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  1. Jim and Gary making fun of the writers. Love it.
  2. Hope they do a shirt or something with "THE ORIOLES ARE IN THE WIN COLUM" in the future.
  3. Nelson Cruz was a DH and didn't have to play defense in Seattle.
  4. My manager is from Harper's Ferry, WV sounds like a banjo. You have a bit of a twang, but it's not as bad.
  5. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/gamefeed?game_pk=564930&game_date=2019-4-4 Posted earlier in the thread
  6. They were, but we're also extending Villar when he's younger. Plus he wouldn't be kept for all the money. Like 8-11 million a year for 3 years I think would be fair. Plus he'll be a valuable asset during the rebuild because he can play 2B and SS, or you can trade him. All you'd be doing is buying out a FA year in this scenario hypothetically
  7. Roberts was the same age as Hardy when he signed his extension.
  8. Ones who are entering their prime, yes. Villar is 28. Hardy was 31.
  9. I haven't gotten anything, but then again I've gone to stupid lengths to protect my stuff. So, idk.
  10. Reddit's baseball subthread. Mine shows every major sport in the US, you can get the home or away broadcast, totally free too.
  11. Oh, I thought you meant for video. That's how I stream the O's home broadcast at work or when I'm driving around.
  12. Can the O's be smart and extend Villar? Wouldn't mind keeping him around.
  13. Is it the same streaming site that r/baseball promotes?
  14. I just use the streaming site on Reddit. http://www.sportshd.me/
  15. They're kinda different. OH is a message board with a ton of diverse content either due to staff or posters. Camden chat is mostly articles.
  16. It's the same as Camden Chat. Tbh, I could look later on after the game.
  17. He can barely pitch one. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?player_id=642226#/career/R/pitching/2019/ALL
  18. Dude has been brutal in Norfolk. Hopefully it's a just in case.
  19. Kieboom will be in AAA this year and the organization hasn't been afraid to challenge him as he's developed. It's a real possibility that the Nats could call him up if Trey Tuner is still out versus spending resources to acquire outside help. The thing with the Nats' system is that it's really top heavy no matter where you go. After Will Crowe, it's a ton of lotto tickets. Think guys like Encarnacion in our system level of lotto tickets. Their 7th best prospect is out with Tommy John at 18. So we'd be getting "top prospects" In concept, but in reality we'd be getting lotto tickets with high upside. Same thing with the Indians to an extent. Outside of Sam Hentegs, we'd be getting either guys in rookie ball or in A ball. There's upside, yes. But they're very young and very raw and do you think the Indians would go for it in a hypothetical trade for Villar? It'll be interesting to see where everyone is at come July 31st, and Villar is a great asset. But do you go for upside in top heavy systems or do you go for more projectable "blue chip" guys in said top heavy guys
  20. Indians have Wu Chang if Lindor is out long term. Nats have Carter Keiboom. So it'll be a wait and see on that, but I could see us dealing Villar to DC if Dozier stinks.
  21. Guess we'll have to wait and find out. My pick is someone on the bench who has options. OF is crowded in Norfolk, so it's going to be an INFer or Means.
  22. We did a minisode about the opener concept and then did our picks for the rest of the divisions for the 2019 season. Our NL East preview is posted above. Tell me what you guys think.
  23. Lmao. That was kinda funny. I look over, you're jumping around and then you winced.
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