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  1. Corporate Bonds are usually a safe investment, but not always. Bonilla got a great deal with little chance of not getting paid all his money promised. GM's proposal would give bondholders next to nothing
  2. Yeah, I definitely think that’s a possibility with Baines and Lee Smith opening the floodgates. Maybe last year will just remain aberration, but I don’t think it will.
  3. I would expect Cruz to drop off the ballot after the first year. I like him as a hitter, but I don’t see how any voter can make a serious case for Cruz.
  4. I know it's before my time, but I remember it was said by others that Grich and Baylor spent at least 1 year extra in AAA because the Orioles were so loaded at the time. In 1970 Don Baylor had 71 extra base hits and an 1.011 OPS and his reward in 1971 was another year in the minors. Grich hit .383 in 1970 in AAA in only 63 games and he also spent 1971 at Rochester with Baylor. I'm hoping the day comes again where Orioles top prospects have to wait to get their turn in the show because the big league team is overflowing with talent.
  5. https://www.mlb.com/news/2020-mlb-draft-bonus-slots
  6. Eddie also led the American League in RBIs too in 1981 with 78 and it was the only time he led the league in RBIs.
  7. Can we bring back the 2005 Orioles? They might have made the World Series if the schedule was only 60 games.
  8. I was hoping there would be more talk about cannibalism to fix baseball's problems after treading the thread title.
  9. It seems like both sides are determined to make this a PR disaster for baseball, and to damage interest long term and to continue let the demographics of MLB fans to skew older. The average age of baseball fan (tv audience) in 2017 was reported to be 57 years old and this current drama isn't going to engage any younger fans. If revenues are going to be X instead of Y now, it shouldn't be difficult to come to an agreement on what MLB salaries should be in 2020. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-sports-with-the-oldest-and-youngest-tv-audiences-2017-06-30
  10. This is the one I think about a lot. Of course there are still players taking PEDs today, but even with the recent offensive explosion it's not on par with the late 90's and early 2000's. I think about Luis Gonzalez hulked out with the Diamondbacks while he was a line drive hitter with a lean build in his Astros days.
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