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  1. Buck's obsession with time to the plate was why Arrieta was so bad with the Orioles. Buck and his pitching coaches would constantly harp on Arrieta about being faster to the plate and it turned Arrieta into a basket case especially with runners on base. They should have just let Arrieta be in his comfort zone and do his thing.
  2. It's honestly shocking how Armstrong has stayed on this roster all the way to late May. He's been a complete trainwreck this year.
  3. With Santander back from the DL, I wonder if the Orioles will consider sending down Mountcastle. He's completely lost at the plate right now and the outfield is set for the time being with Mullins, Hays, and Santander. And even though he hasn't been great so far this season, I would say Stewart's a better option at DH with his ability to work the count and draw walks.
  4. The announcers are one of the few bright spots in this organization. I really like all of our announcers except Garceau.
  5. I would much rather have a Jeff Mathis or Caleb Joseph type catcher who can't hit a lick but excels at all levels of catching defense (Pitch framing, handling a pitching staff, blocking balls in the dirt, throwing out runners) than catchers with "better bats" but major issues defensively like Sisco and Severino.
  6. Okay, maybe not sniff the big leagues is a little harsh. Sisco would have gotten opportunities due to his minor league production. I just don't see teams like the Dodgers and Rays and other top clubs putting up with his terrible defense and mediocre bat for very long.
  7. Sisco is an incredible baseball player compared to the average human being. He's also a terrible Major League catcher who would have never sniffed the big leagues for most MLB clubs.
  8. It's been three years and Hyde is still piss poor at managing the bullpen.
  9. Why is Hyde pitching Scott in a five run game in the ninth?
  10. Chance Sisco is a zero-tool player. Can't hit for average or power, defend, throw, or run.
  11. Every time I watch Tate pitch, it seems like he has no idea where the ball is going half the time.
  12. Can anybody explain to me why this team didn't try to re-sign Alberto after non-tendering him? He was out in the open market for two months and only got $1.65 million from the Royals. They could have had him instead of trotting out Ruiz every day who's absolutely awful.
  13. Camden Yards is a bandbox. There's no excuse for a team not being able to hit homeruns in this ballpark. This team doesn't have any power period.
  14. Orioles should have Brown call all of the games on TV for the rest of the year and kick Garceau to the curb.
  15. Since Angelos and his family bought the Orioles in October 1993, the Orioles have the fourth worst winning percentage in all of baseball ahead of only the Tigers, Pirates, and Royals. I'll take my chances with new ownership.
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