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  1. It's going to be me and my brother. Boom. Unexpected and didn't see it coming. You all got it wrong. Haha!
  2. They just hired Mike Matheny to manage them. My dad has more merit to manage a team than that guy does
  3. I’ll be upfront. I can’t stand the Nats and how half of their fans are casual fans who used to be O’s fans because DC is more convenient to get to or because they’re DC natives who think Baltimore is spooky but avoid east DC and Rockville like the plague, failing to realize the irony in that sentiment. I don’t like how this team hurts the orioles money wise and how that will continue because those DC fans are long gone and will never return. It sucks how the orioles don’t advertise in the Norfolk area where the AAA team is because more people identify with DC sports here and rather than trying to convert them, they do squat and don’t make any effort at it. This WS outcome is the worst possible outcome for the O’s MASN and ticket wise. Nats will own the region and a lot of the newer fans who are kids because they have a WS title in their lifetime versus the team that made it when Walkman’s were a thing and Reagan was in the Whitehouse. This next orioles core will be effected $ wise by this unless the Nats fall apart and have to rebuild when this core hits its stride and we get more MASN $.
  4. Of course the Nats would win one before the orioles in my lifetime. This sucks
  5. McKenna and Diaz spend all of 2020 in Norfolk. Mountcastle and Akin stay at least until the O's get an extra year. Hays should break with the team. Mountcastle I think shuffles between DH and 1B with Mancini because we have LF options in Stewart and Santander, and RF will probably be one of those two to start out the year. This thinking comes with me also thinking that Mancini or Nunez will most likely be traded. BP wise and SP wise outside of Akin, everyone from bowie in 2019 is probably going to sit there and develop unless they blow the door down. There's no reason to rush anyone up. We'll have some depth signed, but that's kinda it.
  6. Apparently the Orioles are rebuilding and modernizing the faciities in the DR and in latin America in general
  7. Pretty happy overall. Gonna be fun to see what we do when NE comes into town for SNF in 2 weeks
  8. Defense didn't look to bad, giving up 10 points. Had a few bonehead penalties at the end of the game (That last drive from the Bengals was BRUTAL by the Ravens) Special teams was fine outside of the opening kickoff. Offense needs to stall less in the red zone, and I think Brown being out had something to do with that. Tried to get to cute and overthought things.
  9. Would be cheaper for the club for his last 3 years, assuming this year is a benchmark on what would we should expect from Trey offensively and defensively if they leave him at 1B; then we'd be keeping him for most likely under market value for the remaining years of the deal if we consider the market for 1st base bats who hit FA around the time Mancini is expected to hit FA in 2023.
  10. Ravens need to clean up and not be as sloppy with all the penalty flags. Lamar looked off and the defense wasn't completely awful. RIP Tony Jefferson. Onto the Bungles next sunday
  11. Problem is that Atlanta and LA have no need for Villar. Strengh of system plays a big part in who we trade where due to the prospects we'd get back. If the Red sox say no to their 3 or 4 actual prospects, then no trade probably happens. Hence why Trey, Givens and Villar were kept at the deadline.
  12. I think if Villar gets traded, Martin is the starting SS for the Orioles next year barring the Orioles getting someone back that could replaces Villar and Martin. Villar I think could go to the Nationals in a trade depending on whether Rendon stays. If Rendon stays, Kieboom will most likely go to 2B, if not then Kieboom profiles well at 3B. Boston could be as well because who knows if Pedrioa will ever come back, and Villar is a cheap bat and fills a hole at 2B. What we'd get back for them, probably not a whole lot since their systems are weak and their really the only teams off the top of my head that could use 2B help. Probably depends on how desperate each team is to compete still, considering Boston's expiring window and no idea whether Mookie betts will stay after this coming season.
  13. Brady being gone helps things and gets rid of the dysfunction that plagued this organization during the last window. To piggy on what Tony is saying, I think next year's team will be this year's Texas Rangers. Lot of offense and some good defense, 1 good starter and the rest kind of sucks.
  14. Drunk you and me in wheelchairs could have done better jobs than these guys.
  15. $16 million in dead cap from Flacco that we're on the hook for. That goes way of the dodo come next year.
  16. Because Lamar looked like Joe Flacco because all he did was throw to the TE’s and Brown a few times. They couldn’t stop the run, but we didn’t put points on the board either and make our offense more dynamic. Defense deserves all the blame for this one.
  17. Tony Jefferson and Brandon Carr were getting torched all game. Tyus bowser and the linebacking core suck. Earl Thomas has been a ghost. Offense only aired it out come garbage time. They needed to do that ALL DAY but didn't.
  18. I'd be interested to see Sedlock and Diaz there, or give McKenna more AB's.
  19. He has shown the hit and defensive tools. I think what people here want to see more of is power numbers and walks increasing. If his numbers stay the same, he's basically a Trea Turner type of player who can hit well and is a table setter, but doesn't take a ton of walks and hit a lot of HR's. It's a good skill set to have, but can be improved if the power numbers and walks go up
  20. So does this mean it's over for good, Or does this whole legal war resume once the 2017-2021 get disputed over? Does this also set a precident that the Nats are to be paid X amount with every time both teams are competitive? Would the Nats get more money if the Orioles suck like they currently do?
  21. I doubt the rumors have any weight. The orioles are bad, so attendance is low. The crowds do show up when the team is good. No city is trying to woo the orioles, and outside of Montreal; every new spot either just built a AAA park (meaning no public funds) or have a smaller market compared to Baltimore
  22. Probably. A lot of teams who are competing like boston have thin farm systems too, so that might explain the lack of movement.
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