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  1. I'd imagine that Ingram gets a shot. If he's mostly ready, you have to see what he has. If he falters, Gus is waiting in the wings. I'm satisfied with that scenario. I don't see many routes to a Titan win other than turnovers. If we turn the ball over, this could get dicey. The DEF needs to get off the field on 3rd downs also. Waiting til 8pm blows. The Bank is going to be foaming at the mouth by then!
  2. Bischotti is smart. You let guys interview, but you then offer them the Asst. HC position with a generous pay bump to keep them. They need to keep this thing together. I think they realize this. I wonder how hard they go after Tyrod Taylor to replace RG3........ to start another discussion.
  3. ...what would be interesting is to sell the dynasty angle to these young guys and get a couple of key players extended before they reach their FA year. Stanley would be the key for me. Maybe next year... The FA market is sooooo ridiculously over valued that extending guys before they get there makes more sense if players are interested in staying with a successful team. Great pay on a contending team has to be more enticing to a competitive player than a slightly bigger payday on a stinker... at least I'd hope that to be the case.
  4. I think Jimmy is gone after this year. I think Carr is more likely to remain, frankly. He won't be expected to do the same number of snaps with Young returning and will come far cheaper than Smith. If Smith returns it's late if he doesn't get signed earlier by one of the aforementioned training-camp champs or a Pats-type club that sign guys just after that period. If we are still in the market then, that's when I'd go after him. But I think he signs a decent deal before we get the chance at a bargain basement price. I also love that this Peters deal pays him while we have young guys on their freshmen deals. In the 3rd year, Andrews and Llamar both are up for their first FA contracts. If things progress the way they are, keeping those two together is going to be a monumental task. Not to mention both Stanley and Orlando Brown coming due in this same window.
  5. I might be in the minority, but I think Roman sticks here. Cleveland is a mess. Roman can't fix that, altho I do think he could make the situation with Mayfield, with the two WR's and the two RB's they have work. I just think he takes a job where he is helping to build it more than manage what they have. Plus, the owner, Haslam, is too unpredictable to see a partial rebuild thru. Plus, plus, I think Haslam sees the Brownies as a "window open" kind of team rather than the undisciplined bunch of prima-donna, crybabies that they are, for the most part.
  6. I have to admit, I love the discussions in the cooling to cold stove part of the year. MLB Network should have a Cold Stove show too. Pass on Tilly. Throw a flier on a younger guy with no injuries.
  7. I voted for this season, 2019; but 2000 sure was incredible. Soon after the Dilf entered the picture in 2000, that season was just magical. Beating the Titans at Adelphia in November was the turning point and maybe the best game of football, I've ever seen. I remember thinking when we came from behind to beat the Jags with Tony Banks early in the season that we finally had a team. And then when we beat them again in their house, sweeping the one team that always had our number, I knew something was up. Those three straight losses in October were hard and we were circling the drain, but Dilfer stopped the flush and with that MOST awesome DEF, took us to the promised land. This season has been a whole different type of feeling for me. I still worry about losing, but the OFF is so excellent and exciting to watch, it's hard NOT to be confident that they will pull out a win. I've never felt that way about our team. I've always sort of waited for the other shoe to drop. But not this year. They control the clock so well! That really is the key to football, even more nowadays. By limiting the chances of other really good OFF's, we just take over. The DEF is rested and ready to attack almost every time on the field. Simply amazing what we are seeing this year. Plus, there's great chemistry on the team. So many young guys contributing, Ricard playing on every unit... it's just fun to watch them having so much fun. edit.... Merry Christmas, and Happy Festivus!
  8. You need to be the winner or very competitive in your own division first. I think they saw the Division as weak, so this is why the Brownies went out and spent a lot this year on FA and trade They were successful early, but when adversity hit them and the Divas started barking. That said, I'm worried about this game too. But I think that's more of a lingering Joe Flacco (who I LOVE, just not as our QB) era fear than reality, yet I still worry. When the Brownies put it together, they are pretty good- - - actually really good. Still, I think they continue to mostly implode. There's really no incentive other than beating the best team in the league and they have proven that they like to argue with coaches and each other more than really play. They aren't playing for anything and I don't think the coaching staff has the locker room enough to promote it as a "...we are going to BEAT this team AGAIN to show we are for real............ for next year." I worry more about cheap shots and injuries from those losers than I do about them really beating us. We can take a loss and still be in command, but I think we win it.
  9. An adventure, indeed. Had a friend who was going to do long distance travel for a year to China and back, but a couple months into it decided it was worth bringing the whole family with him. That was three years ago.
  10. I'll admit, I'm shocked that AJ would go this route. I said as much when he wasn't getting any nibbles in FA last year. CoC unequivocally stated he would play in Korea if not given a contract in MLB, I disagreed. I don't agree with CoC often, but when I do... I don't still... hahahhaa. I guess AJ likes both playing and a paycheck. And why not, I guess. Shocked that he would leave the family, but maybe he takes them with him for the season. That was the wrinkle I couldn't fathom.
  11. I'd be much happier looking at her on the field than CD too.
  12. ...but the point here is there are guys who are coming up on all teams and available veterans (like Villar) that might deliver those kinds of WAR numbers where the team wouldn't have to pay 10 Million/yr for the numbers. He's priced out of the market at that amount. Ryan Flaherty is available... I jest, yet, as much as I like Jonathan the only guy paying him the calibrated paycheck is Peter Angelos of old because, "...well, the fans seem to like him and he may get some asses in the seats." Thank god those days are over! At least I hope.
  13. ...but it's why he was expendable, is my point. He was the most expensive of the modest rotation they had going. So they traded for a guy to deliver more at a higher price point while off-loading their most expensive player in their rotation. It's simple math.
  14. ...but this is assuming a team values him at the 10M price tag... Clearly they don't as he still hasn't signed as a FA. I get what you're saying and I agree, generally. But Jonathan, as much as we all liked him on our lackluster team, is not a highly sought after guy. Teams are looking to fill his role with guys they are developing or at a cheaper price point. This is why Milwaukee sent us him and not one of the other two guys they had in the rotation when they were trying to find their infield before trading for Schoop.
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