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  1. Offensively I love This idea. Defensively I’m not so sure. Regardless it would be fun to watch.
  2. Apart of me feels this way too. But if he’s saying he don’t love the game anymore and the grind of it and the rehab he really might stay away. I don’t think this was a random decision. I think this was thought out.
  3. It was a bit of sarcasm and wishful thinking. I wish Davis would get back on the juice and the adderal and whatever else can help him out. That’s the fan in me. The human being wishes Davis would retire and walk away from the game happy and healthy and I’m sure he could come back as an analyst or something.
  4. If Andrew Luck can walk away from 50 plus million Chris Davis can be a man and walk away as well. Chris Davis would also get a huge ovation if he did this and left the stadium. Chris, if you’re reading this.... Do the right thing and walk away.
  5. Well you have made me hate John. Don’t know if it’s true or not but now I hate him.
  6. Does anyone else feel sick when this topic is brought up? Whether it’s true or not or if it’s even a possibility or not. The thought of losing the Orioles makes me feel awful.
  7. Some have mentioned Hays coming up. While I think We’d all love to see Hays play I do have a question.... If this season is a waste why would they bring up Hays and use up more of his service time? Doesn’t it make sense to just let him finish the season in AAA?
  8. It was a maybe in there. Let me have my wishful thinking please.
  9. Unfortunately outside of MAYBE Mancini this is all anyone will get us back. The only way I see us landing a top prospect is if there’s one Elias and get don’t value in the system that some other team does and they packaged him in with a player on the MLB roster. But that’s wishful thinking.
  10. I honestly Don’t know what’s worse his results or the fact I still get upset over his results? Maybe I have issues myself to work on.
  11. Well if he’s going to be here... He might as well knock the cover off the ball, become a gold glove first baseman and turn himself into trade bait for the hot stove season. Here’s to the greatest second half from a player we’ve ever seen! Go get ‘em Chris!
  12. I think we can all agree that this isn't the rebuild yet but more of a tank than anything. Hyde came from winning and I'm sure he knows the S---T show he was getting himself into but also hates when basic high school fundamentals can't be performed. Loosing is one thing getting embarrassed is another.
  13. Knew about Sanchez didn’t know about the catcher. My guess is Elias is a very patient worker.
  14. I skimmed through til I was Caught up and joined the conversation. It was just a question. I’m sorry.
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