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  1. You think Means is upper echelon? Personally, I don’t but I hope to be wrong and some team offers the O’s the farm to get him. FYI not saying you’re right or wrong just meaning to me he’s not that special. But injuries also seem to be in the way and could be clouding my judgement.
  2. Cheap and stupid. I honestly never knew that and been watching baseball for 30+ years.
  3. I’ve never understood why they use a different ball from the big leagues? What’s the purpose?
  4. If Rocker is having trouble passing a physical could that be a reason Elias and gang left him on the board when they O’s were picking? I'm not all that familiar with the build up to the draft for MLB but if it’s as thorough as football I’m sure team Drs looked these guys over, right? With that being said, I’m concerned with the lack of pitching that Elias takes in the draft but the optimism in me says he knows what he is doing and what’s best for this organization.
  5. I’m assuming you have no confidence in this rebuild and the players coming up in the system that you want to trade for guys that cost money now and won’t be around in the years when we are legit contenders?
  6. I’m with you. If we get the 1.1 pick, great! If not then so be it and let’s enjoy some competitive, Orioles baseball.
  7. Regardless you’re going to have to give up more to get two years of a player that more than likely won’t be here when this team is contending again. I get why you’d want a player of his caliber and he would be fun to watch but I think The team needs to stick with the plan of building a pipeline of talent like Elias promised.
  8. What is an OPS we’d like to see players at? Whats too low? Whats average? Whats considered good/great?
  9. Agree 100%. I’m all for moving on from certain players on the roster now, however I’m not ok with it rushing guys. Unfortunately I don’t think we are a .500 team next year so I’m ok with slowly promoting guys and manipulating their service time to help the club in the long run. Much like everyone else I’m excited to see guys like Gray Rod, Hall, AR, among others. I just don’t want a 2-3 year window because we have a good core of players. I want the moment one is gone the next player steps in and we are excited yearly rather than waiting a few years to be excited after another reb
  10. And it’s kinda been the Orioles strategy the last 25 years. It’s always what we can do it the short term. I remember very clearly when Elias was hired he wanted to build a pipeline of talent throughout the organization. I want to have a team that for the next 25 years we can produce talent and be in contention consistently.
  11. That’s exactly it. AR is a C that would probably help right now at the ML level. Having him play first is a bonus. You don’t want to wait til he’s 30 and his knees are shot before trying him at first. Also if he DH’s and you need your back up C to come in and switch positions you lose that spot at DH. There’s no harm in having these players learning and succeed at different positions. Everything is a numbers game now so the more a guy can do the better off he is as a player for our big league team.
  12. Nobody is saying or implying that a high ranking farm system is a victory. I asked and asked where and how you get your information on the guys drafted. You showed your source as BR. Nothing wrong with that we all have our ways. Now I think it says a lot when you have a bottom 5 and moved up in a few years when he was left with scraps. As for drafting studs baseball is the biggest crap shoot of the major sports. If you hate the family owning the team that’s fine. You don’t like Elias , that’s fine. To say this team has no light at the end of the tunnel when Elias still hasn’t put a stamp
  13. You pick that outlet to be your rankings? I can find 3-4 saying O’s are top 5. 5th to be exact. I’ve asked multiple times where you get your information for why you do or don’t like a player being drafted and you refuse to answer. If BR is your way of learning you should expand your horizon.
  14. You do realize that AM help bring a core of players that had this team competing and in the playoffs right? you are saying that you aren’t team Elias and it’s because of the last two drafts but I still want to know where you get your information on these players to say that Elias doesn’t know what he’s doing? This team when from a bottom 5 farm system to a top 5 farm system under Elias. If he’s been that bad and the guys he’s taking aren’t any good how does the rankings change so much?
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