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  1. Since Angelos and his family bought the Orioles in October 1993, the Orioles have the fourth worst winning percentage in all of baseball ahead of only the Tigers, Pirates, and Royals. I'll take my chances with new ownership.
  2. Don't the Orioles owe the Nationals $99 million based on the results of the MASN lawsuit? Maybe they're trying to pocket as much money as possible in order to make those payments in the future.
  3. Because Nunez isn't that good. He's a guy without a defensive position who's been a .250ish hitter with a sub .320 OBP with the Orioles. The only thing he offers is pop but you can find a lot of guys who can hit HRs at Camden Yards. Nunez has also been worth 2.0 WAR in 255 games with the Orioles, basically a 1 WAR/season guy.
  4. The answer's pretty easy and simple to me. Mountcastle, Hays, and Santander should be the everyday OF with Stewart at DH and Mancini at 1B, Mullins should be the fourth outfielder and Nunez non-tendered after the season. Diaz and McKenna haven't had a single plate appearance in AAA so really they shouldn't even factor into the equation until late 2021 anyway. Let them play a full season at AAA. Roster crunch really shouldn't be an issue until 2022 at the earliest. Things can change a lot from now until then.
  5. Severino is a terrible defensive catcher Sisco should be behind the plate every day and Severino should be the every day DH.
  6. I'm surprised they took Britton out. He only threw nine pitches the previous inning and hasn't appeared in a game in three days. Why not send him out for a second inning of work and save Chapman?
  7. It's nice seeing a young pitcher not afraid of the Yankees lineup for once.
  8. Dylan Bundy and his 2.48 ERA and 0.91 WHIP in Anaheim agrees.
  9. It's been three innings and nobody has created a thread yet so I might as well start one. Kremer's settled down after a shaky first. Unfortunately, the O's hitters are making Jordan Montgomery look like Jacob deGrom out there. Hopefully, they can get going.
  10. Why the hell isn't Mullins playing every single day over Mason Williams?
  11. Is it just me or are home plate umpires the worst they've ever been? They're literally making incorrect calls dozens of times a game.
  12. I can't believe Hyde is leaving Castro in the game. Seriously, Castro has zero command of his pitches right now. Does Hyde not recognize this?
  13. Wasn't this team just swept by the Marlins AAA squad three days ago?
  14. Hyde has the anti-Midas touch.
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