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  1. Recently cut cable and this will be the first year without access. Im assuming the DC metro and surrounding counties are blacked out for O's games through MLB TV? What about replays of the previous days game? Are those available?
  2. I don't want to see Valencia or Beckham in an Orioles jersey next yr. They are already stuck with Davis for a while and trumbo (hopefully not too much longer). If your gonna stop gap a position at least be solid with the glove or we're gonna kill these young pitchers.
  3. I don't know much about Ortiz but prior to these trades our pitching depth in the minors was very thin. He is reported to have 2 pitches graded as a 60 and an average 3rd pitch. Hunter Harvey had looked very good prior to getting hurt but he wasn't lights out this year in Bowie. Yes, I understand he hasn't pitched a lot (only 176 total innings in 6 yrs). Now we have Harvey, Hall, Ortiz, Tate (all first round draft picks) along with Akin, Lowther, and Kremer. How do you rate or project these 7 pitchers?
  4. Chances are he would/could have followed in Manny's footsteps (bet on himself after a down year) and tested free agency..
  5. Sorry about that, he looks to be adjusting to AA with 19bb in 28 innings after skipping high A.
  6. I heard the MFY may have had as much prior to this deal. That was reported by Mewelski on 105.7
  7. I hope he turns out to be a piece of the future, but he is old for the Sally League (4 yrs older than DL Hall). Hopefully he has a good start in Frederick and ends up in Bowie next summer. I guess the hope is that between Rodgers, Means, and Zimmermann...one can be a 5th starter??
  8. At that rate he would be about the 4th highest paid 2B. I would offer 4 yrs/54 this off-season
  9. Ok, thinking about it more, it think Tate is somewhere between 4th and 6th. I have read somewhere on here that he was #6 on an updated midseason list. Obviously that is someone's opinion but if he was top 10 for the MFY he HAS to be rated higher in the Orioles organization. Tell me 10 oriole prospects who you rate higher..
  10. Tate looks to be a top 4 prospect in our system. That alone is excellent for a rental imo
  11. Orioles aren't close to being deep enough to feel the "40 man roster crunch". Off-season of 2019...maybe and that will be a good problem to have.
  12. I think dd has done a great job with these 2 trades. While I agree that we should aquire the best talent available, i wonder if the focus will be to get lower level/high ceiling types?
  13. I agree with a full rebuild and if Bundy or gausman gets traded, that pretty much guarantees back to back number 1 picks. I just can't stand to watch Beckham anymore. He is arbitration eligible next yesr, any chance he gets released?
  14. kramer_

    New prospect list?

    Luke said his speed was an 80 in the other thread. I also wonder why he has 0 stolen base attempts in Bowie. You would think thats a skill to be developed now rather than later.
  15. kramer_

    New prospect list?

    McKenna is probably somewhere in the 6-9th best prospect. His Frederick ops was higher than both hays (same age) and mountcastle (mountcastle was a year younger). If he does better next year in Bowie, he will solidify his prospect status.
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