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  1. Mullins getting a day off, but I assume he's available as a pinch hitter.
  2. They are both bad, but Watkins is coming off a decent bullpen outing. Perhaps he does have a sore arm because Eshelman has pitched to the tune of 7.80 ERA at Norfolk. I can’t think of any other reason for swapping the two. So when does Ryan Ripken get called up?
  3. Given his track records Watkins developing into a bullpen arm is probably his ceiling. And that's good enough as the bullpen needs some reliable arms.
  4. The San Francisco Giants city connect uniforms look like they belong to a fictional baseball team from a sports movie.
  5. I thought the Orioles were playing the Red Sox tonight and not scrimmaging against the UCLA Bruins. 🐻
  6. I had the same thought shake things up for a last place team running out the clock on a long season. It’s been 56 years since it’s been last done. And it would be a way for the O’s to make the record books in a way that it isn’t losing related. BERT CAMPANERIS OF THE KANSAS CITY A’S BECOMES THE FIRST MAJOR LEAGUER TO PLAY ALL NINE POSITIONS IN A GAME
  7. But doesn't Boone pretty much make his managerial decisions based on what the Yankees analytics department recommends. Changing managers isn't going to fix that part of the equation.
  8. Based on the record this year I agree with Frobby the O's are one year behind the timeline of the Astros. I could see the Orioles being above .500 in 2023 and maybe even contending for the wildcard, but it's going to require the top prospects to hit. Also some free agents and trades to bring in talent to fill holes on the team will be required.
  9. Betances is listed as 6’8” and looking at this pic Judge looks just as tall. Of course it’s one photo and doesn’t prove anything.
  10. There's also Brook Fordyce if you want to count the singular version. 🙃 https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/f/fordybr01.shtml
  11. Wish it would be Adley Rutschman then I would watch every game closely. I know, I know service time clock so it's not happening and my brain knows it's the right call to wait.
  12. Guess they want Jones to work on his defense at Norfolk.
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