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  1. Teammate. They have symptoms, but didn't test positive. It's a precaution.
  2. Smith and Santander are sick and quarantining at the hotel.
  3. Players have started reporting, workout will begin tomorrow for international guys who just arrived yesterday. They had to complete their COVID testing. If results come back clean the international guys will be on field tomorrow. Most are in hotels covered by the team for the season vs trying to acquiring housing for a 60 game season.
  4. If they were one of the players plastering “When and where, we ready” on social media then they should, because their antics are just charades if they opt out after that.
  5. So how many does that leave us with in the Top 100 now?
  6. Kjerstad at 99. Other notables: 11 - Torkelson 16 - Martin 39 - Lacy 56 - Hancock 59 - N. Gonzales 61 - Meyer 75 - Veen Heres hoping Elias and Sig have a rabbit in the later rounds, but in all seriousness Kjerstad seems like a stud. https://www.baseballamerica.com/rankings/2020-top-100-prospects/
  7. If this is a repost please disregard. Apparently, the Orioles are using AI for Ballpark Operations and security. Article: Click Here
  8. He said he was hoping that losing the weight and being more flexible/agile would help him prolong his career. Seemed like he was scared of ending his career early because of his big frame/weight etc. Maybe he though it would break down his knees earlier or cause an injury? At his age one injury could do you in for your career if its tendons in the knee.
  9. The only player we released on the 40 man was Aaron Brooks
  10. Can we all just be moral human beings for a second? This guy was an integral piece of the team(s) that brought playoff baseball back to Baltimore. For his sake, I hope he has a monster year. Quit wishing ill on a guy that really established his career as an Oriole. He’s part of the family.
  11. Definitely good to be cautious when talking about Davis rebounding, but it could happen. They don't award Comeback Player of the Year for nothing.
  12. After talking with people it seems like Davis really has turned a corner. Not only did he alter what size bat he is using, he was able to generate more bat speed with the help of the O’s and the Blast Technology this winter. Time will tell it it leads to better results and exit velo...
  13. Can any one change my typo in the title?
  14. Pic posted by Roch: Compared to 2019 season:
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