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  1. Bordick said and I quote wow that was amazing Manny was able to even get it there. Way to get this body lined up.
  2. Did Bordick really try to praise the play Manny made when he threw the ball away?
  3. Buck says a lot of things. Without technology on the foul pole you weren't going to be able to tell whether that was fair or foul.
  4. Texas isn't in anyway mediocre. To say otherwise is either trolling or hes showing his lack of baseball knowledge.
  5. Are you calling them playoff bound just because they currently own a wild card spot? Because it is not trending in that direction. Toronto is getting hot which is not good for Baltimore not good at all.
  6. I love how the announcers give Buck credit for Kim when he was ready to give Kim away for free 2 months ago. Said he couldn't play at this level!
  7. The runner would be on 2nd not third. Why in the world would you want a run on the board?
  8. Softball must have different rules but in college baseball if you leap the catcher I have to call you out automatically.
  9. That is the problem. If we are still in it at the trade deadline we will have to trade for a corner OFer.
  10. Right, I'm putting the "blame" on the Orioles. Nothing against rickard who seems to be a fine young man. The problem is we are hoping to win a division this year and I'm not sure you do that with him starting and leading off.
  11. Yes they went thru a lot to keep him and now hes getting demolished in AA.
  12. Well if you can keep Jason Garcia on the roster all last year you can certainly keep Joey this year. The only reason why it would be hard is Buck doesn't seem to want to play Kim at all. Which means Joey has to play more than he should have to.
  13. Not sure its a vendetta against anybody. Rickard misses the cut off man almost every time he makes a throw from the outfield. Couple that with how bad hes been at the plate the last three weeks and you see why most want him benched. At least not hitting leadoff. Good grief.
  14. You never played high level baseball did you? On that play you give up third you throw to either 2nd or the cut off man to stop them from getting 2 runners into scoring position.
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