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  1. PED's or not (definitely PEDs,) that is still impressive. I'm of the opinion he should be in the HOF.
  2. "Hey Siri, who's the oldest pitcher to ever win the Cy Young?"
  3. Eh not their best. The string of words “Shortstop Ryan Mountcastle” is pretty good satire though, I must admit.
  4. Wow, very scary stuff. Get well soon kid.
  5. I tend to think that’s a very real possibility.
  6. I see his logic, and accept it. It’s not some personal vendetta against Baltimore, but it’s clear he does penalize our system and his reason, to me, is an acceptable one. Glad that it should be invalid in a few years.
  7. Agree with this. Increased hype and visibility of prospects would also help the minor leagues a whole lot (and the economies in the small towns they play in.) I can't actually think of any downside to allowing the trading of draft picks.
  8. Oh absolutely. His boldest move so far I think.
  9. I suppose I do too, but am admittedly still a bit salty.
  10. Precisely. Who tried to coin that moniker again?
  11. Yea, the Kjerstad snub was a bit surprising/disappointing. His ranking of Veen in the top 50 affirmed my pre-draft opinion that Veen was the best OF prospect (unless Martin ends up there, )though so that was a silver lining for me. And yup, so ready to parse out fact from opinion.
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