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  1. I think there's life in Dan and Buck's Frankenstein's monster of a team
  2. He looks like a nerdy version of Matt Wieters.
  3. Last time, I believe the Orioles did. Its either that or the orioles and the city split the bill 50/50.
  4. That was his first home run too. Way to go out and get your first HR.
  5. I think his parents were from jersey..... it makes sense now.
  6. To survive 20 some years of baseball and that long in the annoucer's booth, you need to be funny or you'll go nuts
  7. You have no idea how hard it was to stand up to Yankee fans over the years and not let them get the better of me. There was one Yankee fan where I lived in Florida (lived in Jupiter, spring training home of St. Louis and the then Florida Marlins.) This kid wasn't from new york or new jersey, but he acted like it. And like the classy gentleman I am, I just ignored him, until I walked in one day with an O's hat and he was in a Yankee hat (this was in 2011). He mocked me the whole day, even going out of his way to find me and harass me. So when we beat the Yankees, I think of that kid, and how that little jerk is saying "Wow, the Orioles are beating us? We suck!" Brings tears of joy to my heart.
  8. It was a lot of fun, cause I remember going as a kid when we lived in PA, and it being awesome
  9. If the team is competitive, and with Buck and DD there, he probably will stay
  10. I feel sorry for you, if you don't mind me asking, what does your son have?
  11. I lived near there, and I've been there before. I need to move out of the mid-atlantic lol
  12. Didn't know one of napoleaon dynamite's cousins played in San deigo
  13. Ah. That makes more sense.
  14. Self explanatory My favorites are Live bootleg from Aerosmith, Alive!- KISS, Live and dangerous- Thin lizzy, Nine tonight- Bob Seger, Through the never-Metallica and No sleep till hammersmith from Motorhead.
  15. I think baseball is becoming a mix of both at this point
  16. Gonna be interesting what they do with him if they do bring him up to Baltimore.
  17. That actually doesn't look half bad, and no ugly Hilton! City is losing $50 million a year on that thing, what I would propose they do is turn it into player/staff (both Ravens and Orioles) lodging, or make it a Baltimore sports themed hotel, or turn it into a fan village like the Cardinals have in St. Louis, instead of that giant concrete monstrosity that is the hilton.
  18. You and me both. Worst case scenario is he wears pinstripes next year.
  19. I think of the money we singed Cruz for, we should have gotten 2 years out of him.
  20. It's still cool, it just takes something away from the ballpark, I can't put my finger on it. It'll be interesting to see what the O's do with the renovations.
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