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  1. Exactly where I’m at. Upside, upside, upside and projectability all day over guys who like Luis Ortiz who may temporarily improve a few arbitrary rankings of our farm system.
  2. That And he kinda looks like Kenny Powers right now
  3. Even better, got on top of a 94 mph heater up in the top of the zone and hit it 99mph to left center. Bat speed for years.
  4. I feel like he’ll be back at some point, no? I mean he’ll clear waivers, I’d imagine. Either way, safe travels Wojo.
  5. I‘d love if we did that.
  6. Wouldn’t that be nice. I think it also depends on the athlete. That may be more true for those who grew up with money and don’t “need” that extra 4 mil. But if you came from nothing I imagine the psychology is very different.
  7. That’s fair, I’ll accept that converse. Next season should tell us a lot.
  8. I guess I don’t want to give up on him, he’s just frustrating.
  9. Missed the throw, I was cooking, I’ll have to find it. He’s certainly a very good defender and I love the way he plays but that style of play may be a detriment to his body; he has proven he cannot stay on the field. I think .260 is a more realistic expectation, but sure, if he can stay healthy he’s a good player worthy of playing time. But he can’t stay healthy, so it’s moot to me.
  10. Good points here. If McKenna is indeed someone the FO sees as a potential contributor that does crowd things a bit more in center
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