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  1. New wrinkle to the story. A Cleveland roller derby team is already named the Guardians: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/32486789/roller-derby-team-sues-cleveland-guardians-stop-name-use This is the baseball team's chance to say "Whoops, we better go with the Spiders afterall!"
  2. First off, decades overdue. Why not do both? The team can own or lease apartments for the players, but players can opt out and take a stipend to put towards a house if they have a family.
  3. So... I'm a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA. Although it's been about a decade since I've worked with athletes (I work primarily in public health), I at least have some insight into this subject. Harvey really doesn't give enough detail to make any determination of fault. For example, if similar exercises were a part of the offseason training plan and he didn't follow the plan, and thus was unprepared when spring training arrived, then it is his fault. On the contrary, if the coaches gave an exercise that Harvey had never done before (especially if at a high
  4. No. It's fun to speculate, but it truly takes a once in a 100 year talent to do both sides effectively at the big league level.
  5. Yep, and that is another reason not to have him unnecessarily bulk up. Keep him agile for the shifts against righties.
  6. RMC's defense improved significantly over the course of season. Hopefully the upward trend continues, especially with a full offseason and spring training. He'll never be a gold glover, but he could someday be considered average at least. Regarding bulking up, I don't think it would help Ryan much at all anyways. He's in very good shape, very explosive, and seems very durable with very little injury history. No need to mess that up.
  7. I love the mullet. I say we keep him around as he keeps rocking it. If he gets a haircut, dump him.
  8. I think Westburg gets a mid to late season call up if he plays well. The way he adjusted to AA pitching late this season shows he's not too far from being ready. Gunnar will make his debut in 2023, unless he absolutely demolishes AA+AAA pitching April through August.
  9. The second the last out of the WS is made, their phones will be ringing off the hook.
  10. Same here. Can we get the playoffs over already so free agency and other roster moves can be made? I'm really looking forward to our 2022 team. We won't have a great record, but it will be awesome seeing our next great team really start taking form.
  11. Holt is the assistant most deserving to get the boot, not Long.
  12. I'd rather the Angelos spend the money than pocket it.
  13. Very, very little. If he wasn't able to do "baseball activities" (i.e. swing a bat or throw a ball), then there is no way he'd be allowed to lift a weight or do sprints. He likely went through a closely monitored cardiac rehab program.
  14. Given DJ's build, you'd expect more power out of him. I think he should give rugby a try.
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