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  1. Knowing what's correct and doing the correct things are very different. Hes probably referring to watching people fail over and over to superior strategy. Really cements to go with the #s
  2. I don't understand why people are debating this point. The Orioles play in a much tougher division and will have a harder road than the Astros. There's nothing to argue in that statement. It's just true.
  3. RF and OBP have been a joke for the Orioles since he left. They had no replacement plan and he was a fan favorite. Typical.
  4. The Os know the slots expire, right?
  5. If your choice is overpay or get nothing, you overpay. Plus the rays evaluate talent better.
  6. Machado in the last two games: Hit catcher with backswing, didn't apologize one illegal slide into second one illegal and dirty slide into second not running out ground balls yelled at umpire for not giving him time in the middle of the pitchers windup kicked firstbasemans ankle on a groundout
  7. Manny with a dirty (not "dirty") play at first.
  8. Machado with two "dirty" slides to break up double plays last night. One caused a double play due to the new rule.
  9. So this makes the gausmann trade brutally bad. The Orioles will get nothing from that international money.
  10. Let defenders play wherever they want. The game will adjust. Hitters who can hit the whole field will be valued over guys like Davis. It just takes time because some teams are dumb enough to give guys like Davis 7 year contracts.
  11. Maybe I'll pick someone in the AL Central then. Easy division to win.
  12. They name Brady GM and you're looking at the newest Nats fan
  13. Anyone but Britton. Lean towards Atlanta.
  14. What I'm asking is, could one of them play another spot if they're both such good hitters (possibly)?
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