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  1. Yankees could have hired a robot to be manager. Boone is just doing what the analytics team tells him.
  2. Happy Yankees Elimination Day!
  3. But the fans were in pain watching DJ Stewart attempt to play defense.
  4. Would have to include a prospect for any chance of trading Davis. Even then it’s a long shot.
  5. I agree on that. I've never been to Oakland, but I like the atmosphere of the A's stadium. The Rays plays in a warehouse.
  6. This why I don't buy into the Orioles are going to move in the next 5-10 years. The A's play in the worst stadium by far in MLB and have to deal with things like raw sewage leaks. They still aren't any closer to relocating than 10 years ago. OPACY is one of the best parks in baseball. Make the Orioles winners and the attendance will go up.
  7. Barring a miracle comeback by the Cardinals the Nationals are headed to their first World Series appearance.
  8. David Hernandez is going to be a hard pass. He would end up being 2020's version of Dan Strailey or Chris Tillman at the end of his Orioles career. I'd rather bring back Cashman who might be able to cobble together an ERA around 4.50 to 5.00 if Elias feels the need to sign a veteran to eat up innings.
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