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  1. Personally, I don't really think a jury could be seated on whether Elias has addressed pitching development or not yet. We clearly have some guys who might, but they haven't been tested. I agree it was a total weak point for two or three decades. But I'm certainly not ready to say this is a 10 year multiple GM rebuild we are in either. That seems an excessive assessment. We're not even into May and have only had a handful of games that were out of reach. If we play at .475 or higher for a full season after last year, I feel like that is a great success and would expect a more competitive team in the next 2-3 years under the same GM. Pitching development is an area of required proficiency, but I just don't think there's enough evidence from the changes that have been made to even measure their effectiveness at this point. Perhaps with all of the other changes, we are developing capital to acquire arms while building the foundation to a long-term pipeline of arms a few years down the road???
  2. I like Scott Garceau talking sports. I don't like him calling sports. He's good at banter, but when banter extends through 2-3-4 pitches with just a note as to the pitch call while the banter continues, that's something I don't like. It often has nothing to do with the either the batter or pitcher either. Like Jim Palmer talking about a guy who he was pitching against in 1947 in Jr High League... I love it when the announcers are having fun, but it's about the call of the game first and then the ability to color it with the stories or jokes or whatever. These guys have it backwards. I'm going to give the radio call a try.
  3. I'm going in with 71-75 wins. I'll take 74 specifically. That is a .460 clip and an improvement over last year. Hope springs eternal!
  4. I've wondered for years with all of the WBAL2's and WJZ2 why they don't simulcast RSN's to those channels and just totally bypass the cable/dish companies. Would suck for out of town fans, but that's gotta be a tiny part (not unworthy) of the fan base. Dish was great when we had it, but they really pissed me off when they would refuse to pay carriage rates and then have to drop them until they got a new deal inked. Plus, I don't think they ever learned that UM transferred to the Big10 because the Terp games were always blocked on Big10 Network even when not on locally. Called and called and all they said was they had rules to follow. When we moved, I went to Verizon and now Comcast. We'll continue to do the two year rotation between the two forever now because they don't try to keep you by giving the same rates, they just up you to normal rates which are usually $100 more per month. But I digress. Weren't they supposed to have they app up by now anyway? I would think also that even the most basic tv on either Comcast or Verizon would carry it, definitely with a sports pack...
  5. A shame it wasn't his oblique! He coulda been lost for the season...
  6. Leave it to Stan the Fan... lol. Wondering which CD will be handling more this year... bat or the clubhouse broom.
  7. So now he's arriving at practice in a Mercedes instead of his BMW?! ...wait... ...wait... Nope, that would be a discernible change. I'm still trying to figure it out.
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one to see this! His ego and vanity precedes him. It's a terrible combination for a coach. In the line of Lefty and Gary, this guy is a hump. And the truth that he is among the highest paid state employees is utterly galling. Especially to this20 year veteran 3rd grade teacher. I cringe when commentators ask him for his thoughts on the game they lost. There's never any humility or magnanimity in his explanation. It's, "We came in here with a good game plan, the players knew how to achieve a win, and the guys just didn't quite get it done. THEY had opportunities, but mental errors caught up with them." That's just sad. And he's obviously shameless, because it's his goto response. I'm going to share a betting line with you all. Under Turd, bet on them as they approach the top 25. Use care when they creep closer to the top 20, bet for but watch it. Once they get inside the top 20, bet against despite being favored. Go back and look! It's a pattern. Get inside the top 20 and collapse. God that felt good to get off my chest. The only thing that would make this worse is for them to still be in the ACC and me REALLY care. .........I always really care...... a little hyperbole.
  9. We are definitely in "Turgetory." That's a great term! Tee shirt worthy! When he's interviewed he's all about the great kids in the program. But when they don't win it's about selfish players who can't implement what they do in practice. That's not a good coach. Getting the best talent to sign here and having it not lead anywhere? They are are a marginal team under a marginal coach. I hate watching them. "Coach Turd."
  10. Hopefully, this is one of those times the Onion turns out to be right. Anyone remember the story about Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was Governor of Caulifornia seeking funding to destroy the Moon. LOL!
  11. Whatever the future looks like in drafting and acquiring players internationally, I believe the idea/ practice described above is essential to our long term sustainability as year in and year out competitors. Excellent posts! We have to be willing not to keep every star we might create. There's sometimes value in dealing; early better than late or not at all.
  12. State media would never allow such a throuple, but if they pair Garceau with Jeremy Conn and "Dundalk" Jason LaCanfora like old Thursdays on The Fan, I'm in! Comedy hour! They could do pre, post, and the game broadcast- - - that would be a SHOW. "Dundalk" doesn't even have to talk baseball. He can just do color and tweet random Ravens info. Throw Ken Weinman in too. He could be the play-by-play.
  13. I know Tom Davis is a sort of Master at this. He'll probably pop back up on MASN or WJZ. He'll just buy his own time from them as he's done with football and baseball shows on WJZ before. He'll get a sponsor to pay a certain amount for the desk to say "Weis" or "Eskay" or "Utz or all of them. It'll be enough to pay the on-air fee, plus more to pay himself. That's what those hilarious Mars fliers and picking your favorite snacks with Dave Johnson were all about that a poster above mentioned... sponsorships. Programming thru sponsorship using time on the local stations that would otherwise be devoted to infomercials.
  14. The Angelosii would never do that, tho. Too much unfettered criticism of the club... It is pretty crappy that they are doing this now as Brittney Girolli pointed out. With the other furloughs through the system, this is beginning to feel like inheritance tax saving measures or outright sale...
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