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  1. Thato'sfan

    Eddie Paparella

    Those are Alex Wellsโ€™ stats. For some reason he is listed as Eddie Paparella.๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. Thato'sfan

    Keegan Akin 2019

    He started the game last night. He gave up back to back singles before the game was rained out. No injury.
  3. His 4 seamer is a solid pitch but his best secondary(the slider) became significantly worse as he changed it to a cutter. That pitch gained 3 mph but got hit way harder than before. I'd like to see him go 4 seam/old slider combo in spring. I think that there is a decent reliever in him somewhere but we are reaching the point where the payoff doesn't warrant a roster spot. Some might even argue that we are past that point already. Regardless, I hope he has a solid spring.
  4. Overall league attendance was down. Your questions omit information. Is it dumb to improve your last place team in a stacked division and become a mediocre team? You yourself said it. This is a 40 win team. Tell me, how do you want to make this team contend this year? If you admit that we won't contend, would you rather receive a high pick or a lower pick in the draft? Would you rather continue stalling young talent in the minors and be in a position were we have no controllable MLB talent, a higher payroll, and lesser opportunities to acquire young talent? Nobody wants to watch a losing team. But I think us fans want a championship more than we don't want to watch losing. If losing is what will take to turn this franchise around, so be it. The true "incompetence" would be to change nothing. You say that a lack of acquisitions is incompetent. We have acquired a multitude of cheap young players with some upside. We are rebuilding two key aspects of a successful franchise(analytics and international scouting). BTW questioning the extent of a person's fandom is absurd. Are we not all on the same site discussing about the team that we all love? Do you really believe anybody on here wants to see the orioles lose?
  5. I think he might walk a bit more and perhaps have more power(at their peaks). On a side note, I think AJ is also a similar offensive profile for Austin Hays.
  6. Agreed. The 2-seam experiment failed. Let him go back to what worked. He might become a reliever at some point but I'm still a believer in Tate's mid-rotation upside.
  7. Assuming they play service time games Hess, Rogers, Means, and Ortiz seem likely to be the primary candidates Akin and Tate will probably come up at some point If Harvey remains a starter he might also get a look Lowther and Kremer might come up late in the season
  8. Inhis chat yesterday, Jon Meoli(who wrote the list) said he had front half of the rotation upside. He is so young it is hard to put an actual ceiling on him.
  9. power pitcher Sandy Gaston. Sky high ceiling. 16 years old. A good arm to add to the system. second highest rated prospect available behind VVM. Touches high 90s and has developing secondaries.
  10. Yup, it is really up in the air.
  11. Might not be anything, but Mark DeRosa just said that this Friday may be his final show on MLB Network. Said it was TBD.๐Ÿ‘€
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