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  1. Would love to see Santander and Stewart every day, with Hays hopefully joining them in the next few weeks.
  2. mcloy

    Who is next?

    Have there been real rumblings or just speculation?
  3. mcloy

    Who is next?

    Don't see any of them fetching a top 100 prospect, but I think Givens could bring back a relatively solid haul if he pitches well up to the deadline and Elias plays his cards right and waits for the right deal.
  4. mcloy

    Who is next?

    Cashner traded yesterday afternoon to Boston for prospects. A little over 2 weeks left until the deadline. Who is next to go if anyone? I don't see Bundy having much value return or fit for contenders right now, and I think O's hang on to Trey. IMO the logical choice is Givens. Obviously there is no rush to trade him, but the reliever market always picks up closer to the deadline. I know his ERA is a little bloated this year, but he's shown he can be a multi-inning option at some points with strong K numbers. What is an appropriate return for Givens?
  5. What contending teams are in the market for a power hitting - no defense first baseman?
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