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  1. I agree. Especially if they keep rosters at 28 next season which I suspect they will. Severino has the highest OPS (.921) of any catcher in baseball with at least 65 at bats. He leads all catchers in baseball with 37 hits. He would have probably started the All Star game this year for the AL.
  2. The Yankees are in a free fall. After the Jays came back from being down 6-2 last night to beat them, they have now lost 14 of their last 19 games.
  3. How about Nelson Cruz too? Dude is 40 years old and leads the AL with a 1.088 OPS and 11 homers.
  4. It is pretty surprising that Severino has been the best hitting catcher in the AL...
  5. @Frobby , do you see them both being elected to the Orioles Hall of Fame? I would hope so, but I don't know quite where the bar is for that.
  6. Very true. The only real exception to this being Markakis' 2008 season, he KILLED it that year. .897 OPS, .306 AVG, 20 homers, 48 2Bs, 10 SB, 7.4 WAR.
  7. Markakis is pulling ahead in one of the great Orioles debates of the last fifteen years: Who had the greater MLB career? Adam Jones or Nick Markakis? Career rWAR: -Markakis- 34.4 -Jones- 32.5 Top 3 Seasons by rWAR: -Markakis- 1. 7.4 (2008), 2. 4.2 (2007), 3. 2.9 (2009) -Jones- 1. 4.8 (2013), 2. 4.8 (2014), 3. 4.1 (2012) Total Games Played: -Markakis- 2129 -Jones- 1823 Career OPS: -Markakis- .783 -Jones- .771 Best Single Season OPS: -Markakis- .897 (2008) -Jones- .839 (2012) All Star Selections: -Jones- 5 (2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015) -Markakis- 1 (2018) Gold Gloves: -Jones- 4 -Markakis- 3 Silver Slugger: -Jones- 1 -Markakis- 1 I think you could still make an argument either way. Loved em both as players.
  8. I get that. I'm excited to see Akin and more of the pitching prospects get their shot too. I'm not trying to argue against that. It just seems like Eschelman is kind of getting the short stick considering how he's performed. Its not like 31-year old Wojo (career 5.65 ERA) has a particularly high ceiling.
  9. Why are people so down on Tom Eschelman? I thought he should have made the team out of Spring Training. He's got the lowest ERA (2.75) of anyone on the team who has gotten starts. He's younger (26) than Means, Wojo, Cobb, Milone, or Leblanc. He's letting up fewer home runs than just about anyone in this rotation. For god's sake, what does this kid need to do to get a shot at being this 2020 team's 5th starter?
  10. I'd be super excited if the O's made the playoffs in 2020.
  11. You seriously want to trade Mountcastle and Means?
  12. I don't have any statcast data to back this up, but it seems like the ball is coming off his bat really hard. Happy he's off to such a strong start. It's gotta be good for his confidence.
  13. I would be THRILLED if Austin Hays matches Adam Jones' career numbers. He's got a lot of catching up to do. Before he was 25, Adam Jones already had: -An All Star nod -A Gold Glove -50 HRs -32 SBs -Over 400 games played -Multiple seasons with an OPS+ over 100 (105, 108)
  14. So you don't see any of these players on the team in 2022? Anthony Santander- 25 years old, not a free agent until 2025, leading the AL in RBIs while playing +defense. Renato Nunez- 26 years old, not a free agent until 2025, coming off a 31-homer season, currently has a 133 OPS+ Austin Hays- 25 years old, not a free agent until 2026, just getting his first real crack at the majors. Trey Mancini- 27 years old, not a free agent until 2023, coming off a 35 Homer/.899 OPS season. Arguably the team leader and most popular player in the organization.
  15. Early in yesterday's radio broadcast: "Mullins has been hitting better. He's 4 for his last 10, and that's about the best streak he's ever had."
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