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  1. On 6/15/2020 at 3:38 PM, wildcard said:

    Two of the Nationals teams are on the contraction list.  Hagerstown Suns of the Sally League and the Auburn Doubleday of the NY Penn League.  That leaves the Nationals without a Low  A League team.    I have to think they are going to add a team.

    If Frederick becomes available because the O's have to subtract a team then the Nationals are a logical team to move a franchise  there.

    Maybe you are right about investment but I don't see Frederick without a affiliated minor league team considering the fan base that is there.

    I don't think the O's will let the Frederick fan base go.

    The O's want out of Frederick because Elias and Co. can't fit their data gathering operation into the stadium. Elias and Mejdal toured it when they arrived and they want out. Fredericksburg would be moved to AA if Frederick is picked up by the Nats. Nats don't do the data gathering that we do, so while this is going to sting, we might see Aberdeen or DelMarva move up the chain. 

  2. On 11/21/2020 at 8:20 PM, WillyM said:

    I've heard that MLB is considering contraction of minor leagues, but very little in the way of specifics.

    How many minor league teams are to be contracted?  Has an edict come down from MLB's head office that every major league team must eliminate one and only one of its minor league affiliates?  Might some teams eliminate more than one, while other teams keep their entire minor league system intact?

    Given the number of prospects the Orioles have acquired in trades over the past couple of seasons, I would think they'd prefer to keep their minor league system intact so that all those prospects have places to play and develop.  I don't understand why the Orioles would be thinking about contracting either Delmarva or Frederick, unless MLB is giving them no choice but to contract one or the other.

    Mainly rookie leagues like the app league will be contracted. Other things for teams A ball and up will be concerned with facilities and the market they're in. Hagerstown is a prime example. Stadium sucks, it's old, no one wants to reinvest in it and the market isn't that lucrative. 

  3. On 6/15/2020 at 10:37 AM, Can_of_corn said:

    Right, Hagerstown is already on the contraction list.  So if they want to add Frederick they will need to dump a different affiliate.

    Do we have evidence of the Learners investing in the infrastructure of their minor league facilities?

    That mainly comes from MiLB owners. Frederick is tentatively going to be sold, but the buyer is waiting on whether or not they'll be in affiliated baseball. Area around Harry Grove and the stadium itself were going to get I believe a $30 million reinvestment to spruce the area around it to make it more of a fun area with bars and a concert hall. Can't remember the number off the top of my head. 


    Also, everyone watch out for December 2nd. MiLB will release who is staying affliated, whose moving around, etc. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Philip said:

    I wanted them to trade Trumbo to Colorado, he would’ve hit 100 home runs there, and they would’ve stuck him at first base because they’re not idiots.

    Colorado had Ian Desmond at the time and payroll wise were maxed out. I can see why that didn't happen. Plus they have to play in SF and SD, two non friendly pitchers parks. 

  5. 7 hours ago, foxfield said:

    If the above is true, and Elias is good enough to manage a draft and get everyone signed while restricting $200,000 he is the best GM in history and the pope should canonize him.

    The most obvious answer is that he is spending in a way that is designed to maximize return.  Think of it like it's The Price is Right.  He is simply trying to get the best players and as many of them without exceeding the allotments.  $200k on the draft is a razor thin margin.  And we simply do not know what remains unspent on international players. 

    Spending just to spend, is the reason #19 is an unavailable number for new Orioles.  If I thought the O's were intentionally missing the opportunity to add talent, as they have in the past, I would concur with you.  

    But I would also concede that if your measuring stick is that pool was restricted if not 100% spent, then your *hypotheticals* work as an explanation.  As would many others.  

    It's basic economic principle. How can I get the most utility and value from the money I spend? What is the most effective way of doing that? 

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  6. On 11/18/2020 at 8:06 PM, Can_of_corn said:

    I wonder if the 24M still counts against them for cap purposes?


    They don't have to pay him, so I'd venture a guess and say no. Will they reinvest it into the team is the bigger question

  7. 24 minutes ago, Legend_Of_Joey said:

    They are trying to work out a trade for Nunez. Wynns could be outrighted to AAA. Not sure about Sulser, if he has been outrighted before, anywhere.

    Wynns might depend on what the team does with Severino. 

    Trade to Colorado makes sense. All depends on the price tag. 

  8. 11 hours ago, Can_of_corn said:

    Why would you expect the defending league MVP to spend a substantial amount of the season repeating a level?  How many top 100 guys repeat a level?

    I think they hold Mountcastle down in Norfolk for time reasons. Hays has a better defensive profile compared to Mountcastle's lack there of. I think that's the reasoning that's being applied. 

  9. 30 minutes ago, Redskins Rick said:

    I think most of us understand.

    But, go back to last season, if you arent doing great in ST, most likely you are not going to deal real in the regular season, unless its just rust and timing issues.

    None of us, expect a return to what he was, when he was very good.

    I would settle for above replacement level, which is more than we had the previous 2 seasons.

    He could come out and have a career year, and some in OH, would still be unhappy and complaining about why he is on the roster.


    I think if he comes back and does well, everyone here will be happy because that helps the orioles. He looks different this year, it's like he went into a time machine can 2015 Chrush came back. His approach is better than in years past. Last two years he looked awful at the plate during ST. He thinned out too. So we'll see. I wish we had statcast data, that way we could quantify what we're seeing because the naked eye can tell you only so much. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Tony-OH said:

    You know, I would have said this as well until I looked up his stats. He's been less and less pull happy since 2015 and his power his dropped as well.
               Pull %      HR
    2015: 54.9%      47
    2016: 40.6%      38
    2017: 40.0%      26
    2018:  37.6%     16 
    2019:  36.8%     12

    I've noticed that his swing path looks different too. Less long and outside and more inside the zone. His bat speed looks quicker like it used to as well

  11. On 2/18/2020 at 3:44 PM, JR Oriole said:

    Yup.  I was thinking about them, but I couldn't remember if that series they lost to St. Louis was in the NLDS or NLCS.  Of course, they did beat us in two Game 7's on our own field in the World Series, so at least they have that on us.  Amazing to think they used to be a relevant franchise once.  They never recovered from "Sid's slide."

    Doesn't help the Bob Nutting hasn't done anything to help that and management under Neil Huntington and Clint Hurdle were the poor man's version of Showalter and DD with an owner who couldn't be bothered to spend more money on players, latin america or anything. 


    Look at his release point, it’s inconsistent due to his arm action and how he yanks the ball sometimes. That’s not a bad thing because the stuff plays up, but unless he gets that straightened out with a consistent release point, he’ll be inconsistent like we saw in Frederick 

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  13. 7 hours ago, Frobby said:

    We are pretty much right on average for our top four.    They graded 120 guys, so that averages out to four per team.    The average ranking of this group would be 60; the average for our four players is 57.    I’m very happy with Grayson’s ranking, not as excited about Hall’s.   Hopefully the latter can sharpen his command this year and shoot up the list.   

    For Hall it’s his release point and arm action. If that becomes more consistent, he should be fine

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