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  1. I did. I was running out the door and typed that wrong. I meant I give you this
  2. I counter you with this. https://blockislandbaseball.weebly.com/blog---where-the-magic-happens/analytical-terms-and-stats-what-do-they-mean Buddy who I did the podcast with is now doing a blog on baseball because he wants to write about the game now. He's a dreaded Yankees fan from NJ, but he's not one of THOSE yankee fans.
  3. NP. BABIP is a stat i'm still trying to figure out what's normal and what isn't, hence why i didn't point it out
  4. I'm pretty happy he's rebounding. Idk if it's going to last. He's getting insanely lucky on leaving runners on base at almost a 95% clip, plus the 4.33 FIP worries me a bit. https://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=sa874042&position=P
  5. Want to see proof of this. Also, praying Kevin Plank or Bischotti come into the O's picture ownership wise if the Angelos' aren't allowed to keep the team.
  6. Rustchman is clearly the best pick, and I really don't think anyone will really complain if we get him.
  7. Canes are using new hockey analytics. They're the early 2000's A's of the hockey world.
  8. He took Sizzle's record in college. Looks like an interesting pick.
  9. I'm happy with the pick. Love the hands and speed.
  10. If Sedlock keeps shutting down Frederick and goes to Bowie and does well, is he a top prospect again? I know it's april and mostly hypothetical, but it would be nice to see.
  11. Nice. Glad he's doing well and might not be another "Failed O's pitching prospect."
  12. Would be nice if a guy like Wynns stuck around and was a good backup so that way Rutschman can not be run into the ground like Wieters was.
  13. Stewart has looked good in Norfolk. Mountcastle is heating up. Was at the home opener, wind robbed him of a couple hits so far.
  14. McKenna, Bannon and Diaz go yard. 5-3 Bowie in a tight one
  15. Considering who they have on the roster in Seattle, a total rebuild didn't make sense either. Hence why they did what they did. Same thing in Milwaukee, they had talent on the roster, just had to make trades, draft well and have some INT signings pan out so they could add around it. Milwaukee also didn't tank, but from 2012 to 2017 there were either mediocre or just flat out bad, giving them time to rebuild the farm. Hence why the Brewers are so dangerous even though ATM their pitching is vastly overperforming and their INF bats have yet to get going.
  16. I don't keep cash on me and my credit/debit cards in my socks unless I know I have to go buy something. What are you gonna do with my AAA card, Drivers liscense and insurance card?
  17. You sound like me, but I came to this conclusion last year around mid may. That and I acknowledge that the drafting hasn't been that great too.
  18. Well this thread is going off the rails quick. Let's all be glad Kakes wasn't home when he got robbed and leave it at that.
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