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  1. I thought this thread was from 2018ish. Kinda shocked it wasn't. There's a reason we traded him...….dude sucks and he's SHOT. Look, I'm into torturing myself and watching/actively following this team at the ML Level for the next few years but watching Grizzly Adams throw 92 MPH meatballs like an angry Italian has the appeal of watching someone slash your tires on repeat. Pass.
  2. I like the move. Shores up SS for the next two years and he's not going to be blocking anyone of importance.
  3. Belichek I think they hired to early and didn't give him full control like he has had in New England and a way tighter budget than he probably has in NE
  4. I get that it's a head coaching opportunity, but I highly doubt Roman wants to go and deal with Haslam, a new GM and the fact the Browns gut the coaching every two to three years. Wink to the Giants makes sense, but they have no one on defense and will probably go offense in the draft to help Jones.
  5. Was there with my buddy whose a die hard Steelers fan. I was happy, he had fun too cause he can talk smack and can take a joke.
  6. The big club can’t invest unless it’s in the lease, I think. That and Frederick is in the Baltimore area, and more people culturally identify more with Baltimore there. The O’s will always be the more popular team there. There’s no reason to have your players in an outdated facility and it doesn’t help that attendance at Harry grove is ok at best
  7. It's all about stadiums and quality of the facilities. Harry Grove isn't up to snuff as much compared to Bowie or Norfolk. Also the reason why Hagerstown will go way of the dodo as well. It would cost a fortune that Frederick City or County would never pay to upgrade Harry Grove to meet the standard, or whoever has to pick up that tab in the lease agreement. That and Frederick doesn't make any $ because Ziedelis just tells Ken Young what he wants to hear and is a total kissass while the team loses $ every year. Same with Bowie but bowie has a better stadium in terms of being on par with MLB's requirements. The whole "PAY THE MINOR LEAGUERS" campaign was going to resolve in teams being cut because MLB profits would be effected in a big scale and how shrewd MLB is with costs and revenue historically. I called this a year ago in a baseball discord server and it sucks that I'm right. A "livable wage" (if one exists) would only be paid to minor leaguers if teams were cut in predominantly rust belt, more expensive or poorer areas with lacking facilities, and look where we are. Hopefully a resolution passes and hopefully MiLB and MLB will solve this and keep everyone happy, but I highly doubt that happens. As someone who grew up at Harry Grove as a kid, that's going to really suck seeing the keys fold or go to an independent league. Such is the nature of the beast I suppose. What'll be interesting I suppose is to see how Manfred looks and acts during this debate because apparently the players and owners might go in for extended talks come 2021 when the CBA expires. This is going to show the players how much they can push against this current Commisioner versus what they could push for with Selig. With that being said, it's looking like Manfred will be going in guns blazing and just wanting his way. The thought that lower minor league teams will have to scout and develop their own talent like they did almost 100 years ago proves how cyclical history is. For further reading, here's a baseball America article going into detail on what we could be seeing, how the agreement with MiLB works, etc. I have work in the morning and need sleep. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/mlb-threat-pushes-negotiations-with-milb-to-another-level/
  8. Still costs $60 to park at the stadium and the traffic getting in and out is about as fun as getting a road spike driven through your skull.
  9. Houston or San Antonio are probably the two places I'd go. Went to the WS this year, and loved Houston.
  10. I would love to move there or move to Texas.
  11. I said all those names in a boston accent and it sounded obonxious. I have no idea why. Carry on with the thread.
  12. Have they changed the rules? I thought it was 81 games or some number around there where you had to offer the player back to the original team, and then after that they could be optioned
  13. After the rule 5 waiting period they can. It’s half a season, so we”ll probably know what we have by then
  14. Manfred has taken the Nats’ side on most of the issues concerning the MASN payments and the upcoming legal brawl on MASN ownership. He’s a snake in the grass. I have no reason to listen to him about “how great the market is” when he’s openly blowing snot rockets at the market while the Orioles rebuild and suck.
  15. I like this pick. Solid BP guy and if he turns out not that great, it’s optionable depth
  16. It’s not that hard. Literally the only thing holding me back was pre calc and calc. It’s 2 formulas to approximate population shifts And I think $ shifting from different areas. Plus the required courses now aren’t that hard, at least I don’t think so. I can cook too. I went because the options were work in a restaurant or construction. Military wasn’t an option. That and I’m not dumb, might as well use my brain to my advantage
  17. College, economics. Like I’m going to be using like 1 or 2 plug n chug theorems but I don’t need engineering calc. Got a B in it, so it’s whatever
  18. TE's were being overcovered and Andrews being hurt didn't help.
  19. I have a feeling he's more of a guy we'd move come deadline time to a team with no offense.
  20. I hate Calculus. I'm never going to use this again, why do I need it?
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