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  1. Give them time. They will not make the playoffs this year. The gods have blessed Boston and the Jays. Because god knows the Mariners aren’t there yet and the A’s are stuck in neutral.
  2. I saw him in Norfolk last week. Solid defender, called a good game for Michael Bauuman. Had one HR get knocked down by the wind, but got a hit and had a lot of takes that impressed me. We’re gonna love this guy
  3. So I went to Norfolk for a tides game. I like him. His swing is weird, but he makes solid contact. Swung at a pitch deep in the dirt and isn’t afraid to be aggressive. Scouting report here is accurate on him
  4. I teared up a little bit reading that. How poetic. Thankfully, he’s in a better place now where he isn’t in pain. God rest his soul.
  5. Did he have this issue in Bowie as well two years ago when he dominated there? Overall this year it’s been jaw dropping to see some of the numbers from guys who were great in 2019. Lowther and a couple other guys are in that category too
  6. No way this happens because this would essentially demand a salary cap by the owners, unless it's completely toothless.
  7. Palmer is still a gem but Garcaeu is Bobby Carpenter without the ok home run call. Dude has the personality of drift wood
  8. Wonder if he'll be able to dance the night away and jump all the way to baltimore?
  9. They did, but that's also just this year. They've also got a better Latin America pipeline than we do. Most of the pitching in the upper minors was acquired through trading, as they've had a lot of good players who got shipped off over the years.
  10. Teams don't, they look what they have and look around and see what they can get to add to be competitive. No way of building a team is "Right". Yeah they aren't getting by with Akin's and Kermer's of the world. What I'm getting at is overall strategy of decent to above average pitching depth. Something tells me that's what Elias and Co are pushing for.
  11. Here's a question I'll pose to you. Would you rather have a diamond studded rotation like the Indians had in prior years and even this year, but know that you can't keep everyone; or would you rather have the Tampa bay strategy where you have a ton of depth but no one who will wow you? Something tells me they're trying the tampa bay approach or a similar strategy to it.
  12. They'll need outfielders too. Alex Cobb according to Fangraphs leads the team in pitching WAR at almost 2 and Jo Addell looks lost at the plate.
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