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  1. Wikipedia The album contains Beck's version of the song "Superstition" which was written by Stevie Wonder. Beck had appeared on Wonder's original recording of
  2. Last 15 games hitting .290.
  3. Maybe they can option relish down and bring up chili
  4. Mullins is number 3 in OAA with a 97% success rate.
  5. I look at the comments and think, these were the same people, making the same comments about Yaz. I think Yaz laughs at us now. Maybe Mullins needs to go somewhere that will open him up instead of folks expecting something great from someone because of where they were drafted. Because Hays has definitely not proven anything over Mullins. Last years, one month sample size meant nothing for Hays.
  6. Wilkerson DFA. Kind of lines up with they didnt want to let Mullins get into his own head over they liked wilkerson more than Mullins. If they were down on Mullins it didnt make sense to send him to a hitting school during the off season.
  7. What's the story on the Orioles sending Mullins to a hitting school in california?
  8. Still my guy. In the future we may have a Yaz moment with this kid because of the push for other outfielders.
  9. SSS but hitting .476 on the right with a HR and a 3b. Looks like swing is coming around as expected. Going to be a proud moment to be one of the fans that believed in the kid when he proves others wrong.
  10. Well a actually I was thinking because of his draft position and his size. Oops.
  11. Well actually I was thinking because of his draft position and his size.
  12. Amazing how short of a leash some posters are willing to give some of these players but players that have been here for years and not proven themselves they are willing to give opportunity after opportunity. Not even a full season yet for Mullins. When Hays was up in 17 he needed time according to these same posters that want to yank Mullins now. You may want to ask yourselves why that is.
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