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  1. Update: the fourth and final season is brilliant. It takes place in 2030 and is really funny speculative fiction that focuses on how dysfunctional and potentially doomed the MLB is. It’s a must watch.
  2. Heston Kjerstad once killed three birds with one stone
  3. Justin Morneau for a higher end comp (offensively at least)?
  4. Hahahahaha the ‘new prospect smell” 😂
  5. Noted and a fair stance. Time will tell. Let’s hope the Jays do indeed go over the threshold to sign their guys and are penalized with the loss of a first and second rounder next year. They may actually be in a decent position to do that organizationally though. There window to compete is almost open now (minus a true ace and some bullpen help) and if they view Martin as you do, it’s arguably very much worth the risk for them. Needless to say, however, we do not have the luxury to concede our first two picks next year. Very interesting strategy by the Jays. Must admit they scare me.
  6. He just disagrees with the underslot strategy and seems to be somewhat resistant to any counter arguments in its favor, I think. @Roll Tide:what if in five years, Kjerstad is an All-Star reserve, Mayo is in the top 5 in ROY voting, and one of the other guys is an above replacement level contributing regular, but Austin Martin wins the AL MVP? Would you he happy with the draft? This is how hypothetical it all is.
  7. Awesome, thanks for sharing dude. Very cool!
  8. It’s what unites us. I’m just happy I got enough of a rise out of you to warrant the jumbo emoji. But no I was being facetious. I think anywhere from 80-100 is about right for him at this point.
  9. Seems about right, order-wise. How many slots did he slide down for the standard oriole penalty?
  10. Nope. Too many positive tests will start making for a PR nightmare and they will be forced to shut it down in like mid August I think.
  11. I don’t disagree that a salary cap could be beneficial to the sport, but I do disagree with the notion that canceling the season would destroy the union. It would destroy MLB which I think would strengthen the bargaining position of the players
  12. ...Why? To punish the players for trying to take the moral high ground with that statement? That would only further reinforce many’s view that the owners are the bad guys here. Also, it would just suck cuz no baseball. You confuse me.
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