumped for the ball, since by doing so he might have contacted Maier's hand and made the interference more apparent. Tarasco had just entered the game as a defensive replacement for Bobby Bonilla. Bonilla probably didn't cover as much ground as Tarasco, but he was three inches taller and might have been able to jump a little higher. I guess we can speculate forever whether Bonilla would have jumped for the ball if he had been left in the game.
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