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  1. Trey is the man. You never know what evil lurks behind the scenes in the life of a cancer patient or survivor. 10 years out from prostate cancer for me... at 52, now, with no complications after surgery, it's a lot easier. But those, "Let's do that test again..." moments that have occurred, suck the proverbial eggs! They never amounted to anything with me, but they're damn scary not only for you, but also for those you trust around you to talk about it with. Get your PSA tests yearly gentlemen. Early diagnosis leads to better outcomes.
  2. This is all still fascinating to me. Isn't it MLB that is the cause of all of this? As much as I dislike the Angelosi, the Nationals, in moving from Montreal, agreed to move into an established media area and to have "their share of that media" that was already in existence here. We all knew that that small slice they agreed to and that was endorsed - and maybe even partially negotiated - by MLB to get the deal done was probably something the Nationals ownership group never intended to really submit to. For me, it's proof that no agreement is truly binding if there are bottomless pits
  3. I have a friend from another Orioles board, the old Scout Boards, who lives up there. I think he might have been a Covid casualty, as I have been unable to contact him, either thru email or a FB page of his since just before last year's season. He is a really great guy. Name is Ted. I know he was an insurance adjuster and a long time Red Wings fan. Was super knowledgeable about the Orioles and had seen all of our star players of the late 1960's thru the early 80's. He was beside himself when either name Syd Thrift or Don Buford was mentioned. He was very upset when the O's necessitated
  4. I don't disagree with the OP. I think the idea of doing what you're best at should be a pretty universal goal... The jury is still out with the Elias regime, tho. Unlike others, I'm still willing to give him a couple years. I think we were a total mess when he was brought in... far worse off than others gave credence to. I don't think there is anything wrong with the philosophy of developing bats and buying or trading for arms. My fear is that we are not good at identifying why a pitcher is successful on other teams and that we'll throw away good money on boom or bust prospects like
  5. I agree! This has been a pet peeve of mine for decades. Speed and spin rate are valued over command and movement. That is not acceptable. But that's a league-wide thing and not just the O's. Just a question, maybe stupid, but I'll throw it out there... Is there data that shows the time of progression to the majors of position players and pitchers. If it takes a shorter time to develop that sort of "natural ability" of pitchers, could that be an explanation of why we've been drafting fewer of them in earlier rounds? If it takes longer to develop position players and batters, the theo
  6. ...maybe we'll run the table.🙃
  7. As nice as it is that the story of his continued failure won't be hashed up every year, the knowledge that he is being paid for another 16 years is simply mind boggling to me. It's unimaginable how anyone in the organization could have thought this was a good contract. When are the guys who orchestrated the contract going to retire? The lady is still warming up in the wings until 2037.
  8. I'd disagree that player movement is killing the game. I agree that fiscal responsibility makes it difficult/impossible for teams to keep some of their stars and I don't dispute Drungo's point that players have the right to choose where they play eventually. What's "killing the game" to me is poorly managed operations. You can have fan interest with a team that is marginal. You will clearly have interest when your club is a contender - as we've proved here over the years. But when you have an operation that can only seem to go thru cyclical extremes - over 15-20 year cycles - like we have
  9. The pool toys! I will say, that when they were into the O's, my kids were as interested in what the announcers were saying. They used to love introducing JJ Hardy and some of the other guys like Jim Thorn and the stadium announcer. "Playing SS, batting 7th, Jaaayy Jaaaayy Haaaaardyyyyy!" lol. So I'll add that to the list. We've been very lucky that even when our teams haven't been stellar, we've had voices that have described the game and improvements and needs to make the bad years interesting enough. I don't find that this year at all. As much as I like Scott Garceau and som
  10. Speaking from the perspective of my kids, who enjoyed going to games a few years ago - which coincidentally coincided with an exciting, winning team, they lost interest as we began losing. And now that there are no players from back then, they are almost completely disinterested in baseball. I'll be watching and they'll come into the room, "Oh, the Orioles are on? Where's the key to the shed?" I really do think a huge component is that there are just not the number of young fans of sport in general. There are soooo many programs available that sitting thru a game on tv without flippi
  11. Fun to watch our guy do so well. Trey is a good guy. You can tell. Congrats to him!
  12. Those pitches are so fast, one of those kids in the OF are gonna doinked. They haven't even turned around before the next ball is in the air and then the next. lol.
  13. One can dream tho! A Steve Biscuiti team with Kevin Plank or vice-a-versa... would be difficult to do better than that.
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