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  1. joelala

    Coby Mayo

    Also true. I certainly wouldn’t disagree with him being on a list or two, and perhaps with the growing reputation of our system amongst the industry, he’ll get on one.
  2. joelala

    Coby Mayo

    I raised that question about a month ago and I think the answer could be he’ll be a similar status as Gunnar was heading into this season. Honorable mention and if he performs he’ll crack some.
  3. joelala

    Coby Mayo

    Indeed. And his hands look extremely quick and direct to the ball, too. I’ll often find myself watching his homerun clips several times in a row. There’s something mesmerizing about a swing like that.
  4. joelala

    Coby Mayo

    It looks that way to me too. He’s got a very impressive swing.
  5. Would I be cool if he becomes a star and Baltimore is the city of Lamars.
  6. Here’s hoping! Would be awesome for Heston if he can make a full comeback and play the game he loves again. I look forward to hopefully following his journey on the field next season.
  7. As much as I love Cedric, I’d also be very open to trading him. Both of these packages would be impossible for us to pass up on. I don’t think we’d get quite that much for Mullins until he proves this is closer to the new normal for him. If he’s doing this the first two months of next season then these packages become more realistic IMO.
  8. Not the stress on the arm I’m talking about, more the repeatability of the delivery. That’s the first video I’ve seen and didn’t know he had an unorthodox delivery. He is more compact, so that may make it easier to repeat. Either way, I’m excited about him and for him.
  9. Agree his mechanics look less than ideal, but I’ll certainly take the results! It’s a long ways out, but to me, with these mechanics, he looks more like a reliever.
  10. I wonder if he’d win ROY if he were in a playoff team. He’s a bit streaky sure, but he’s the best hitter on our team as a rookie, and that’s pretty cool. Definitely looks like we’ve found our 1B for the next five or six years.
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