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  1. So, over the last year or so, other things have been taking up my time and interests. I've only occasionally been dropping in here to see what people are talking about and I gotta say, it's disappointing. Maybe (probably) I'm not getting the whole picture here, but I'm still seeing the same stuff being said that was being said after the 2019 season. Basically, we still have a whole lot of question marks, a whole lot of suckage and a lot of optimism about things that are coming that should be good. Hays and Harvey have turned out as expected; great when healthy, but hurt too much to be reliable or counted on. Mostly bad pitching, bad offense, a lot of losing... I mean, shouldn't things be better than this going into 2021? It's disheartening to see people saying the same things they were two years ago. I thought the projection was 2022 for competing, but here we are in 2021 and still not really trying to win on an organizational level? I get that the players are trying to win, but have so many of the players that gave people optimism two years ago not turned out to be what was expected? Please tell me it's not as bad as this.
  2. The sad part about that is the outrage over his comments about Iwakuma and Rodriguez's english skills being poor. Is this really considered highly offensive in 2021? Am I missing something? He's being called all sorts of names and having labels slapped on him over his comments none of which I find remotely appropriate. What am I missing?
  3. Yeah.. that's exactly the type of stuff I'm referring to. He must not care that much about his performance (or the team for that matter) if that's his attitude. I won't believe he doesn't have Covid until he takes that ninth test, though. I would suggest that the fact he's being paid $21M to be in the discussion for worst player in the league for any year much less two in a row is enough to say he's worse than all those guys. He's that bad plus he's pulling down elite player paychecks. He was so bad that he was setting records, right? For $21M a year? If he's making Austin Hays money, no one cares and he's probably not even on the team right now. I see your point, though. I just think that massive salary he's pulling down has to factor into the discussion at some point.
  4. I just don't think he's a team player at all. He made no real effort to make changes in his approach or work on other parts of his game. He won't bunt or work on bunting because it's "not his game" because hitting under .200 while cashing undeserved paychecks is his game. He's just been on cruise control for years now. He got his career payday, so who cares? That's what I feel from him. Even if making changes wouldn't have yielded any results, at least showing you're making an effort and actually care about and are aware of the quality of your performance would help a lot. Sometimes, guys just flame out early and there's not much you can do about it. Such potential futures and risks go with the territory of being an athlete. It's more his attitude and unwillingness to acknowledge or even try, to any serious degree, to find something that works even if it means a complete reinvention of himself as a player. Instead, we get something resembling apathy. I don't know (or care to know) anything about him personally nor is that even necessary to make valid criticisms of him. The good news is he's not really holding us back or hurting us in any meaningful way. He's an anchor on the Titanic; this boat sunk years ago and is in no danger of resurfacing anytime soon. He'll be long gone by the time that happens.
  5. I would guess because bunting is only half the equation. Have to have some wheels to beat it out which I doubt Darling had. Wasn't a power threat, defense had no incentive at all to give him any room to bunt for a single.
  6. The NHL and USHL have suspended their seasons. MLB still hasn't which is par for the course with Manfred. Always a day late and a dollar short. I doubt it will put an end to spitting, though. The flu is an ongoing pandemic that kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year and mutates fast enough to make prevention practically impossible. This Chinese Coronavirus is the same and is here to stay unfortunately. It's still the right thing to suspend the season for now.
  7. Before getting bombed, his line was very good: 8 IP, 4H (2HR), 2ER, 6K, 1BB Being prone to the big inning is his biggest problem which he may or may not be able to overcome. It's not like he never pitches well, he does at times which is why he's still here. It's just a question of can he find a way to settle himself down when he gets into these situations. He shouldn't be throwing anything straight, that's for sure.
  8. It's too early, but considering he was a 1-1, I expected better to this point. We'll see. I wasn't crazy about the pick and was probably the only one on here that wouldn't have been disappointed if we took Vaughn. After the season, we'll have a better idea on AR. As a 1-1, I expect big things from him out of the gate though.
  9. "Cheaters" win all the time. The HOF is full of players using such methods which is probably true of every major sport. If it didn't pay to cheat, people wouldn't do it. It works. You only need to be able to get away with it long enough to achieve your goal. I'm not saying anyone should do it that way or anything, but let's not pretend it doesn't pay to cheat. It does... unfortunately. I don't think most folks really care about asterisks. Cheating or not, winning is hard and is a great accomplishment at this level any way it's done. Even if you set records or win championships, you still get to keep them. They're still yours forever unless you're Lance Armstrong. He had to give his medals back, but people still love him anyway and he'll always be remembered for what he did on the bike and not all the repeated and persistent denials and lies he made right to the face of all the people who supported him for many years nor the methods he used to accomplish it all. The thing that bothered me about the Astros situation is that it went all the way to the top and so did the denials. It also bothers me how much flack Fiers gets for saying something about it. I don't get why "whistleblowers" get more hate than the crimes they are exposing. I find the whole "shoot the messenger" stuff to be disturbing generally. Fiers didn't do anything wrong by ousting it and it's not hard to see why a player wouldn't oust it while being a member of that team. Would I be ok with a championship via cheating? If it was something as blatant as what the Astros did? I think I wouldn't feel good about it. Every time I heard that trash can banging from the O's dugout, it wouldn't feel good. I think I'd rather lose than get a dagger in the back afterwards knowing our new GM was complicit in this. If it was PEDs? Wouldn't care. A little pine tar on the fingertips? Nope. Using technology to steal signs and then signal the batter from the dugout what pitch is coming is too far IMO. Unfortunately, there will likely be more of this as more technology comes into the sport. It is and always will be a double edged sword that may be sharper on the undesirable side of the blade. Also, life is not so black and white that "right is right and wrong is wrong".. what is right or wrong can change dramatically based on circumstance. What I feel is right or wrong sitting at home on my couch leading a comfortable life would be much different than if I was on the front lines of a battlefield or starving to death with my family on the streets in poverty. Is it wrong to steal food if you and your family are starving to death or is it wrong to stop them? Black and white morality arguments don't work for me. A little off topic there, sorry.
  10. Sessh

    Farewell OH

    Late to the party, but congrats Luke! What an amazing opportunity. Good luck with everything!
  11. It's been made pretty clear by the recent moves that Elias doesn't want to improve the starting rotation. He wants the Orioles to be the worst team in baseball for at least one more year. "Improving" the starting rotation would probably equate to making it worse. Means came out of nowhere last year and it remains to be seen if he can continue that in 2020. Blach, Eshelman, Ortiz and whoever else will likely be seeing significant time on the mound next season. We're not trying to win, but maybe someone surprises us out of the bunch we'll be trotting out there. I don't expect Cobb will last the season without hurting himself (he never does) and Wojciechowski is far from a certainty to perform well himself. Even between Means and these two, there's no good reason to believe any of them will be effective in 2020. Means has to prove to me that he can do it again though I am encouraged and Wojo is, IMO, a long shot. So, expect Blach, Eshelman and Ortiz et al to be pitching for the Orioles. Blach and Eshelman did at least show the ability to be effective, but were both prone to sudden meltdowns. Blach showed the ability to be a serviceable major league starter in the past and Eshelman hasn't even thrown 40 innings yet. We got some pleasant surprises last season and will almost certainly get some in 2020 as well whoever they are.
  12. I voted no, but only because there wasn't an "I don't know" option. I'm not happy with how the whole situation was handled or that it seems we basically got an org guy for him and nothing else. I'm to the point that I don't care anymore, but it is a bungle on Elias' part in my book. Still plenty to be happy about as far as the direction he's taking the organization, though.
  13. Sessh


    ..and now for something completely different. So, I discovered many years ago that a few very talented musicians/video game players got the idea to take great video game soundtracks (even from the 8-bit NES era) and turn them into metal. Here are three of my favorites, two by the same dude, that I still listen to every now and then. I wish I would have gotten the idea back when I played guitar/bass and was getting bored with it. Awesome medley with numerous tunes that any gamer should recognize. Anyone who loved the SNES game Megaman X will LOVE this. I don't think it can be done any better really. Another dude who nails the soundtrack for the original Sonic the Hedgehog game on Genesis. Hopefully, there are other vintage gamers around here or, at the very least, people who used to love these games and love a little nostalgia.
  14. I chose Meh.. because spreading a return for Bundy over four players is probably stretching the talent pretty thin. Hard to make a pea-sized glob of peanut butter spread across a whole piece of bread. I would have rather had more quality in two players personally, but we'll see how these guys do.
  15. Well, I don't think Elias is incompetent, but I do think he bungled the Villar situation and I believe it to be a correct assessment that he did publicly show too many of his cards with regards to his intentions. I have been in agreement with almost everything else he's done since taking the job, but I still don't like the move, how it was handled and how it ultimately concluded, but oh well. I'm willing to give him a pass on it, though. See, I don't get this. As an everyday player the last four years, his WARs are 3.9, 0.1, 2.7 and 4.0. How is it that you or anyone can project him at a WAR that is lower than three of those four years? Why is it "likely" that he will be worse? With a total of 10.7 WAR, that averages out to almost 2.7, but his projection is lower than that? I'm not saying it's not possible that he will fall in the range you suggest, but I take issue with saying it's "likely" to happen. Based on what is it likely?
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