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  1. Good move. I like having Valiaka around. Good hustle-type player that is willing to fill any role the team needs (multiple positions, pinch running or hitting), with decent pop to the bat. Hopefully he can get on base more this year. I think he has more value as a super utility, frequently off the bench situationally player than an everyday 2B.
  2. I really don't get cutting Brocail loose. I thought he did a pretty good job, as we saw several pictures improve significantly. Probably comes down to politics more than anything else.
  3. Lou Brock spoke at a baseball camp I attended when I was around 11 or 12 (probably around 1999, give or take a year) in the next town over in rural Iowa. He took a limo to the camp. That was the first time this small-town kid had ever seen a limo in person. I had his career stats memorized from the baseball cards I had of him, but that long black limo made him an instant legend in my mind. I won an award at that camp (fastest pitch, I believe) and got to meet him. He was the nicest, most down-to-earth guy. We lost a great one.
  4. A 56 year old Pete Incaviglia has about as much value as Justin Smoak.
  5. 1: Mountcastle will achieve more than one All-Star nod. So will Austin Hays. I guarantee it. 3: Let the bullpen work itself out. Play the relievers in different situations to figure out where they best fit. Since we aren't in serious contention the last thing we need is to have a concrete 7th inning guy, lefty specialist, or closer. Move people around and see where they shine. The situational analytics of this management team are miles ahead of previous years. Trust the process. 4: You guys gotta give John Means a break. Its a messed up year and on top of that he lost his father. He came back way too quick from bereavement leave and it's been very clear from his body language. Even though the results haven't reflected it, his stuff is way better this year. Give him an offseason to process things and he will be just fine. 5: Akin looks good.
  6. I posted a similar statement yesterday and will do so today: this team is pretty decent. It is very clear that they are much better prepared and placed in situations best suited for them to succeed because of the much better analytics and scouting that this front office and coaching staff has. Our future is very bright with the core group we have right now. The Negative Nancies can turn off the TV and go plant a garden or something.
  7. This isn't a bad team. Not elite, but respectable. The folks calling this team bad are Negative Nancies. The biggest thing I'm impressed with is that they play hard. I see much fewer mistakes out of laziness that I did the last couple years. Also, the better scouting and analytics is very evident. No matter the hitter, you can't help but notice that they are better prepared at the plate than in previous years. You can see it with the relief pitching as well with the development of Scott, Fry, Armstrong, and Tate. I think the biggest reason for their success is that Hyde is putting them in situations that fit their strengths. I love Showalter, but sometimes it felt like he threw guys out to the wolves in situations that didn't match their skillset. With this regime we have the beginnings of a truly elite bullpen. Be positive. We have the foundations of a damn good team.
  8. Depending on how we do this week, I think Severino could be traded. He's got a heck of a bat and several years of team control left, his value is as high as it will ever be.
  9. This team is definitely showing resilience so far this season. We won't stay above .500 for long, but thats ok because none of us expected anything close to that. My thoughts: Our pitching is overperforming expectations. This could be due to hitters not having their timing/eye down with fewer reps this spring/summer. Guys like Milone and LeBlanc will get beaten up once hitters get more reps. The stats so far don't do Austin Hays justice. The numbers will come back around, he is too talented. Sisco is looking just fine, I don't get the hate from this board. I like the patience at the plate he has shown in the limited sample size so far. His confidence (which is his biggest weakness) will keep growing with good at bats. Alberto is a hitting machine. I really hope he spends the offseason getting in better shape. Mullins will have his moments with his speed, but he just doesn't have a big league bat. I'm perfectly fine having him be a backup centerfielder/pinch runner for the next few years. Valaika for some reason reminds me of Nate McLouth. Different positions obviously, but has the same scrappiness and athleticism. Rio Riuz just needs to keep doing what he's doing. The long hair must be helping his confidence. DJ Stewart just looks lost at bat. If Nunez makes a career of out of hitting .250 with 30-40 home runs per year, can you really complain about that production from a DH?
  10. Baseball was my worst sport. Growing up in a small town you pretty much had to play every sport (heck, I played in the marching band during the halftime of games in my football uniform). Baseball was my favorite when I was young, but when I was 12 I was hit by a pitch in the face and had to have major reconstructive surgery. I was a decent player, but never felt comfortable in the box after the injury and had vision issues due to the injury. Biggest achievement was hitting a bases loaded double off the wall when I was 14 to seal the state championship. Kept playing for a couple more years but really didn't have much passion for the game. Right after I stopped I hit a growth spurt and put on probably 30lbs of muscle and developed into a really good athlete (played football and ran track in college). Now that I'm older baseball is the only sport I really follow closely. The intracasies of the game that I didn't understand back then now fascinate me. Sometimes I wonder what I could have accomplished had I put the time and effort into baseball that I did other sports. I probably would have had enough raw athleticism to play in college, but not enough skill and consistency with the bat to do anything beyond that.
  11. I think the mullet adds at least 3mph to his fastball. Hey, it worked for Randy Johnson.
  12. Really quick delivery. If he hits his spots that is a tough fastball to hit. Hopefully this is a nice springboard for him into next season.
  13. Villar plays balls-out on every play. Yes, that leads to some mistakes due to his aggressiveness. He plays with much more passion than the previous Oriole players the past few years, so I'll take it.
  14. With the ASG past us and the second half of the season for us to look forward to (or dread). I'm curious to see what you all would prefer to happen these last couple months. So, rank your top 5 REALISTIC things you'd like to see happen with the O's. I'll kick it off: 1. Mancini does not get traded. 2. Bundy keeps pitching like he has recently. 3. Villar gets traded for an org's top 20 prospect. 4. Mountcastle gets called up and plays well. 5. Cisco keeps playing like he did the last week or so of the 1st half.
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