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  1. Having him at 2B and Bannon at 3B in 2 years with one of Hall or Greiener at SS with Mountcastle at 1B is interesting. Depending on the pitching and if the offense works at the ML level, the O’s could be looking at a resurgence sooner than later
  2. Mainly people who want to be gloomy about the Orioles without doing their HW.
  3. Gluttony for punishment. In all seriousness though, wouldn't be a real fan if I didn't watch as much as I could.
  4. Roberts' arm was the problem there? Does Hall have the same/similar issue?
  5. Clancy is dead. His ex wife would be even more rich
  6. Sucks. Really wanted them to move him to 2B due to the amount of guys we have at 1B.
  7. Guess whose back? Back again Kermer's Back Tell a friend
  8. I did. I was running out the door and typed that wrong. I meant I give you this
  9. I counter you with this. https://blockislandbaseball.weebly.com/blog---where-the-magic-happens/analytical-terms-and-stats-what-do-they-mean Buddy who I did the podcast with is now doing a blog on baseball because he wants to write about the game now. He's a dreaded Yankees fan from NJ, but he's not one of THOSE yankee fans.
  10. NP. BABIP is a stat i'm still trying to figure out what's normal and what isn't, hence why i didn't point it out
  11. I'm pretty happy he's rebounding. Idk if it's going to last. He's getting insanely lucky on leaving runners on base at almost a 95% clip, plus the 4.33 FIP worries me a bit. https://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=sa874042&position=P
  12. Want to see proof of this. Also, praying Kevin Plank or Bischotti come into the O's picture ownership wise if the Angelos' aren't allowed to keep the team.
  13. Rustchman is clearly the best pick, and I really don't think anyone will really complain if we get him.
  14. Canes are using new hockey analytics. They're the early 2000's A's of the hockey world.
  15. He took Sizzle's record in college. Looks like an interesting pick.
  16. I'm happy with the pick. Love the hands and speed.
  17. If Sedlock keeps shutting down Frederick and goes to Bowie and does well, is he a top prospect again? I know it's april and mostly hypothetical, but it would be nice to see.
  18. Nice. Glad he's doing well and might not be another "Failed O's pitching prospect."
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