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  1. They were dead team walking by the first week of May. It was a lost season after the bad start and the realization that many key players and employees were not coming back.
  2. So maybe it's time to do something about the shift when you have Manny Machado shifting to RF.
  3. After being at 15 wins & 16 losses (seems like a year ago at this point), the Orioles are now on a 8 win & 36 loss slide.
  4. Yeah, but the chance of rally to tie the game was essentially zero. I'm hoping it's not heath related with Trey and Hyde took him out of the game because of that.
  5. I think Jannis will get at least one more chance just to see if nerves got the best of him tonight. But I had a feeling he would be lights out or get lit up, and we got the latter.
  6. Ha, I already have it in my mind that Mancini is going to get traded next month. But who knows maybe there won't be any good trade offers.
  7. I know you're joking, but there has to be less than 10% chance the Orioles tender Severino a contract for next year and go to arbitration.
  8. Well at least the game is moving at a decent pace for a high scoring (one sided) game. This should wrap up in less then three hours if the ninth inning doesn't get too crazy.
  9. I think it's a greater than 50% chance Mancini is traded by the end of July.
  10. I was just thinking this that Stewart would have been a favorite of Weaver back in the day. When pitching staffs carried as few as 9 pitchers, Stewart would be perfectly utilized by Weaver as a platoon player/pinch hitter.
  11. Mancini would do better playing the outfield. Stewart is a career DH/1B with limited upside if his hitting doesn’t improve.
  12. AR is the best catcher in the O's system right now and I don't think it's particularly close. He might start off cold adjusting to MLB pitchers, but he'll learn and it won't take long. I understand what the Orioles are doing because of service time and wanting AR's service time to coincide with the Orioles (hopefully) becoming winners again.
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