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  1. Matt Harvey's ERA against the Mets this season- 17.18 Matt Harvey's ERA against everyone else- 5.89
  2. Why not try Mountcastle out at third? Franco has a .592 OPS and is rating as one of the worst defensive thirdbasemen in the league. Hays is coming back and Stewart is heating up.
  3. I think building around Means makes a lot of sense. He'll be an excellent mentor and leader of the roation once Hall and Rodriquez come up. I think its perfectly reasonable for this team to plan (hope) to be competitive by 2023. Means could be a major part of any playoff runs in 23' and 24'. Trey is a little more complicated, as others have mentioned, but he seems to love playing in Baltimore, he just turned 29, and he's got a 130 OPS+. It depends what other teams offer and how ammendable he would be to taking a team-friendly deal, but I woudn't be shocked to see him stay with the O's. Ma
  4. Anthony Santander is red hot since returning to the big league club. He's 8-17, with 4 doubles, a homer, and a walk. That's good for a 1.382 OPS during this short span. Just to give us a tiny bit of good news.
  5. I'd like them to build around Means. He's not a free agent until 2025. He could be a huge part of this team's 2023-2024 success.
  6. It feels like the whole bullpen has been getting lit up.
  7. So you agree? They'll probably win a couple more games than the 69 they're on pace to win.
  8. I could still see this team winning 70-73 games this season. There have been some pleasant surprises. Some of the best pitching we've seen over the past few years. (3.44 Bullpen ERA is 4th best in the AL, even after a bit of a shaky week for the pen') Could really use a decent catcher and 2nd baseman, though.
  9. Yea I've been to two games this season, the win on Sunday (awesome game) and a loss a couple weeks back. During the first game the mask requirement was very strict. They had people walking around telling you to mask up in your seats if you weren't eating or drinking. This Sunday no one seemed to care. Some people had them on, some didn't, but I didn't see any ushers telling people to put them on in their seats. I suppose with the new CDC guidelines they may have opted for a more "we recommend it but don't require it" approach. I'm fully vaccinated and still wore my mask when wal
  10. I'm pretty happy with Zimmerman's 4.79 ERA through 35.2 IP. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him, Akin, Lowther, Kremer, and Means getting starts this season. I'd be fine with Plutko and Lopez pitching out of the pen exclusively.
  11. Really fun game. Got to see it in person. I'm ready to see Baltimore Bruce back in this rotation...
  12. Armstrong definitely has a longer track record in the majors, but he's been worse this season and is older and more expensive. Age: Lakins Sr: 26 Armstrong: 30 Career ERA: Lakins Sr: 3.59 Armstrong: 4.46 2021 ERA: Lakins Sr: 5.19 Armstrong: 10.80 WAR from 2019-2021: Lakins Sr: 1.1 Armstrong: 0.1 HR/9: Lakins Sr: 0.6 Armstrong: 1.3 Salary: Lakins Sr: $530,591 Armstrong: $825,000
  13. Ah yeah, I remember watching that game now. That was a tough one... That whole starting-a-runner-on-2nd-in-extra-innings really makes for some wacky pitching stats. As usual, I agree with all of your points. He has looked shaky these last couple outings. That said, I still feel like he's a useful bullpen piece. He can go multiple innings, he doesn't allow many home runs (career 0.6 HR/9), he's young, and he's cheap. I'm not saying he should be our closer or something, but I think his job should be safer than Armstrong's right now.
  14. According to baseball reference, he's only allowed earned runs in two of his outings this season (the last two appearances). He also did not allow an earned run in his final three appearances in 2020. I should have specified "earned run" because I see he did allow an unearned run one other time this season.
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