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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvtJPs8IDgU Just heard they were going to pave Fort McHenry and put up a parking lot. https://usatoday.com/ftmcparkinglot
  2. Is this Chris Davis' Final Weekend as an Oriole? We can only hope... Good Heavens!
  3. So then unless some team knocks our socks off with a trade for Mancini, Manicini sticks. Right? Because that's where I am. We know that Mountcastle can hit. We're evaluating Mountcastle. We evaluate him at a position that is not his own? He was slated for 1B. I'm cool with him auditioning at LF and playing every day during that MLB trial. That's not an audition Manicni was ever given, but I digress... Mancini filled in in injury or match-up roles where he got playing time because he was hitting. I don't think they should do THAT with Mountcastle. Right now, I don't think Mancini gets traded. I think the O's want Mouncastle at 1B - at least according to what the old regime planned for. If that's not the case any more and they are trying to find a spot for him, then if Mount can pull off a OF gig and Mancini can go at 1B, that's not a bad way to begin 2020, imo.
  4. Mancini has not been given a fair shot at 1B, but that's not the issue now. If Mancini is going to be traded it will be based on what he did this year not what he might do with playing time at 1B next year. Mancini isn't going to be here as a DH very long if at all. If Mountcastle is ready, he's going to be- should be- played at 1B. The only caveat would be that Mountcastle's 1B play is accepted as MLB ready and it's the hitting they are worried about. That's legit. Mancini has demonstrated MLB hitting ability and not been given 1B play. His 1B play next year, if he's here, would be to evaluate Mountcastle's hitting exclusively. Leftovers.... Davis. Time for the farewell party. Thanks for everything. We couldn't have done what we did in those runs at a Championship without you, but it's time to pack your things.
  5. Let's hope this is the case. His presence on the team is an embarrassment to both himself and the team; and a constant reminder to ownership of an extremely bad decision. Not something you want lingering on a rebuilding team.
  6. No he's not. What I'm stupefied by nowadays is all the odd coaching titles they have out there now. The Pirates actually have a "... director of cultural readiness and peak performance coach" and that he, Hector Morales, was involved in one of the altercations. It's almost comical.
  7. Hollywood is looking really good. We've never had a first round draft pick on OFF come in and look like the real deal at game one... and at WR, no less. And Jackson is looking sensational. The Dolphins are terrible, so maybe it's all sort of illusion-ish, but it's nice to see, nevertheless.
  8. Luckily it's blocked BEFORE it gets here. 😉
  9. Shingles belong on a house not on a HOF'er.
  10. I had to laugh yesterday when I clicked on the OH in my bookmarks for an update after school let out. The connection was denied because the OH is classified as porn. Tried it again today during work hours and after... same. LOL. So---- so long during the workday. #sportsporn #forumporn #oriolesporn #orioleshangoutporn lmao maybe it's the "hangout" part... lol. Literally.
  11. I've always liked him. Never heard the story about his divorce. The greatest sports comedy show on tv before The League was Braase, Donovan, and Fans. Hands down. His Oriole shows on HTS and the more recent ones are fun to listen to.
  12. This simply can't happen. There's no degree of rehab or training or commitment from CD between now and then that can make him a viable roster spot in the spring, imo. Is there anyone - still - who thinks this is a reclamation project?! If he were a FA, he probably wouldn't get a minor league invite... maybe on a flier, but would he make it? I don't think so. He's going to need to do his own rehab, at his own expense (- - - on our dime), to even sniff the Majors if he's let go. I don't think he'll ever go down that road. I think he knows he's done. It's going to take ownership to allow him to realize that truth in reality because he's going to collect the paycheck.
  13. +1 I appreciate that description of the situation. It's how I feel things are. I want to believe in the brothers integrity, the organizational direction they all talked about at the introductory presser, and in the rein they committed to giving Elias. Having the "CD Debacle" hanging over the organization isn't healthy going forward. Someone just suggested waiting until ST, I think it has to end at the end of the season. Maybe the announcement is made, in deference to the game, after the WS. But the band-aid needs to come off.
  14. But is that healthy? On a team who's payroll is nearly double his salary as its total? It's just seems a very dark cloud that's hanging over the team.
  15. I couldn't agree more! I've been saying that since the end of last season. Starting fresh, but keeping the maybe the worst decision of all time in the players' and fans' minds is terrible. It's not a good example, despite no one below him to push him out. You could put a coat tree at 1B and the plate and do just as well. Those headlines and stories would be more enjoyable to read too, I think.
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