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  1. Add Taijuan Walker to the list of reclamation project candidates as well. Though I get the feeling that these guys would only come here on a ML deal.
  2. Especially cuz Steve doesn’t play SS and Beckham technically can.
  3. Exactly. He does play OF. I could see him in ST for sure battling Stevie for a roster spot.
  4. Yea I suppose he offers significantly more value as a utility guy than Stevie Wilkerson.
  5. Elias is the architect of the rebuild, which as you well know, is far from complete. He has put many things into place (spent valuable time and money), and If he were to leave before it is finished, there is a chance that whomever succeeded him would have different priorities (for better or worse) thus setting the timeline back for the rebuild. I don’t doubt that someone else could do the job, but I worry that it would set back the timeline. Also, in all seriousness, please explain how tanking is cheating.
  6. Short answer: no Long answer: noooooooooooooo
  7. Scouts are very good with cameras😏
  8. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was involved and eventually punished. He was with the Cardinals when La Russa allegedly had a system in place, and then was taken to the Astros with Luhnow. He certainly knew what was happening. I guess all of this has been shocking so it wouldn’t even shock me anymore if it turns out ME was the mastermind behind it all
  9. Just a bad feeling. This will keep growing.
  10. Was thinking that as well earlier today.
  11. Who’s gonna be our new GM? This is getting uglier and uglier by the hour.
  12. Odubel Herrera DFA’d... Any takers?
  13. In all seriousness though, I would be open to the idea of Hinch as our next manager if he doesn’t receive a lifetime ban...
  14. I fully agree this loss is squarely on Roman and Harbaugh, though I sincerely doubt Roman was trying to show off. I think it was a simple case of premature panic. This team was not battle tested. We hadn’t lost in about two months and you always learn the most about yourself through losses. I HATED the fact that we were on such a win streak, as fun as it was to watch. While this result is excruciating, I can’t say I’m overly surprised. I do think and hope this will bring us back even stronger next year. Hopefully Tennessee has created a monster and we will win it all next year!
  15. joelala

    Farewell OH

    Sounds like a dream come true, Luke! Beyond happy for you. And what a great story about someone putting in the work and creating his own opportunity and then seeing it pay off like this. All the best on this new journey, man.
  16. True, I guess this spring will tell us a lot
  17. He certainly passes the eye test. Nice delivery and very athletic build. Wonder if we would consider him in the supplemental first round.
  18. Music to my ears. That has long been my number one desire for our franchise.
  19. That looks like it’s def at least replacement level.
  20. Thanks Luke as always, this is some really in depth stuff on obscure players. Love it! I see no downside in signing at least two of these guys. Thompson would be my first choice, and Mella sounds like he could be a nice bullpen piece if nothing else.
  21. joelala

    Kyle Stowers

    Seems to have a good growth mindset. Rooting for him.
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