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  1. I agree with both of the above. I wasn't knocking their progress, but as you say and as I said, it's hard to make "great" strides in 60 games. They are better for having played and having given the up and comers a bit of a taste of the bigs. I'm more enthusiastic about next year than I was at the start of this year, given what I've seen this year.
  2. Ultimately, while I enjoyed watching baseball and the O's, I don't think they made any great strides. I like that we traded guys that belong on an MLB team, so that we can maybe give a roster spot to someone that MIGHT belong on a MLB team so that we can evaluate them. I think we got good return. Remains to be seen, tho. As fun as it was to think, "What if this is the turning point season?" Not so much, after all, but I'm still excited about the future.
  3. I predicted 21 wins at the beginning, it would be hard for them to not reach that mark. So I'm looking at what we've seen as being successful. 8 or 9 more wins would be significantly better than many of us thought possible. Yet, the question has to be asked if this success would equate to a full season next year. I'd have to initially lean toward us doing a little worse statistically just because of the duration of the regular season. Who knows, tho. It's been fun to watch.
  4. Being that it is something that's hardly employed anymore and that it's being done well when done, it's a tough play for a fielder. It's not an easy hit to field when it's coming off the bat at 40mph, I think someone said. Keep doing it until the defenses respond. I love a good bunt!
  5. Do any of the players we got in return figure in on being pieces to a contenting team, or are we still pretty far out on that? I like that we are moving players not likely to be around when we contend for players that seem pretty high on other clubs' prospect list. I agree with Drungo, I like this kind of trading a lot better than the giving of talent for a momentary role filler for a run as we did a few years ago.
  6. Papi couldn't stand getting pitched inside. Funniest thing about that clip is the announcer saying, "There's that upper cut that just missed." lmao. Baseball fights are the worst. Most punches miss by a country mile. Papi's was no different, nor was Gregg's initial right cross that missed by about 5 feet. Just a bit outside... Joey Batts........ ugh. Just a first rate douche. The perfectly groomed beard pissed me off nearly as much as his constant baiting.
  7. ...the reason I washed out after Little League... always out in front of a giant breaker. What might have been.
  8. Back in the day....... Thurmon Munson. Today, Manny Machado. I'm still salty about having to part with him. Love to watch him play. Will not enjoy watching him play us.
  9. I think that's what most people would expect. We have some attractive players and if they bring the return ME and his staff thinks helps in the long run, the deal gets done. From the beginning, the two players at the top of that list seem obvious in Cobb and Givens... but it will be interesting to see about some others. Still, it could be a slow trade season overall with the lack of real auditioning that a shortened season dictates.
  10. I completely agree with this. We've had some bad road with getting return on investment when we knew we were done over the past few years. We've had injuries at inopportune times, veteran players playing from the grave as opposed to up a tree at the trade deadline, and an ownership/ management that was reticent to consider players like Givens for trade after a quick start when his useful life with this club was still two or more years on; and where acting quickly on a hot commodity like him 3-4 years ago might have netted some decent prospects. Hindsight is always clearer than in the moment, of course, but regardless of who was in charge, someone should have seen players like Givens clicking at a time when the whole organization was trending down hard as a piece to trade quickly to gain desirable prospects. Are there any guys like that now? This season is too short with too small a work sample for a name to get hot to benefit from a big trade. I don't see anything but salary dumps and maybe getting lucky on a deep player in return. Not real likely tho, imo.
  11. Howard Stern used to say that his first wife suffered from Condamdisplasia of the Knee... prevented her from kneeling, lol. I wonder if this is a similar injury
  12. From the look of him, his muscle memory seems to respond well to repetitive activities with weights, yet it doesn't seem to translate with a bat.
  13. Luckily, Chris Davis will be taking on the Terry Crowley role... That should get us back on track.
  14. Thanks for the update. I've been wondering about his progress. I'm glad to know he has people who are with him and care about him during this. Cancer is scary... as most of us know.
  15. Does he employ his mastery of colorful language? I'm just imagining how play calling and color work would go with him f-bombing this and that with the s-word and other traditional favorites judiciously peppered in. LOL
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