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  1. There is a transactions freeze. Maybe there could be an informal agreement on a trade, but it won’t go through until the lockout is over. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/32754352/everything-need-know-mlb-looming-lockout%3fplatform=amp
  2. This isn’t putting my concerns at ease, lol. My gut reaction on Lyles is he will get eaten alive in the AL East. Gave up a league leading 38 home runs last year. Now he’s pitching at OPACY and other homer friendly AL East ballparks. I hope, I’m wrong and he’s a mediocre pitcher that gives the Orioles 160 innings pitched. I will gladly eat crow. You also have to wonder how much the Astros connection factored into giving Lyles $7M. If he came up let’s say in the Pirates organization with no connection to Elias, does Elias sign him to the same contract? I say no way assuming
  3. The last three seasons Schoop has put up a 108 OPS+ compared to 88 OPS+ for Odor. Schoop is the better hitter by a good distance.
  4. I’m in agreement, but not expecting it to happen.
  5. Seems unlikely with the way Elias has operated so far.
  6. I agree and ultimately think E-Sports ends up being a niche "sport" with a rabid fan base like NASCAR. The threat to MLB is E-Sports could end up being more popular than MLB just being a niche sport. Younger people are more likely to gravitate to E-Sports while MLB fans continue to get older and older. The nature of how baseball games are played is another impediment to the short attention span world we live in today. With so many other entertainment options that deliver instant gratification MLB as an uphill battle in saying relevant.
  7. Esports. I can see it now baseball owners completely botch this lockout and Esports surpasses baseball. This might happen regardless and the mere thought of it depresses me.
  8. This is where it has come to that enough of us actually agree with this sentiment. I couldn't stand Selig, but he would be a tad better then Manfred. Plus we could make fun of his bad toupee.
  9. The thought process is Lyles will be bad, but reliable enough a pitcher to go around 180 innings next year. Which does have some value as the Orioles had plenty of bad pitchers, but no real innings eaters in 2021. The question is pitching at OPACY and in the AL East is a different beast. If Lyles can match last year’s results then he has value, but his numbers could easily suffer more.
  10. The field being below ground level in relation to the warehouse has made it all but impossible to hit the warehouse during game action. You have to hit the ball not just long enough, but on a high enough of a trajectory to bounce off the warehouse. If the field was on ground level with warehouse it would have been hit a number of times by now.
  11. I like Roch and regularly read his articles. You just have to remember he’s a PR person for the Orioles and not a journalist who will criticize the team when warranted.
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