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  1. My fear is that the college outfielders (or McClain) have way less leverage so are more likely to agree to an underslot deal…
  2. No shame in a backwards K anymore. I think I dislike this philosophy.
  3. Agree about Severino, it’s an embarrassment. Unless he’s really good with the pitching staff, I see no reason he should play more than once a week. I’ve got a soft spot for DJ though, and don’t mind him playing 2-3 times a week. Would you rather watch McKenna? Diaz when he’s ready, sure, but there aren’t many better options in the minors right now who are ready. And you raise an interesting point about Elias making Hyde look bad. Perhaps he’s determined Hyde isn’t the guy to manage this team when (if) they are competitive.
  4. Agree things seem to be shaking out decently for us. I just watched some video on Harry Ford and he actually looks like a monster. If he ends up being the pick, I won’t be upset, in fact I think I’d be excited. The swing and bat speed are legit, and he has an extremely athletic build.
  5. Agree I don’t think there’s any reality in which they get.
  6. Agree. To protect myself, I’m very much tempering expectations. If he’s JT Realmuto for 5 or 6 years that’s a huge win for us.
  7. I’d think yea, probably second base or CF. And a package of Means and Gunnar may well get it done you’re right, but I think that’s a poor trade for us. I just think in general we’d have to overpay for Abrams. Teams definitely seem to value their top prospects much more than they did in the days of the Aroldis Chapman, Jose Quintana, and Chris Sale trades.
  8. I don’t think it would even be feasible for us unless we started offering one or more of our top 100 prospects. Means and Mullins would be their starting point I think.
  9. Agree. He’s one of my favorite players on this team for that reason. I think he’ll have a nice little career and I hope it’s with us.
  10. Yea me too. I couldn’t justify it.
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