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  1. So going by this and CoC top college pitchers are still getting overused. A lot of starters at the MLB level barely top 165 innings pitched now.
  2. LSU killed Ben's arm. I'm going to assume colleges are better now and not riding their best pitchers like rented mules to win the College World Series.
  3. Better than watching poker tournaments which have to be reruns considering all the travel restrictions.
  4. Trade Cobb for prospects and strike while the iron is hot. 🔥
  5. I would definitely take a lot more liberties if I was running a sim. Davis would return to his 2013 form or I would cut him.
  6. Harris Teeter also does pick up, but before this there was a yearly fee. Possibility that might be waived now with all the lockdowns. I'm probably going to need to order from them in the next few days.
  7. Not a chance. I like watching Trout and Ohtani on the Angels though.
  8. Why is Chris Davis starting against LHP in the sim and playing both ends of a doubleheader?
  9. Snyder really owned the Orioles. Career OPS of 1.030 versus the O's and next best was an .869 OPS vs the Astros.
  10. I like Dave Johnson on the postgame and on the MASN baseball show. He has always given good insights on the failures (and successes) of Orioles pitchers, especially Gausman when he was an Oriole.
  11. I'll add Dave Johnson from 1989-90 to the mix. Even if Johnson was slightly below average going by ERA+, he was miles better in that 1.5 year stretch, than the rest of his career when he was absolutely hammered. Plus, I always admired how he gutted out an emergency start against the Blue Jays the final weekend of 1989 season after Pete Harnisch got scratched because he stepped on a nail. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/j/johnsda04.shtml
  12. The sight of Kent Tekulve triggers me even though I don't remember the 1979 World Series. Top five ugliest baseball player ever.
  13. Please let any of us know if you need anything or any advice.
  14. I was only referencing Stone's 1980 season and would agree that he wasn't a one hit wonder. I have trouble putting Pearce and Sheets into that category too as they had other years where they were effective players. Sheets was an effective platoon bat in 1985-86 (114 OPS+ in 725 PA) before his standout 1987 season. Pearce was a valuable role player in 2016 and 2018 seasons and if he could stay healthy his career changes shape.
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