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  1. Still costs $60 to park at the stadium and the traffic getting in and out is about as fun as getting a road spike driven through your skull.
  2. Houston or San Antonio are probably the two places I'd go. Went to the WS this year, and loved Houston.
  3. I would love to move there or move to Texas.
  4. I said all those names in a boston accent and it sounded obonxious. I have no idea why. Carry on with the thread.
  5. Have they changed the rules? I thought it was 81 games or some number around there where you had to offer the player back to the original team, and then after that they could be optioned
  6. After the rule 5 waiting period they can. It’s half a season, so we”ll probably know what we have by then
  7. Manfred has taken the Nats’ side on most of the issues concerning the MASN payments and the upcoming legal brawl on MASN ownership. He’s a snake in the grass. I have no reason to listen to him about “how great the market is” when he’s openly blowing snot rockets at the market while the Orioles rebuild and suck.
  8. I like this pick. Solid BP guy and if he turns out not that great, it’s optionable depth
  9. It’s not that hard. Literally the only thing holding me back was pre calc and calc. It’s 2 formulas to approximate population shifts And I think $ shifting from different areas. Plus the required courses now aren’t that hard, at least I don’t think so. I can cook too. I went because the options were work in a restaurant or construction. Military wasn’t an option. That and I’m not dumb, might as well use my brain to my advantage
  10. College, economics. Like I’m going to be using like 1 or 2 plug n chug theorems but I don’t need engineering calc. Got a B in it, so it’s whatever
  11. TE's were being overcovered and Andrews being hurt didn't help.
  12. I have a feeling he's more of a guy we'd move come deadline time to a team with no offense.
  13. I hate Calculus. I'm never going to use this again, why do I need it?
  14. I legitimately can not stand how sappy happy everyone is during the holidays. The only good Christmas specials and movies are Charlie brown, the original Grinch (Jim Carey is to damn obnoxious), Christmas vacation, Die hard, Home alone and a Christmas story. Everything else is either to sappy or to stupid.
  15. Come to the PC side. We have rom hacks of sonic 2, amazing exclusives like Rising storm 2 and the steam store
  16. How about date someone who makes you happy? If you're picky about their politics and argue about it a lot, buddy she ain't the one for you. The whole "If you don't like candidate XYZ then I can't date you" attitude, buddy you have a ton of other problems that you need to address before you date someone.
  17. Good point. Was going off MLB pipeline and being lazy. What's weird is that he's the 3rd best in Milwaukee's system on both fangraphs and Pipeline.
  18. They're not trading Urias again. He's going to play SS because Orlando Arcia hits about as well as Ryan Flarethy.
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