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  1. 11 hours ago, Can_of_corn said:

    Why would you expect the defending league MVP to spend a substantial amount of the season repeating a level?  How many top 100 guys repeat a level?

    I think they hold Mountcastle down in Norfolk for time reasons. Hays has a better defensive profile compared to Mountcastle's lack there of. I think that's the reasoning that's being applied. 

  2. 30 minutes ago, Redskins Rick said:

    I think most of us understand.

    But, go back to last season, if you arent doing great in ST, most likely you are not going to deal real in the regular season, unless its just rust and timing issues.

    None of us, expect a return to what he was, when he was very good.

    I would settle for above replacement level, which is more than we had the previous 2 seasons.

    He could come out and have a career year, and some in OH, would still be unhappy and complaining about why he is on the roster.


    I think if he comes back and does well, everyone here will be happy because that helps the orioles. He looks different this year, it's like he went into a time machine can 2015 Chrush came back. His approach is better than in years past. Last two years he looked awful at the plate during ST. He thinned out too. So we'll see. I wish we had statcast data, that way we could quantify what we're seeing because the naked eye can tell you only so much. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Tony-OH said:

    You know, I would have said this as well until I looked up his stats. He's been less and less pull happy since 2015 and his power his dropped as well.
               Pull %      HR
    2015: 54.9%      47
    2016: 40.6%      38
    2017: 40.0%      26
    2018:  37.6%     16 
    2019:  36.8%     12

    I've noticed that his swing path looks different too. Less long and outside and more inside the zone. His bat speed looks quicker like it used to as well

  4. On 2/18/2020 at 3:44 PM, JR Oriole said:

    Yup.  I was thinking about them, but I couldn't remember if that series they lost to St. Louis was in the NLDS or NLCS.  Of course, they did beat us in two Game 7's on our own field in the World Series, so at least they have that on us.  Amazing to think they used to be a relevant franchise once.  They never recovered from "Sid's slide."

    Doesn't help the Bob Nutting hasn't done anything to help that and management under Neil Huntington and Clint Hurdle were the poor man's version of Showalter and DD with an owner who couldn't be bothered to spend more money on players, latin america or anything. 


    Look at his release point, it’s inconsistent due to his arm action and how he yanks the ball sometimes. That’s not a bad thing because the stuff plays up, but unless he gets that straightened out with a consistent release point, he’ll be inconsistent like we saw in Frederick 

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  6. 7 hours ago, Frobby said:

    We are pretty much right on average for our top four.    They graded 120 guys, so that averages out to four per team.    The average ranking of this group would be 60; the average for our four players is 57.    I’m very happy with Grayson’s ranking, not as excited about Hall’s.   Hopefully the latter can sharpen his command this year and shoot up the list.   

    For Hall it’s his release point and arm action. If that becomes more consistent, he should be fine

  7. 5 minutes ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

    If Jeter was on the Brewers he would still be in the hall of fame for his offensive numbers, but he would get a lot more flack about his mediocre defense at SS. 

    He also wouldn't have been the face of MLB for almost 20 years. 

  8. 3 hours ago, MongoBoy said:

    Been there.  However, depending on how much is taken out of your check, you can change the number of allowances on your W-4.  I am no expert on this, but getting a $0 refund is what everyone should be shooting for.  Why give it to the gov't and get nothing in return. Just do a search on how to adjust your withholding.

    Of course, this doesn't cover people who are sole proprietors.  We all get it right in the butt.

    I'll have to check into that. I claim myself on everything deduction wise. 

  9. 5 hours ago, MongoBoy said:

    If people do it right, they should not be getting a 'refund' from taxes.  The gov't is taking money from you (or you're giving it freely) and then returning it with no interest.  What a deal, for them. If one does their taxes correctly, you give them only what they are supposed to have.  The extra per month that you keep should already be put into something that is collecting interest.  By waiting for a refund, you've already missed out on several months of making a bit extra.

    I make under 30K, so I get all the money i put in sans SS back. I normally wait because the community college by my house offers a free tax program so I can file my taxes and get my refund without having to pay for anything. I'll be checking to see if ODU has something similar to that, but if I can get all the $ I can back, then that's more beneficial in the long run rather than throwing 20-30 dollars to H&R Block. 

  10. 1 minute ago, ShoelesJoe said:

    Jordon is currently in the #30-ish range for the 2020 draft. My guess is that he’ll drop down a bit further in favor of college players who have a good year. As things stand right now I can’t imagine the Orioles taking him with the 30th or 39th pick unless he shows improvement to his defense. 

    He strikes me as a guy who’s top potential is Pete Incaviglia. 

    I think where he is now, he's worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He's that interesting with the bat. 

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