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  1. Amazing we could finish 4th after leading the division for months. Not sure anyone thought the division was a lock, but 4th!
  2. This is a very painful way to end an otherwise decent season. We have some major flaws but this is utter capitulation.
  3. We're just not good enough to get over the hump. I love the O's, but it's sad we are so close to being great.
  4. For one of the most meaningful games (and series) this season, we look apathetic as hell at the plate. They looking forward to the day off or something?
  5. Crushed that pitch. Awesome finish!
  6. Very important to win these series at home against teams like the Angels. Offense so often has to dig us out of a major hole. Sad our team is SO lacking in starting pitching, wish we could just write a check to catch up to everyone else as we can't afford to let any valuable assets leave.
  7. Wilson just isn't ready to pitch at the MLB level and when you're as thin as we are you have to make do. Fortunately we still have the lead and you can never give up on the O's. We are more than capable of scoring (and giving up runs) at any time.
  8. The Rhino tying things up, awesome.
  9. Good point, hopefully Tilly figures it out soon. This is an important game!
  10. 4 outs and 4 runs earned. Nice.
  11. Couldn't enjoy the lead for 1 inning.
  12. Let Chris Davis pitch, I still remember that extra inning game in Boston when he got the W.
  13. Pretty terrible AB by Trumbo. Strike 3 was 2 feet outside with no movement.
  14. Fun times! Sometimes it's nice to get the pain over with and move on. If that knuckleballer wasn't on the mound I might consider continuing to watch.
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