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  1. Man I forgot about Donnie Hart. He was one of my favorites in 2016-2017. His 2016 was ridiculous: 22 games, 1 ER, 0.49 ERA for the season
  2. Yea, I agree. I hope for the best for Nunez. I hope he catches on somewhere else. But I'm not mad at this move. Excited to watch Mancini, Mountcastle, Santander, and Hays in 2021.
  3. Gausman getting 19 million for one year and Bundy finishing ninth in the Cy Young vote... Things sure have gone well for these two since leaving Bmore.
  4. Haha I was definitely one of the people wanting the O's to sign Chatwood back then. Although I was also in favor of signing Cobb, and he's been worth about the same for us so far... Chatwood- 3 years, 38 million, 1.2 rWAR Cobb- 3 years, 42 million, 1.8 rWAR
  5. I know the O's are not going to be splashy spenders this offseason. I know we've been burned by free agent pitchers in the recent past (Ubaldo Jimenez, Alex Cobb, etc.). But take a look at this list. Who is one pitcher you think they should pursue and why? Starting Pitchers Brett Anderson (33) Chase Anderson (33) Chris Archer (32) Jake Arrieta (35) Homer Bailey (35) Trevor Bauer (30) Trevor Cahill (33) Tyler Chatwood (31) Anthony DeSclafani (31) Robbie Erlin (30) Mike Fiers (36) Mike Foltynewicz (29) Kevin Gausman (30) Zack Godley (31) Gio Gonzalez (35) Cole Hamels (37) J.A. Happ (38) Rich Hill (41) Corey Kluber (35) Mike Leake (33) Wade LeBlanc (36) Jon Lester (37) Tommy Milone (34) Mike Minor (33) Matt Moore (32) Charlie Morton (37) Jimmy Nelson (32) Ivan Nova (34) Jake Odorizzi (31) James Paxton (32) Martin Perez (30) Rick Porcello (32) Jose Quintana (32) Robbie Ray (29) Garrett Richards (33) Tyson Ross (34) Jeff Samardzija (36) Anibal Sanchez (37) Matt Shoemaker (34) Drew Smyly (32) Marcus Stroman (30) Masahiro Tanaka (32) Julio Teheran (30) Michael Wacha (29) Adam Wainwright (39) Taijuan Walker (28) Alex Wood (30) Jordan Zimmermann (35)
  6. I really hope they keep Alberto too. I think between Iglesias, Alberto, Sanchez, Ruiz, Urias, Martin, and Wilkerson you can put together a real nice unit of 2B/SS/3B/UTI. You have the depth to survive a few injuries and space for some guys to get more seasoning in AAA. Plus, as people have mentioned, you may be able to trade Iglesias (or even Alberto) mid-season. I also like that they now have Sanchez controlled through 2022. I still think Elias is going to compete for a wild card spot in 2022.
  7. Yea maybe it's just the games I've watched, but Stewart always seems to misplay a ball or take an awkward angle or something... I see he has a negative dWAR again this season, but it's not as bad as last year's. I don't know, I'm not super high on Stewart long term. Homers aside, he's got a .208 average and is averaging an error every nine games or so... I know its a small sample size, but I think Mullins could be a more useful longterm piece with his superior defensive skills, speed, and versatility. He could be the perfect 4th outfielder who gets into almost every game as a pinch runner, defensive replacement, situational hitter... (Also, as long as were talking small sample sizes, Stewart is 1 for his last 16 with 11 strikeouts.)
  8. 1. Santander 2. Mountcastle 3. Iglesias
  9. I agree. Especially if they keep rosters at 28 next season which I suspect they will. Severino has the highest OPS (.921) of any catcher in baseball with at least 65 at bats. He leads all catchers in baseball with 37 hits. He would have probably started the All Star game this year for the AL.
  10. The Yankees are in a free fall. After the Jays came back from being down 6-2 last night to beat them, they have now lost 14 of their last 19 games.
  11. How about Nelson Cruz too? Dude is 40 years old and leads the AL with a 1.088 OPS and 11 homers.
  12. It is pretty surprising that Severino has been the best hitting catcher in the AL...
  13. @Frobby , do you see them both being elected to the Orioles Hall of Fame? I would hope so, but I don't know quite where the bar is for that.
  14. Very true. The only real exception to this being Markakis' 2008 season, he KILLED it that year. .897 OPS, .306 AVG, 20 homers, 48 2Bs, 10 SB, 7.4 WAR.
  15. Markakis is pulling ahead in one of the great Orioles debates of the last fifteen years: Who had the greater MLB career? Adam Jones or Nick Markakis? Career rWAR: -Markakis- 34.4 -Jones- 32.5 Top 3 Seasons by rWAR: -Markakis- 1. 7.4 (2008), 2. 4.2 (2007), 3. 2.9 (2009) -Jones- 1. 4.8 (2013), 2. 4.8 (2014), 3. 4.1 (2012) Total Games Played: -Markakis- 2129 -Jones- 1823 Career OPS: -Markakis- .783 -Jones- .771 Best Single Season OPS: -Markakis- .897 (2008) -Jones- .839 (2012) All Star Selections: -Jones- 5 (2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015) -Markakis- 1 (2018) Gold Gloves: -Jones- 4 -Markakis- 3 Silver Slugger: -Jones- 1 -Markakis- 1 I think you could still make an argument either way. Loved em both as players.
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