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  1. Very cool to hear about him. Seems like more of a relief profile if those are the only two pitches. But if he can be like anything like a Hader or the other new kid on the Brewers, sign me up in a second.
  2. All aboard the hype train! Love it. And yea let’s hope there is no strike. In the event there is, will the minor leagues still have their respective seasons?
  3. Thanks for the article Weams! Pretty standard fare positivity/optimism, but the videos are very cool. Gunnar Henderson looks looks like he’s put on like 10 lbs of muscle.
  4. John Lester because he apparently just spent 47k buying cubs fans beers this weekend. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/30244427/free-agent-jon-lester-spends-47k-beers-chicago-fans-possible-farewell
  5. I can’t see them giving up anything meaningful for him. I imagine it would be no more than 1 prospect in their 10-15 range and another in the 20’s. Unless we just trade him for cash...(mostly kidding)
  6. I’m very excited to follow him. I see some Hunter Pence in his game.
  7. That’s what I assumed as well. When is the deadline to excercise it, and have other clubs already announced any options they’ve picked up?
  8. South Park often manages to to blur those laws of time. Apparently the OP does as well
  9. The OP was satirical right?
  10. I think John will settle into more of mid rotation role and hopefully give us a chance every time he takes the bump. Someone like Kyle Hendricks, your #3 starter for years.
  11. Exactly where I’m at. Upside, upside, upside and projectability all day over guys who like Luis Ortiz who may temporarily improve a few arbitrary rankings of our farm system.
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