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  1. Cashner can eat some innings. Wouldn't be the worst on a one-year deal. Bartolo Colon is also reportedly looking for a minor league deal. Why not? I'd make the trip to OPACY to see him if he got the call up. If nothing else, he'd be a dirt cheap, former CY Young winner, to rub off on our young pitchers in the minors for a year.
  2. I remember he absolutely balled out in his first few weeks with the Mariners. (Checked Baseball Reference. He started the year with a ten-game hit streak. Over that time he went 13/29, with 4 HR and 5 2Bs. Good for a .410/.477/.846/1.323 line.)
  3. I would much rather watch Keegan Akin get starts over Hess or Valdez. I would much rather watch Mountcastle get starts over Davis.
  4. If Pete Rose and Barry Bonds can't get in the Hall of Fame, should Altuve? I'm disgusted with the Astros organization.
  5. Wonder if Buck Showalter will be considered for the managerial opening...
  6. Strip them of their titles. Make them take the banners down.
  7. He had a higher OPS (.771) than Sisco (.729) or Severino (.740) last year. That was an outlier for him, but still, seems like a good #3.
  8. I don't get why Cobb is projected to do so poorly. He's healthy again. He's 32. He's pitched his entire career in the AL East and has a 3.85 career ERA. I know its been a brutal tenure with the O's, but it seems reasonable to expect him to put up a 4.50 or so... I know offense is up league-wide, but still. Also, I'll be a little bummed if they're right and Mancini's OPS drops like 70 points.
  9. Iglesias is also a fair bit better offensively than Martin (at the moment). In 2019: Iglesias- .288/.318/.407/.724, 85 OPS+ Martin- .208/.260/.322/.581, 54 OPS+ I like this signing. He and Alberto will be fun to watch up the middle.
  10. I like Santander a lot. I could see him holding down a corner outfield spot for years to come. Santander(25)/Hays(24)/Diaz(23) seems like an enviable young squad.
  11. This seems like a good pick up. The more pitchers who could potentially fill a rotation spot, the better. Fingers crossed.
  12. Well now I have another last-place baseball team to support. Go Buffaloes!
  13. I’ve said this before, and I get why it would be nearly impossible, but it would be so cool if MLB added an Asian division... Four teams, two from Japan, two from Korea. I’d also love to see a team in Puerto Rico and Mexico. I feel like it could inject a lot of new fans, storylines, and rivalries into MLB. Oh, and good for Jones. I always wish him the very best.
  14. I liked what I saw from Chandler Shepherd last season. I remember he got a few bad breaks from some poor fielding, but his stuff looked good. It'd be really nice to see Cobb, you know, earn some of that paycheck...
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