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  1. Looked decent and looked efficent. Hung 2 bad balls to JD martinez. Outside of that, solid outing.
  2. I miss Joe too. That's the problem this year for me was the broadcast was just boring. The Nats broadcasting crew are bad but entertainingly bad. It was just dry last year. Maybe that's just me
  3. Makes sense unfortunately. Gary I wish they kept. That guy was a highlight of my teenage years and I'll miss him narrating my summer nights.
  4. $. MASN, the orioles and major league baseball as a whole have had negative cash flows this past year, and it doesn't look like that will be improving this year.
  5. And they honest to god wonder why people are cutting cords at record rates. Also doesn't help that the product on TV is becoming worse as time goes on.
  6. We’ve gone from an amazing broadcast to one with the personality of a rusted nail. A+ there Angelos boys
  7. The O's want out of Frederick because Elias and Co. can't fit their data gathering operation into the stadium. Elias and Mejdal toured it when they arrived and they want out. Fredericksburg would be moved to AA if Frederick is picked up by the Nats. Nats don't do the data gathering that we do, so while this is going to sting, we might see Aberdeen or DelMarva move up the chain.
  8. Mainly rookie leagues like the app league will be contracted. Other things for teams A ball and up will be concerned with facilities and the market they're in. Hagerstown is a prime example. Stadium sucks, it's old, no one wants to reinvest in it and the market isn't that lucrative.
  9. That mainly comes from MiLB owners. Frederick is tentatively going to be sold, but the buyer is waiting on whether or not they'll be in affiliated baseball. Area around Harry Grove and the stadium itself were going to get I believe a $30 million reinvestment to spruce the area around it to make it more of a fun area with bars and a concert hall. Can't remember the number off the top of my head. Also, everyone watch out for December 2nd. MiLB will release who is staying affliated, whose moving around, etc.
  10. Colorado had Ian Desmond at the time and payroll wise were maxed out. I can see why that didn't happen. Plus they have to play in SF and SD, two non friendly pitchers parks.
  11. It's basic economic principle. How can I get the most utility and value from the money I spend? What is the most effective way of doing that?
  12. They don't have to pay him, so I'd venture a guess and say no. Will they reinvest it into the team is the bigger question
  13. Trade to Colorado makes sense. All depends on the price tag.
  14. If what I"ve been hearing is true from various sources, the Nats might also being heading to Frederick if the Keys aren't contracted.
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