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  1. At this point he's a bench player. 4th OF. His upside is better than Nolan. Besides who do you bring up that's potentially better
  2. I think they ought to have to courage of their original convictions. Whatever scouting they had to cause them to sign him should be respected until he fails completely. As we've seen ST is a poor sample to judge. We are 4-0. ST did not predict that. Right now he's a bench player. Break him in and play him occasionally. He will prove the scouts right. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Mistake? No, intentional. Greedy? Yes. Btw stub hub can get you terrace or field box seats for under $25. Stub hub is a great barometer of demand. Demand is weak. Should have all North teams play in the south or west in April and September
  4. I think it's a baseball area. It's just a lousy location. ANd a horrible facility/ Centcom is in Tampa, and no one dares say they aren't baseball fans. As Baltimore fans stay away from Camden Yards in droves in April, in Tampa, outdoor baseball in July and August is tough because of weather. But the Trop is terrible for every reason, except the team.
  5. abbott

    2016 New York Yankees

    Me too. It's so inappropriate to have loyalty to the team and city you play for. To have a high regard for your employer is pathetic and weak. TO have pride in your work, your team and teammates is so demeaning to the rest of the world of baseball it makes you question whether he should be suspended.
  6. But I of the season ended today Something would be seriously wrong in the world to end the baseball season after 4 games.
  7. O's fans are literally, Fair Weather Fans. Except in September when they are in a pennant race and the weather is cold, then they show up. Even though it's cold, and school is just starting, and the kids have new scout meetings. In September, when the team is doing well, 25K will show maybe 35K. That's not a fair weather fan, that's a bandwagon fan. The Orioles have a wide pool of fans, but it's a shallow pool. A AND Geeez, what is it with O's fans always whining and comparing to the Yankees. If we have an empty seat they have 2. And their's are more expensive. IF ownership thought they c
  8. The ONLY excuse is mid-week games are difficult for families and working folk. The Ravens draw despite the weather. Weather is an excuse for weak fans to be bandwagoners. WE ARE BALTIMORE. Tough, blue collar and hardworking and hard partying. BTW, On April 5 and 6 2000, the Orioles drew 33K and 35K on Tuesday and Wednesday games against Cleveland. I think most Orioles fans, are taking a wait and see approach to this team. The off season publicity wasn't good. Outside of rabid fan blogs and message boards, Alvarez, Trumbo and Gallardo didn't set off a frenzy of good feeling. Without regard t
  9. Dan knew all along that Rickard was the AL MVP (although Trumbo may finish ahead in the balloting) when he drafted him pursuant to Rule 5. Kim was just a diversion, paying a trap so Tampa would expose him in the draft. Now that we are on pace for 162 wins, I think Dan is the leader for Executuve of the Year. I don't think he's eligible to be GMof the Year, since he's not the GM.
  10. If Cincinnati and Milwaukee can get over 20000 for games 2 and 3 there's no excuse for Baltimore Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Because Buck 'HOF' Showalter knows how to win. That's why in the history of baseball he has the 98th highest winning percentage of All Time. And 8th best of active managers. He's a winner.
  12. I was curious so I looked it up and Schoop was a 0.0 dWAR player lasted year. No way was he a replacement level 2b
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