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  1. Wasn't this team just swept by the Marlins AAA squad three days ago?
  2. Hyde has the anti-Midas touch.
  3. Elias is being screwed over by the cheapness of the Angelos sons. They need to sell the the team.
  4. Okay, now I’m pissed. I gave the Orioles the benefit of the doubt with the Hierstad pick by assuming that they’ll pick an overslot high school player later in the first round. That turned out to be a bunch of baloney. This is Orioles ownership being cheap period. I’m starting to believe the Angelos sons are worse than Peter. At least PA ponied up money to sign draft picks like Wieters.
  5. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/catcher-is-baseballs-most-endangered-position/
  6. It was a very peculiar decision not to start Diaz at AAA last year. He already had played 128 games in AA and was coming off a season with a very good line of .285/.392/.449 at AA. He did struggle after he was traded to the Orioles but not so much so that it warranted him repeating the level.
  7. No because Mancini's approach at the plate and plate discipline improved at every level as he advanced through the minors. In his last full season in the minors, Mancini actually had a respectable 9.5 BB%. I bet Mountcastle's walk to strikeout ratio would resemble rookie year Jonathan Schoop if he played an entire season next year in the majors.
  8. I'm looking at the stats for Javier and Newton and both of those guys put up a sub .300 OBP in low A-ball in last year. What am I missing?
  9. The Red Sox and Yankees are two big market teams who have heavily relied on free agent veteran pitching throughout the years. Also, left center field is absolutely enormous in Yankee Stadium. It's 400 feet from home plate. That makes it a lot easier for good left-handed pitchers to suppress homeruns. For example, Andy Pettite never allowed more than 21 HRs in a season for the Yankees. For comparison's sake, it's 364 feet to left center and 373 feet to right center in Camden Yards. That's a huge difference and really gives pitchers no room for error when they make a mistake.
  10. I look forward to 120 pitch outings from Shohei Ohtani a year after coming off Tommy John surgery.
  11. This is going to be another long extra inning game, isn''t it?
  12. I know people like to point out the positives about the Orioles this season but it's disappointing that there appears to be only four viable ML pitchers that pitched for the Orioles this season. Those pitchers are Means, Bundy, Wojo, and Hunter Harvey. Add in the struggles of the Norfolk pitchers and I have a hard time seeing this team being contenders before 2022. And that's assuming everything breaks right.
  13. What the hell was the Red Sox baserunner thinking? His butt should have been glued to first base with a three-run deficit. Getting picked off in that situation is inexcusable.
  14. The only criticism I have with Rajsich is his selection of position players in the early rounds. But he still was able to nab Mountcastle and Hays along with Christian Walker who's had a nice year in Arizona in the early rounds. The guy was a really good scouting director. I'm surprised Elias didn't bring him back.
  15. The Blue Jays are ranked second on that list and their current pitching is terrible too.
  16. Why would Maddon want to come here? And even if he was interested in the Orioles, I doubt he would be willing to undercut his former protege to get the job.
  17. At this point, the Orioles should release every reliever that appeared in an Orioles game this season except for Hunter Harvey. Just put a blowtorch on it and let everything burn. Get rid of them all.
  18. Not just Castro. Every arbitration eligible reliever on this team should be non-tendered next year.
  19. Man, this entire bullpen consists of nothing but gutless losers.
  20. Play like a laughing stock for Emerson Hancock!
  21. It was a regional game. Most of the country ended up getting the Braves/Phillies game on Fox.
  22. Isn't it a good thing for our young players like Diaz and McKenna to go up against good major league pitching in a meaningful game environment? I would much rather see them go up against the likes of Montgomery, Betances, and Severino than some 25 year old organizational guys who will likely only get a cup of coffee in the big leagues at best.
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