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  1. I love Orioles and KBO(Korea Baseball is quite fun.. haha) Kim Jae-hwan is a player in KBO. He is now at 19 homers and He is over .300 batting average. He is so good. but He is diagnosed with positive steroids (No anabolic) 5 years ago. He also received disciplinary action. but people say "He is doing well now by virtue of 5 years ago of drugs" Even though He ate steroids, Disparaging His record is right?
  2. 1. Gausman (8 IP 3 H 0 R 0 BB 4 K) 2. Alvrez (RBI) 3. Hyun-soo Kim (Hustle play) 4. Wieters ( Two hits, pick off at second)
  3. 14AB 9Hit .643 hahahahaha He is Untouchable now..
  4. Buck gives kim opportunity a little.. But he earn his keep.. Whenever He goes to bat, he get on base. Am i wrong think ?
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