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  1. Great find. Dalkowski has always fascinated me. Will watch this weekend.
  2. Now isn't the time for the Orioles to add that veteran pitcher needed for a serious playoff run. Second Trevor Bauer has a career ERA+ of 113 and he is way more likely to return back to that level of pitcher in 2021. Save the money for player development and value free agents to fill out the roster.
  3. Report: MLB hasn't decided how to set 2021 draft order Teams have not heard from the league on whether the draft process will be changed in 2021 or if options beyond using winning percentage to determine selection order may be considered, multiple sources told The Athletic's Stephen J. Nesbitt. Under normal circumstances, the team with the lowest winning percentage in a given season picks first overall in the following year's draft. But the March agreement between MLB and the Major League Baseball Players Association gave commissioner Rob Manfred the power to "modify the draft order" in 2021 if the 2020 season was shorter than 81 games, according to Nesbitt.
  4. Unless something changes Cobb should be back this series against the Yankees.
  5. I doubt Davis retires, but he won't collect his salary for 2021-22 seasons if he does quit. There's still the issue of the deferred money of $42M owed from 2023 to 2037. Maybe if he retires a part of that deferred amount gets lopped off in addition? https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/baltimore-orioles/chris-davis-5397/ Year Age Status Base Salary Luxury Tax Salary Payroll Salary Adjusted Salary Yearly Cash 2016 30 $17,000,000 $21,065,362 $21,065,362 $17,000,000($17,000,000) 2017 31 $17,000,000 $21,065,362 $21,065,362 $17,000,000($34,000,000) 2018 32 $17,000,000 $21,065,362 $21,065,362 $17,000,000($51,000,000) 2019 33 $17,000,000 $21,065,362 $21,065,362 $17,000,000($68,000,000) 2020 34 $17,000,000 $23,000,000 $21,065,362 $7,801,986 $6,296,296($74,296,296) 2021 35 $17,000,000 $21,065,362 $21,065,362 $17,000,000($91,296,296) 2022 36 $17,000,000 $21,065,362 $21,065,362 $17,000,000($108,296,296) 2023 37 UFA Contract Notes: Limited No-trade clause $42M deferred from 2023-2037
  6. It's my impression that Elias doesn't want to ride Rutschman into the ground like Wieters and he might catch 120 games max while playing DH/1B. I don't see it being too much of an issue if Severino keeps playing well. Plus if the O's really are overstocked at catch that's when you make a trade in a couple years.
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