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  1. I see your point. Taking that at face value, the answer has to be no. I think for Rutschman, we have to consider his prospect pedigree, age, the lost minor league year, our competitive window, and team control. If he made low A ball pitchers look ridiculous in his pro debut two years ago, I think it might be one of many factors influencing in the decision. It's my optimistic belief that there's not too many things that he would need to work on in the minors (unlike a HS kid). So it's mostly a matter of testing how he does against major league pitching.
  2. I think that Rutschman should be up sometime this year (I voted for September). I'm fine having Severino and Sisco split the reps for most of the year in the meantime. There's an outside chance that they both perform reasonably well and we can trade one of them at the deadline. Had Rutschman come out on fire in his first pro season in 2019, I might be more aggressive. But I do think that it would be good to let him have a track record of minor league success, if nothing else but for his confidence. I'm of the belief that there probably isn't much else he needs to work on, and instead could benefit from seeing major league pitching. As others pointed out, less-heralded prospects have made their MLB debuts by 22. However, imagine if he starts on opening day, looks over-matched, and gets sent down to the minors to "work on things." It's not the end of the world, but it would be pretty disappointing for everyone involved. That may still ultimately happen, but having a track record of minor league success would soften that blow. Sure, he could come out the gate firing. But we are still maybe three years away from competing, so I think it would be in the Os best interest to save an extra year of team control.
  3. Chris Davis’ comment that ownership “knew what they were getting themselves into” is wrong bc he has operated at below replacement level for most of his contract. That is certainly NOT what everyone had in mind when they paid him all that money. It would be different if he has any sort of success in the early years of his contract. But Davis has not held up his end of the bargain at all. At this point, I think several things can be true at once: 1) Davis has the right to earn every penny owed to him. 2) The organization has the right to pressure him to retire given that he’s been the worst active MLB player for a few years now, and 3) Os fans who buy tickets to the 2021-2022 games have the right to boo Davis at every at bat.
  4. Based on his lengthy comments about the future of the Os following the Manny trade, it definitely seems that he is gaining influence inside the organization. I wonder if that's because he was strongly against resigning Davis/Tillman and perhaps advocated a rebuild last year (which fell on deaf ears at the time). Perhaps those bad decisions were made by someone else (i.e. Brady) and Duquette gets to say "I told you so" now. Of course, I am using a lot of speculation but I hope that is what happened and now ownership can forgive Dan for flirting with Toronto and extend him!
  5. Thanks for sharing Luke-OH. I’ll make sure to read that tomorrow morning at work lol. Im a big fan of your scouting analysis, and particularly enjoyed your Top 50 Orioles Prospects write-up. I’ve often seen you use the 20-80 scale when referencing players, which is really helpful. I guess ive just found it hard to picture what types of players certain posters are hoping to get back for Machado when they use prospect letter grades. Btw, im curious (if you havent already said so in a previous post), what type of FV prospect do you think would be a reasonable get for Machado? I saw you had guys like Mountcastle and Sisco with a 55 FV at the start of the year. Do you think thats too optimistic of a hope?
  6. I've been seeing a lot of prospect grades being discussed (i.e. A-, B+, or C prospect) in terms of what kind of haul we expect for Machado. I am guessing that any BA top 100 prospect would be at least a B+. But is there a standard grading scale for prospects that people are using?
  7. I think some of those teams were making offers for Manny with the idea that they would have the opportunity to negotiate exclusively with him during the season for a long-term deal (e.g. White Sox). Dan knows Manny is dead set on going into free agency so why allow other teams to learn this? If teams find this out during the 72 hour window then it may result in them lowering their subsequent offers.
  8. Would the 2005 Rangers trade of Alfonso Soriano to the Nationals for Brad Wilkerson and Terrmel Sledge qualify for this scenario? I believe he was traded to the with one year left on his contract (to which the Nationals got a comp pick for him after he left in free agency at the end of the year). Soriano hit .268 with 36 HRs, 104 RBI the year prior to the trade.
  9. I think one thing to keep in mind when considering what Machado would be worth in a deal, is that we would essentially being offering 1 year of Machado + a 2nd round comp pick. With that in mind, I think the Os should be able to command a decent haul.
  10. I agree that our outfield is an upgrade defensively this year with Rickard and Jones. I also think that Trumbo would pretty much be even with Snider. But lets not forget that Delmon had a cannon and did have a period where he had a few nice outfield assists that made up for his poor range. De Aza also had enough range to play CF a few times. I would call them an upgrade defensively over Trumbo.
  11. Obviously the business side of things made it unlikely we would resign him. But Chen was my favorite Os starting pitcher the past two years. Just a very consistent, reliable pitcher who you could count on to give you quality starts. Yes he had a tendency to give up a lot of HRs, but he challenged hitters and most of those were solo shots. He was always very modest after games and gave credit to his teammates. A great guy to root for, and good role model for the game. I wish Wei Yin Chen the best with the Marlins! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. <p><p><p>Positive rep should have gone through for your good post about Chen.</p></p></p>

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