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  1. I'm hoping for Witt...take the slightly younger guy as we have several years before contending. Of course, he could always be harder to sign than Rutschman because he could go to college.
  2. Good point. Name me a great player who was always well liked by coaches and fellow players. The great ones always have an edge to them that rubs others wrong. Not just in sports...just part of their make up.
  3. LOL. Throwing a bat at a third baseman, dirty slides into second base, and stepping on a first baseman's foot has nothing to do with race....but welcome to modern day American thought!
  4. That's right. If we are lucky he hits 20 dingers in the first half and a contender ends up needing a DH/1B who is controllable for a few years. We might actually do quite well.
  5. I'm sure there is some sort of insurance. Let's hope Davis does not have what Belle had. It would be terrible if he had to retire and insurance had to pick up say, 70% of the contract.....just terrible!
  6. Hearing Davis is thinking about buying it because it has a batting cage and he loves taking batting practice. Of course, the "cage" is not really necessary since he never swings
  7. I'd play him every day in the Spring and hope injury occurs.
  8. Maybe we can embarrass him into taking a buyout.
  9. exactly. that is their plan.
  10. Yep, and we were going to be fine with the new general manager and manager whomever he/she would be. Let's just be real, instead of worrying about being politically correct.
  11. We will likely get the top pick in 2020 & 2021, especially if we do not sign any "stop-gap" veterans. In addition to this, I'd expect we will pick in the top five in 2022 & 2023. We will be ready in 2025, when the current cast of Yanks and Sox are expensive and old.
  12. My favorite was the one where he watches strike three right down the middle....wait that was about 185 of them!
  13. I'm with you...I'd even settle for one of the rule 5 guys at shortstop. 2019 is one long extended spring training, IMO. Elias gets things in motion, works out Davis issue, Trumbo is gone, and then we get first pick again in 2020 and begin to build something.
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