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  1. To me sports has always been my respite from the stresses of everyday life. Whether playing sports, watching sports, or talking about sports, I was happy and peaceful and nothing stressful could enter my mind. That's why it's so upsetting to see politics (regardless of which side) being shoved down my throat wherever I go: TV, internet, radio, music, sports, etc. If I want to read or hear about politics, I'll choose to watch the news or read a political website. But politics is so stressful the past couple years, I want to get away from it and sports used to be the place for that. Now, it seems I can't even do that. Tony, I understand your frustration but I really hope you keep this website. It's one of the few places I can go to actually read about sports without someone trying to force their political agenda on me.
  2. We've drafted a lot of SS prospects in the past 3 years, but I like his defense much better than any of them. Granted, I've only watched a bunch of highlights and warm-ups, but he appears to have incredibly quick feet and hands. He looks the definition of a quick twitch athlete. I know it seems like SS overload, but I don't think you can ever draft too many guys who project to stick at SS.
  3. Duquette certainly would...and would also throw in some international bonus slot money to sweeten the deal...
  4. Good to see that Hyde has already started putting Mountcastle at 1B. Seems he realizes Mountcastle has had 4 years to improve arm strength and mechanics and hasn't. No sense wasting any more time at a position he'll never play in the majors. After watching some of Mountcastle's throws this spring, I don't think he has enough arm to even play LF.
  5. Are you serious? I've listened to him a lot on college baseball broadcasts, and always really liked him. He makes a lot of insightful, interesting comments and can be humorous as well. Huge upgrade over Bordick.
  6. Watched the short video of Mountcastle taking a few grounders at 3B on Roch's blog today, and was extremely disappointed with what I saw. I had seen some videos in past years of his arm both at SS and 3B, and a few plays in ST, and his mechanics and arm strength were terrible. However, I held out hope that the coaches could improve both. Also, it seems we kept hearing from Steve and Roch that his arm strength had improved and wasn't as bad as some have said. But now I see this video (I do realize it's only two throws) but his mechanics and arm strength still look terrible. It seems every throw I've seen him make in the past 3 years, his mechanics, arm slot, and footwork are different. He was drafted 4 years ago; I think we may have to accept he's a 1B/DH only. I really don't think his arm is even strong enough for LF.
  7. Not saying this to criticize or pile on, but does it seem like Davis gets sick a lot more than other players? I know he has young kids, maybe he needs to get better at avoiding their germs during the season.😉 I know I hardly ever got sick until I had kids...now I get sick from them all the time...
  8. Or that no player is going to listen to a guy who had the worst season in the history of baseball.
  9. Yeah, but he's an exception to the rule, as the greatest hitting catcher ever and a Hall of Famer. Not many human beings can catch 150 pitches a game in 90 degree heat and humidity, endure bumps and bruises and other injuries, and maintain hitting at a high level for many years like Piazza.
  10. Yes, and I suspect they also didn't want to suppress his offensive development through the physical toll of playing catcher. If you have a prospect with a special bat and who is an average defensive catcher, it would be silly not to move him off catcher.
  11. That may be true, but when it comes to stuff there is no comparison. Arrietta had good velocity/movement on his fastball, a nasty curve and slider, as well as deception. Wright flashes good velocity on his fastball sometimes, but it looks straight. And his secondaries are well below average. I think the tinkering with his mechanics and focus on TTTP messed with Arrietta.
  12. Yeah, I do agree that there are obviously more people out there (and especially in countries that don't play baseball) who potentially have the physical and mental abilities to play at a high level. But you could say that about any sport, or occupation for that matter. It doesn't change the fact that hitting a baseball is still probably the most difficult task in any sport.
  13. Agreed. Trading our veterans now would all be selling low (Bleier, Givens, Bundy, Cashner, Cobb). We don't really have any other choice but to hold onto them and hope they have good seasons and can bring back some decent prospects later.
  14. Respectfully disagree. The reason hitting a baseball is considered so difficult is that it isn't only about raw athleticism. It's about athleticism, wrist strength, hand/eye coordination, exceptional eyesight, the ability to make incredibly quick decisions, and a ton of practice and experience. Your example of comparing Usain Bolt to hitting a baseball is comparing apples to oranges. Running is a skill that many people can do well, but you picked the best person in the world for your comparison. In order to be a fair comparison, we could ask how many people could hit a baseball like Ted Williams?
  15. Exactly right. The best hitter I ever faced in college was Chris Widger. He was an absolute beast, I couldn't get him out no matter what I threw. He was just on a different level than most other players. And the funny thing is many posters probably remember him as a journeyman backup catcher in the majors; a catch and throw guy who couldn't hit. What this showed me is the incredible jump in talent level every level you move up. You have to be stud in High School to play D1 college ball. You have to be a stud in college to get drafted. You have to be a stud in the low minors to move up the high minors. You have to be stud in the high minors to get called up to the majors, and you have to be stud to stick in the majors.
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