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  1. I'm getting my tax returns and putting like 1/4th of it into the market, 1/4th into cryptocurrencies, rest i'm putting in my savings account. Depending on returns from the market returns, might start my retirement account now with a ROTH. 

  2. On 1/17/2020 at 3:37 PM, Frobby said:




    In college, I majored in economics and psychology.    I also took three years of calculus, a year of physics, and a semester of chemistry.    Each of my majors required a course in statistics, plus I took a course in econometrics and a high theory course called mathematical economics.    

    You know how much of all that math I use today?    Almost none.    But I do believe I learned to think in a very logical, objective manner that has served me well as a lawyer.    

    As an aside, I remember writing a paper in econometrics where I ran a regression analysis correlating team BA, OBP and SLG to runs scored.    The professor gave me a B- and wrote that there were academics doing much more sophisticated statistical analyses on baseball.     This was in 1978 or ‘79, before sabermetrics was really a thing.   Bill James was starting to publish his annual abstract by then, but it (and other attempts at sabermetrics) didn’t really reach the general public until the early ‘80’s.


    I took 2 semesters of astronomy as my science. I learned logic moreso through arguing points in my major and why different things effect the market, like regulation, inflation, etc. Baseball has always been a numbers game, it's why Earl Weaver pushed for depth and played matchups all the time

  3. On 1/14/2020 at 5:31 PM, Can_of_corn said:

    I'm currently being mildly downvoted in R/Baseball for arguing against intentionally hitting Astro players.


    Did you post that comment on the fangraphs article too? Reddit is a lynch mob sometimes, which is dumb. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Frobby said:

    Let me make clear, I don’t believe that any of these lists are to be slavishly followed.   And I have no independent opinion on who should be more highly ranked.    I was just curious about your reasons.    Thanks for answering.   

    I think this is an important year for Hall.   In recent years, we’ve seen a good number of Orioles pitching prospects transition very successfully from Hi A to AA, often improving their numbers in the process due to a more favorable pitching environment.     Just look at last year’s Bowie staff and you’ll see what I mean.   I think Hall needs to make the same successful transition to retain or improve his lofty ranking.   

    They shouldn't, but like most stats sites, they're tools. I like the top 100 in terms of draft, gives us an idea along with Fangraphs who the orioles might draft and whose in the wheelhouse. 

  5. So far, only the top 10 RHP's according to pipeline have been released, with most of the lists being out by mid february. Grayson Rodriguez is at number 10 right now on the top 10 RHP's list, behind Casey Mize (Detroit), Nate Pearson (Jays), Forrest Whitley (Astros), Michael Kopech (White sox), Sixto Sanchez (Marlins), Dustin May (Dodgers), Matt Manning (tigers), Luis Patino (Padres) and Spencer Howard (Phillies). Grayson grades out overall as a 55, but that could potentially go up as he advances through the minors. I like pipeline as it doesn't hurt to have different opinions on prospects and the presentation and ease of use of the website helps out too. 


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  6. 2 hours ago, foxfield said:

    This doesn't stain Elias imho.  It does take some of the shine off though.  And it makes me rethink some of the articles written by Dan Connolly.  Benefit of the doubt is a funny thing....it works both ways.  But Elias is just doing it the way Houston did it has a whole new sound.  That is not his fault...but is says the Honeymoon may well be over.

    Elias was running the minors and Mejdal was running the numbers department. Elias was quoted saying that he had no involvement early on in the investigation, meaning he probably told the investigation the same thing. I see no reason to not believe him here. 

  7. 5 hours ago, wildbillhiccup said:

    I love Reddit. I've posted questions ranging from finance advice to which laptop should I buy and have always gotten seemingly genuine responses/advice. Yes there's plenty of junk on there, but if you stick to the relevant Sub-Reddits it's a very useful tool. And it's 1,000 times better than Twitter, the absolute cesspool of social media. 

    Reddit is ok. All depends on the subreddit. Just avoid anything political, gaming or anything related to social issues and you'll be fine. Twitter is the place where mutants and opinions go to die. 

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  8. 3 minutes ago, weams said:

    I would bet that neither of those teams wish to escalate any of this. I bet Fiers has an issue getting a future contract. 

    It will be interesting to see if it does escalate. I don't think it will happen either, but it could be interesting to see if any of them will try and drag down other teams with them. Fiers I think won't have an issue because it would be insanely obvious as to why he's not getting a contract. He'd get $ in suing the league, something Kapernick did and got a ton of compensation for. 

    4 minutes ago, atomic said:

    Other teams are doing it is not an excuse.  Baseball will stop with these two teams unless anyone does something going forward.  If I rob a bank mentioning to the judge that other people robbed banks and got away with it is not going to help my cause either before or after receiving punishment.

    I'm not saying it's to excuse their behavior. I'm saying is that if they can prove other teams were cheating as well, does MLB pivot and go after other clubs for sign stealing?

  9. Just now, weams said:

    This shows what happens if cheating occurs in the future. If I am an innovator and find some advantage to use technology... I run it by league offices first. 

    True. My main question that I probably worded poorly was what if Houston and Boston have dirt on other teams and can prove they used tech as well to steal signs and potentially other nefarious things

  10. My thing is with all this is what happens next? Will there be a league wide investigation because the Astros and presumably boston are going to be saying "Other teams are doing it?" How can they prove that and how will major league baseball respond if it's a league wide issue? 

  11. I thought this thread was from 2018ish. Kinda shocked it wasn't. There's a reason we traded him...….dude sucks and he's SHOT. Look, I'm into torturing myself and watching/actively following this team at the ML Level for the next few years but watching Grizzly Adams throw 92 MPH meatballs like an angry Italian has the appeal of watching someone slash your tires on repeat. Pass. 

  12. 23 hours ago, Tony-OH said:

    I'm more worried about losing Roman than anyone else. Now I know Lamar is a generational talent, but I love watching the creativity of the offense and a lot o that is on Roman.

    I hope though that he doesn't go to the factory of sadness. Hell, even Belichek failed there.


    Belichek I think they hired to early and didn't give him full control like he has had in New England and a way tighter budget than he probably has in NE

  13. 3 hours ago, LookinUp said:

    I understand the rationale. I just think it's penny wise and pound foolish. Frederick and it's surrounding areas is 1) pretty large 2) not getting smaller and 3) geographically proximate to DC and even Pittsburgh, to a lesser degree.

    The O's need to think 5-20 years down the road. If I'm the O's, an investment in Frederick is an investment in the Orioles. 

    The big club can’t invest unless it’s in the lease, I think. That and Frederick is in the Baltimore area, and more people culturally identify more with Baltimore there. The O’s will always be the more popular team there. There’s no reason to have your players in an outdated facility and it doesn’t help that attendance at Harry grove is ok at best 

  14. On 11/27/2019 at 9:53 AM, LookinUp said:

    There are a million subtopics on this issue, but it seems crazy to me that the O's would agree to lose Frederick. I feel like another team, probably the Nats, would move in and take over that pretty large metropolitan area. Hate to say it, but Aberdeen is the one that should be cut. Norfolk, Salisbury, Bowie and Frederick are all sizable markets that the O's should try to keep their tentacles into, IMO.

    It's all about stadiums and quality of the facilities. Harry Grove isn't up to snuff as much compared to Bowie or Norfolk. Also the reason why Hagerstown will go way of the dodo as well. It would cost a fortune that Frederick City or County would never pay to upgrade Harry Grove to meet the standard, or whoever has to pick up that tab in the lease agreement. That and Frederick doesn't make any $ because Ziedelis just tells Ken Young what he wants to hear and is a total kissass while the team loses $ every year. Same with Bowie but bowie has a better stadium in terms of being on par with MLB's requirements. The whole "PAY THE MINOR LEAGUERS" campaign was going to resolve in teams being cut because MLB profits would be effected in a big scale and how shrewd MLB is with costs and revenue historically. I called this a year ago in a baseball discord server and it sucks that I'm right. A "livable wage" (if one exists) would only be paid to minor leaguers if teams were cut in predominantly rust belt, more expensive or poorer areas with lacking facilities, and look where we are. Hopefully a resolution passes and hopefully MiLB and MLB will solve this and keep everyone happy, but I highly doubt that happens. As someone who grew up at Harry Grove as a kid, that's going to really suck seeing the keys fold or go to an independent league. Such is the nature of the beast I suppose. 


    What'll be interesting I suppose is to see how Manfred looks and acts during this debate because apparently the players and owners might go in for extended talks come 2021 when the CBA expires. This is going to show the players how much they can push against this current Commisioner versus what they could push for with Selig. With that being said, it's looking like Manfred will be going in guns blazing and just wanting his way. The thought that lower minor league teams will have to scout and develop their own talent like they did almost 100 years ago proves how cyclical history is. 


    For further reading, here's a baseball America article going into detail on what we could be seeing, how the agreement with MiLB works, etc. I have work in the morning and need sleep.  https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/mlb-threat-pushes-negotiations-with-milb-to-another-level/

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