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  1. An adventure, indeed. Had a friend who was going to do long distance travel for a year to China and back, but a couple months into it decided it was worth bringing the whole family with him. That was three years ago.
  2. I'll admit, I'm shocked that AJ would go this route. I said as much when he wasn't getting any nibbles in FA last year. CoC unequivocally stated he would play in Korea if not given a contract in MLB, I disagreed. I don't agree with CoC often, but when I do... I don't still... hahahhaa. I guess AJ likes both playing and a paycheck. And why not, I guess. Shocked that he would leave the family, but maybe he takes them with him for the season. That was the wrinkle I couldn't fathom.
  3. I'd be much happier looking at her on the field than CD too.
  4. ...but the point here is there are guys who are coming up on all teams and available veterans (like Villar) that might deliver those kinds of WAR numbers where the team wouldn't have to pay 10 Million/yr for the numbers. He's priced out of the market at that amount. Ryan Flaherty is available... I jest, yet, as much as I like Jonathan the only guy paying him the calibrated paycheck is Peter Angelos of old because, "...well, the fans seem to like him and he may get some asses in the seats." Thank god those days are over! At least I hope.
  5. ...but it's why he was expendable, is my point. He was the most expensive of the modest rotation they had going. So they traded for a guy to deliver more at a higher price point while off-loading their most expensive player in their rotation. It's simple math.
  6. ...but this is assuming a team values him at the 10M price tag... Clearly they don't as he still hasn't signed as a FA. I get what you're saying and I agree, generally. But Jonathan, as much as we all liked him on our lackluster team, is not a highly sought after guy. Teams are looking to fill his role with guys they are developing or at a cheaper price point. This is why Milwaukee sent us him and not one of the other two guys they had in the rotation when they were trying to find their infield before trading for Schoop.
  7. I think Card #1 is more accurate. You don't really have to deal when you have a losing team... And that plays into Card #2 which is not really different than Card #1 by that much in our situation. That's 10 Million that I'm sure Elias feels he can better utilize than paying a player (he might like- and I think he does - he's an Astros pick). I look at it this way. Villar despite our disagreement about full-time play, has never really garnered "enthusiasm" in the full-time roles he's had. Look at Milwaukee... he was on the verge of being benched in a 3-way rotation. He has a great year, earns a good paycheck, no doubt. Is it possible that Elias tried to do him a solid and find a trade partner where he'd at least be utilized knowing all along they would never offer him what he was due, try to get a decent return on him in the process, while trying to allow Jonathan to potentially flourish on a team that might compete? When there were no suitors, I think the die was cast. They were never going to spend 10 Million on the guy. Period. "Sorry Jonathan. We tried to do something good for both of us, but you'll have to go it alone." is what I think the result of no suitors in trade talks was and then waiving him. I don't think it was incompetence by any stretch. The chips fell that way.
  8. I'll concede your numbers, I guess. I included his non-"everyday player" years. Yet it really doesn't matter to the argument due to the situation the club is in. This is a money issue on a cost cutting team. That is what it boils down to. They tried to trade him. It didn't work. He's too expensive and other teams aren't biting. There has to be something to that. He's a decent player. He's in the wrong place at the wrong time to get paid. And evidently other teams feel they can get him at a cheaper price or get him and not have to give anything up. I don't think that makes our GM incompetent.
  9. Ok, perhaps you're correct about being an "everyday player," but there was definitely a question prior to his being traded to us about where he was going to play in Milwaukee and if the Brewers could do better with their in-house guys prior to deciding they couldn't and trading for Schoop. I guess the bigger point is that it's only in 2016 where his numbers even approached what he did this year. So he's got a spotty resume. He's been closer to 1.0-1.5 WAR player for his career than he has been a 4.0 WAR player. A rebuilding team that values analytics is not going to re-sign a guy like that especially when they are still in cost cutting mode. I like the guy, don't get me wrong. It's just not a good fit and I feel like the reason he wasn't able to be traded is because other teams aren't convinced and feel he's potential mirage. 10 Million for a potential mirage...
  10. I must have erased that out of my post. That was the only other year he had full time duty. His output was similar to this year's, not quite as good, and he was never able to solidify an everyday roll until this year. And that is perhaps as much due to us having no one else to give a go in that position. I guess the point is, I'm underwhelmed given some of his past chances and am not on the bandwagon with simply shelling out 10+Million to see what happens. I've got no problem walking away.
  11. Villar had a career year and, also, it's the first year where he received full playing time instead of some kind of time share. We might have been a team to pay a premium for those two pieces of data, but other teams could look at those two facts as a case of buyer beware or caution. I read someplace that he might get 10 Million in arbitration. That's a little steep for me for a player such as that. I mean who knows, it could be that his trajectory is up, but it could also mean nothing more than he had a good year and now he comes back to earth and is nothing more than a rotational utility guy. Can't blame other teams for not biting. The fact that Elias was trying to offload some payroll means little to me. What matters is he was trying to get something, anything, for a marginal player. Unless, Villar is willing to take a pay cut to play full time, he likely won't be playing here. The money can be better allocated than driving it into a player who has not taken command of chances he's been given in the past (until this year, one might argue) or on a team that is not going to compete again this year anyway. Elias is certainly NOT incompetent. For goodness sake...
  12. Maybe we could just send them Chris Davis??? His present value would cover the interest and a little more. Just put him in a box, tape it up, and send it to Nationals Park certified mail. Problems solved.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvtJPs8IDgU Just heard they were going to pave Fort McHenry and put up a parking lot. https://usatoday.com/ftmcparkinglot
  14. Is this Chris Davis' Final Weekend as an Oriole? We can only hope... Good Heavens!
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