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  1. Give them all better chances to get new gigs?
  2. I think the Sox will be entering the post-Dombrowski lean years as soon as next season if Sale doesn't heal up and regain his form. They are going to be paying Sale, Price and Eovaldi $79M for the next 3 seasons...They will clear about $40+M in payroll after the season with Porcello and Pablo Sandoval (LOL) off the books. but you hope Dombrowski's mismangement of the pitching contracts will force them to part with Mookie
  3. 3 Levels next year may be a little bit optimistic. I think you're dead on start at A+, and promote to AA. Maybe Fall League and then a pit stop at AAA in 2021
  4. Didn't know this myself but the article dropped on SI couple days ago. https://www.si.com/mlb/2018/10/02/fbi-investigation-mlb-atlanta-braves-los-angeles-dodgers Looks like it could be huge.
  5. Despite their clashes, Dan and Buck were a perfect 1-2 combo. Dan hit on so many undervalued guys and Buck knew how to use them and maximize their talent. There were misses for sure, but they were far outweighed by the hits as summarized in Roch's quote above. I know this is an appreciation thread, but I wish he wouldn't have traded Pedro Strop. Arrieta is forgiveable to me, and his hands were tied with Cruz I think, but Strop is one that stings. Having him with ZB, O'Day and Brach would have been nasty and they probably wouldn't have needed to give up E-Rod for Miller in 2014. Who knows they may not have given O'Day that big contract as well.
  6. He's the type of guy I would prefer in a President of Baseball Operations position. Very similar to what the Braves did with John Hart. I would like that type of experience at the top and then let Colletti hire a younger up and comer (probably/hopefully) from the Dodgers as GM. And of course, very similar to what the Phillies did with Macphail and Klentak
  7. I think the Angelos sons have no idea what they are doing at the moment if I am being perfectly honest
  8. You mean a good old fashioned news conference to explain to the paying customer what the hell is going on with their beloved franchise? You ask too much my friend.
  9. I totally agree. Others have reported that he doesn't want that job either b/c it's too much work. That's kind of the catch-22. He's good at working with players in small groups, but instead of being like a Roving Instructor he wants to also negotiate contracts, assist players at the MLB level, and do about 10 other things when he's in the mood. The new GM/Prez could give him a plum position in the player development side of the organization to placate him, and if it were me, I'd insist that in my contract Brady Anderson's role is specifically defined.
  10. I think he could do some things on the player development side. He seems to have some ability with that but based on the reports/reading between the lines, it just seems like the guy would be totally out of his depth if he was tasked with a role like Player Development Director. That is simply to big an organizational job for him. Again, based on the reporting, He likes working with guys in small groups but he also likes not having to report to anyone and doing what he wants when he wants. It just seems like there's no way to integrate him into a properly functioning organization.
  11. If they are trying to hire anyone worth their salt as their next GM or Team President, one would think that person is going to insist on a change/clarification of title for Brady Anderson. I can't imagine anyone would accept the job as a new hire with Brady being allowed to float from assignment to assignment to the owners' box as he saw fit.
  12. I'd prefer they blow-up the current format and switch to a structure with a Team President at the top. This seems to be the trend of most of the best run teams in MLB. I'd also prefer that the team president be a more established veteran who can than hire a more up and coming "young" executive as GM
  13. Mole singular. It's either Brady or DD. I haven't decided which yet.
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