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  1. Yes of course. That will be such a relief when it happens. But you wouldn’t have to go anywhere to watch our Orioles on your television.
  2. The non-monetary value of increased national morale is not to be undervalued, my friend.
  3. They are close I think, and I would be pumped if we added either player. And completely disregarding defense is a dangerous game.
  4. I also want to put Gonzalez over Martin, but if Martin is available at 2 I think he would be the pick assuming they think he can play somewhere up the middle. I believe he offers significantly more value with the glove. I love me some Nick Gonzalez though and see him as the next Keston Hiura.
  5. No I have not, admittedly, but have read reports that Hancock’s secondaries are inferior to Lacey’s, and Lacey is a lefty obviously. Also it’s concerning that Hancock hasn’t pitched all that well to start the year whereas Lacey has. Long season still, and my opinion right now is solely based on gut feeling. Have you watched them both?
  6. Pitching does win championships, but the attrition rate for pitchers is higher, so I lean towards an elite bat. But I would be happy with Lacy. I don’t want Hancock at #2.
  7. Haha I do too. Had to happen, and I don’t think Bundy will transform. He’s a back end starter, albeit a very good one. Angels should be fun to watch this year.
  8. Love your optimism and enthusiasm as always, Wildcard, but I think you’re misreading the tea leaves a bit. As was said, pitchers like those two are plentiful (in our own org nonetheless) so why take up a year long roster spot with one or both? We are going to be a very bad MLB team this year record-wise, but I’m really looking forward to watching some of the young guys you mentioned in your post get their shots.
  9. I’m not an expert, but I absolutely love Gonzalez. His swing is a thing of fundamental beauty, no wasted movement. For me, I’m ecstatic if we get either him or Tork.
  10. Certainly hope it will be hilarious. I’ll make it my avatar in four years either way.
  11. He did. I’m just being impatient and a bit paranoid. Probably just a case of nerves for the young man in his first ML ST.
  12. It would be fitting if the most ‘can’t miss’ prospect since Bryce Harper missed for us.
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