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  1. TE's were being overcovered and Andrews being hurt didn't help.
  2. I have a feeling he's more of a guy we'd move come deadline time to a team with no offense.
  3. I hate Calculus. I'm never going to use this again, why do I need it?
  4. I legitimately can not stand how sappy happy everyone is during the holidays. The only good Christmas specials and movies are Charlie brown, the original Grinch (Jim Carey is to damn obnoxious), Christmas vacation, Die hard, Home alone and a Christmas story. Everything else is either to sappy or to stupid.
  5. Until Ubaldo Jimenez flashes back into our conscious as a fan base and we all have flashbacks...….the horror.
  6. Come to the PC side. We have rom hacks of sonic 2, amazing exclusives like Rising storm 2 and the steam store
  7. How about date someone who makes you happy? If you're picky about their politics and argue about it a lot, buddy she ain't the one for you. The whole "If you don't like candidate XYZ then I can't date you" attitude, buddy you have a ton of other problems that you need to address before you date someone.
  8. Good point. Was going off MLB pipeline and being lazy. What's weird is that he's the 3rd best in Milwaukee's system on both fangraphs and Pipeline.
  9. They're not trading Urias again. He's going to play SS because Orlando Arcia hits about as well as Ryan Flarethy.
  10. Brewers system is weak, which means either you get a quantity deal or an overpayment. Eduardo Garica and Aaron Ashby come to mind as guys who could headline a deal coming our way if we take the former, but the latter would be just Brice Turang or just Zach Brown
  11. Exactly. Does keeping him outweight being without him?
  12. It depends on the return. If they can get a good return, then go for it. If not, keeping him doesn't hurt. Like we could deal him at the deadline if he puts up his 2nd half numbers.
  13. MDtransplant757


    Shot a jameson to everyone here. Thanks for making my life that much better and giving me a direction to go in life and helping me go deeper into a passion that I love to death.
  14. Ok, can someone give me the run down on this? To lazy to read through the thread. Also, if that's her posted above....ew. Wonder if you throw holy water on her if she'd melt?
  15. I completely understand your choice to shutter the site if you want. It's your life, and who am I to tell you how to live it? One thing I have to thank you for is giving me the opportunity to learn more about the game I love. I've learned so much from you, guys like corn and Luke, and this site has even inspired me to go for a career in scouting and player development. I would have never known I would have wanted to in terms of prospects, grading tools, etc that I do now without this website. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that, Tony.
  16. If it’s the LA Coliseum, just don’t be around the press boxes and you’ll be fine view wise. As for a game at M&T Bank, it doesn’t matter. Sight lines are amazing at the stadium no matter where you are
  17. I picked MVP mainly because Greg Roman is a great offensive coordinator and the whole team was built around his skill set. Bringing in Mark Ingram only raised that ceiling. Plus you have Hollywood brown and an offensive line that grew a little more this year.
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