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  1. I don't want to watch LeBlanc every five games...
  2. I kinda like the foul ball idea. A guy deserves some kind of reward for ten foul balls in an at bat, besides the announcers complimenting him for "really battling out there."
  3. Now that we've added Felix and spring training is just weeks away, I'm curious, who do you guys think will start the first five games for the O's? (In order) Game 1: ? Game 2: ? Game 3: ? Game 4: ? Game 5: ?
  4. You know, I'm not really sure. A few articles popped up on bleacher report about him being a leader in the clubhouse for the Mariners over the years. One about him buying his catcher a rolex after his perfect game... But I'm no expert on Felix. I think what is clear is his track record and his love for baseball. I'm hoping that he'll be a valuable pressence for the young pitchers.
  5. I'm late to the party here, but I'm happy about this signing. It will be a fun storyline in a rebuilding year and, more importantly, the mentorship from a Cy Young pitcher could be invaluable for our young and promising rotation.
  6. Wow I was excited about this when I thought it was just a salary dump. Now it looks even better. So if you look into your crystal ball, is this guy going to be the opening day second baseman in 2022?
  7. It would suck to be a Rockies fan. They made the playoffs in 2017 but lost the wild card game. They made it in 2018 but got swept in the division series. Now they're tearing it all down. At least the O's made it to the ALCS in our recent run of relevance.
  8. Do you guys think expanded playoffs would change the timeline of the Orioles' rebuild in any way? Like if 14 teams make the playoffs and the O's are above .500 at the All Star Break in 2022, are we adding FAs?
  9. Even if its just a salary dump, this seems like good news. Wonder how much the Angels will be paying? Cobb finishes his dissapointing Oriole tenure with the following stats: 3 Seasons, 41 GS, 5.10 ERA, 1 CG, 217.0 IP, 86 ERA+, 1.419 WHIP, 1.8 bWAR
  10. I'm really excited for some of the Orioles greats from the 2012-2016 Golden Age to get inducted into the O's Hall of Fame. Jones Markakis Hardy Machado Britton Buck Anyone else who should make it? Anyone on this list not deserving? I know Manny left the team at 25, but I think he still deserves it.
  11. Why did Toronto give Semien 18 million for one year? Can someone explain to me why this is not an overpay? Do they think they're going to win the WS in 2021? .747 career OPS .679 OPS in 2020 Career 105 OPS+ I know he balled out in 2019, but I'm struggling to make sense of that deal.
  12. Where do you think the Orioles rotation will rank amongst the five in terms of ERA in 2021?
  13. I don't see why you wouldn't sign Alberto to a minor league contract with an invite to Spring Training. Its not like we're overloaded with major league ready infielders...
  14. Yankees signed Wojo. "[Nightengale] Pitcher Asher Wojciechowski, 32, has been invited to the #Yankees major-league camp this spring on a minor-league deal that pays him $750,000 if he makes it to the big leagues. He pitched last year for the #Orioles, and has a career 9-15 record and 5.95 ERA in 57 games, 34 starts"
  15. That is interesting. Most of Shepherd's 2019 innings were as a starter, so I was just comparing those strikeout numbers to the other O's starters that year. Guess we don't have a lot of strikeout guys though: 2019 Starters (with at least 3 starts) - K/9: Dylan Bundy- 9.0 Asher Wojo- 8.7 Chandler Shepherd- 8.1 David Hess- 7.7 Ty Blach- 7.4 Jimmy Yacabonis- 7.2 John Means- 7.0 Andrew Cashner- 6.2 Dan Straily- 6.2 Aaron Brooks- 5.9 Alex Cobb- 5.8 Thomas Eshelman- 5.5 Gabriel Ynoa- 5.4
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