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  1. It's gonna be interesting come september to see if the O's play mancini and the guys who are killing it in bowie and norfolk. I think if they go on a run now and stay on the winning path in september, we could sneak in and go somewhere. The O's are slowly turning into the ravens, in that the regular season has its high points and it's points where you want to throw a brick at the tv, but they sneak into the playoffs, and go far. That's what the ravens do almost every year, and look how it works out for them.
  2. on cafe express or anywhere else? ARRRGGGHHHH!!
  3. May you please help me find a shirt with the proud bird on it, nothing's coming up on the internet so far.
  4. now i just need to find a shirt with the proud bird on it
  5. Ok, I've been scouring the internet looking for the name of this bird, and I can't find it, and its been starting to annoy me. http://sportspaper.info/mlb/seasons/1966/mlb-media-guide_baltimore-orioles-1966.jpg Thanks a bunch guys
  6. And boy oh boy what a great stadium it is. There isn't a bad seat in the ballpark.
  7. Give it time. The US will get out of the Middle east and stop having an interventionist foreign policy, and this will all be a thing of the past that we'll laugh at later on down the road.
  8. That and it depends on what is considered fashionable at the time.
  9. Back in those days, the mustache was a sign of being a man, and the fact that it was extremely difficult to shave in those days.
  10. Then again when is wearing pinstripes on the top list of thrills.
  11. If it was 2008-2011 when he and the phillies were good, than yes i would. But as of 2015, No. We're good, and if we trade anyone it would shoot us in the foot.
  12. Oddly enough, Steinbrenner was a real stickler against facial hair. That and tom selleck looks like ron burgundy in pinstripes.
  13. It's going to be interesting to see where they go. Really hope the Pirates do well in the coming years, their fans deserve it after 20 years of being in the gutter. It's nice to see teams like the O's and the Pirates do well after being bad for 14-20 years.
  14. The picture they used in the article with Chris' mustache makes him look like Super Mario brother, mob enforcer, or a child molester.:laughlol: It's bad and he should feel bad.
  15. In response to Chris Davis' mustache last night. Lets talk about the best mustache's of baseball's past. First comes to mind is catfish hunter:laughlol:
  16. Currently finished Duff Mckagan (bassist of GNR fame), and it was incredible. Highly recommend that one, slash's book, joe perry of aerosmith's book, and the dirt by Motley Crue.
  17. It amazes me how people can forget elementary school grammar, like I before E except after C
  18. So I was planning a trip with my family to go to baltimore to see the O's play, and I asked my mother about her memories back in the day (parents were season ticket holders from 1995-1998), and just the rush of her nostalgia compelled me to ask about your memories from the ballpark that changed baseball.
  19. Drivers who go 45 in a 55, then flip you off and act like you're the problem, then speed up so you can't get past them.
  20. I like MW quite a bit, (his jersey is the only one I own when it comes to the orioles), but seeing him walk wouldn't bug me that much. I think if Joseph keeps going down the path he's headed on hitting and defensively, he'll be better than MW at his peak.
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