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  1. Guys I apologize if any of you tried to send me PM's. I got a notification that I had three new messages, but evidently weams was able to merge this account with my old one (thank you weams!), so my old inbox was full up. I've deleted everything in there so feel free to re-send if necessary. Sorry about that.
  2. Hi all! Some of you old timers may remember me as BustaJ2632. I couldn't remember my old user name and the email I used to sign up here has long since been deactivated, so I had to create a new account. Anyway, I started the ReOpening Day event on Facebook and have had some great help over the last few days getting it up and running. I'd love for as many of you as possible to come out and join the event on May 11...I really think it can be a great day for Baltimore. Right now, the focus is still on getting the word out to Baltimoreans and getting people to join the event. Our primary goal is sending a message to the world that Baltimore is still a really great place to be, as well as supporting the team and local businesses in the area that have suffered as a result of the protests and the game changes. Think of it as a cross between Fantastic Fans Night in 1988 and the Red Sox game following the bombings that featured Ortiz's 'Our f****** city" speech. Things are starting to take off. Well over 700 people have committed to the event (again, the link is here https://www.facebook.com/events/874469055933133/ and the twitter handle is @ReOpeningDay). Jim Palmer has tweeted multiple times in support of it, as has Jim Hunter, Brett Hollander, Glenn Clark and Ryan Wagner. Kevin Gausman evidently mentioned it on MLB Radio yesterday. A few of you may know that I actually now live in Philadelphia, though I still watch almost every Orioles game on MLB.tv. I'll be in the city the day before the event and obviously that day, but one thing I need big help with is making direct contact with the businesses themselves. Pickles, Frank & Nics, Camden Pub, etc. I'd love to have them on board in a real way, which is how I think we might be able to incorporate charity into the event. Like I said, right now the focus is on getting people downtown and supporting the businesses and the team, but we'd love to have the bars and restaurants (as well as the Orioles themselves) on board to make some sort of donation to charity. Boys and Girls Clubs in Baltimore seems to be a major focus of Adam Jones, so that's what we'd like to push for at this point. Individually, of course we encourage any sort of charitable donations you feel comfortable with to charities of your choice. I am not some sort of sociological expert. Same goes for the small group of people who helped develop this idea to this point. We don't think that getting a packed house for May 11 is going to solve Baltimore's problems. We just want to create a sense of pride, optimism and positive forward thinking for members of the community. Hope you will join us! Any questions, please feel free to ask them here or PM me if you prefer.
  3. Yeah this is great stuff...and I'm seeing this thread thanks to those tweets, didn't notice myself being mentioned hahaha. It's pathetic, it seems like every day she is in some lame Twitter battle with someone that, quite often, did not even @reply her (not the case with me, I called her out for almost never reporting things in her tweets, to which she said that twitter wasn't part of her job, just part of her personal life. I'm a little curious why she basically transcribes John Harbaugh press conferences in her personal life from time to time, but I digress). She clearly is searching her own name looking for a fight. Like Stoner, when I was going back and forth with her I made it clear that I think the people who are bashing her for being a woman or being from NY/Boston are largely idiots - and there are definitely people like that out there. But that doesn't excuse her from being, quite simply, BAD at her job. Maybe she was great in New York, I don't know. But she's not there anymore, and she is awful in her current role. My favorite part was her argument that the rest of the Nots (@NotJimHunter, @NotJimPalmer, @FakeBuck, @NotShowalter and even @DrunkGaryThorne) were harmless and it was OK for her to laugh and talk back and forth with them, but hers was a psycho evil stalker. I'm sorry, even if Gary has a good sense of humor about it - and I believe that he does - you can't convince me that @NotJen_Royle is some evil, heartless person while a handle that expressly calls its target "Drunk" is not. Oh and were you guys aware she won an Emmy? She would want you to know that. :rolleyestf:
  4. These things come in three's....first Bob Sheppard, now this, potentially. Let's just say that if I was on the Yankees, I wouldn't go flying any personal planes during the All-Star Break.
  5. This is unquestionably the greatest day for Maryland athletics since April 1, 2002. I am now going to be the biggest Memphis Grizzlies fan in Hartford, CT.
  6. :2yay-thumb::2yay-thumb::2yay-thumb::2yay-thumb::2yay-thumb:
  7. The Bruins are nothing if not stubborn. 3-0 lead in the series, gone. 3-0 lead in Game Seven...the comeback is on.
  8. Just saw this thread. I am one day from completing Insanity...think I'm going to go back through and do it again, though. You will definitely start to feel more comfortable and confident about things after the first week or so. But my God, I am looking forward to those first month workouts again. Trust me, they're NOTHING compared to Month Two. And unfortunately I missed about a week at the end of Month One. After the recovery week, I went straight into Month Two having not really done any super-intense workouts in two weeks....needless to say, Month Two seriously kicked my ass, even moreso than the other people I was doing it with. Again, it did get to the point where I felt more confident that I could...you know....survive the full workout. But none of us have ever really gotten "comfortable" with the second month. Despite my missing a week and still eating like crap, I've lost a little more than 10 pounds and feel 1000% better. I've definitely got more muscle definition, particularly in my legs and shoulders. I highly recommend this program. If you're not already a huge workout buff, though, it might be best to do it with other people, if for no other reason than to give you a peer pressure reason for getting up in the morning and doing it. Maybe that's just me though Oh, and there is no chance that Shaun T and Tonya don't have a little something something happening on the side.
  9. So, it's a little too late to do this tonight. But if we are losing again tomorrow, who would be up for a little OH power hour to drown/forget our sorrows? I've always been partial to this one:
  10. MLB.TV just cut off "responsibly." I am going to go ahead and take Thorne's advice and just drink.
  11. Oh, I didn't realize we were originally scheduled to be the Fox game. That was a really dumb decision on Fox's part back in the offseason. Anyway, I guess that makes sense from Oakland's perspective.
  12. How is it not their fault? Not trying to be a jerk, I honestly don't understand. Why can't they schedule their home game for 7pm locally?
  13. Two things. A) Why are we punished because the ****tard Oakland management decided to play their game during the Fox blackout period? The Orioles' broadcast should still be allowed to go. **** Oakland. B) How much of a masochist am I for being annoyed at tomorrow's lack of coverage? B1) Does MLB.TV still carry it?
  14. Pretty sure Wigginton would "force his way into the lineup" regardless of his hitting, by providing a "much needed non-broken live body."
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