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  1. They both gotta stay.
  2. I think the mullet adds at least 3mph to his fastball. Hey, it worked for Randy Johnson.
  3. Really quick delivery. If he hits his spots that is a tough fastball to hit. Hopefully this is a nice springboard for him into next season.
  4. Villar plays balls-out on every play. Yes, that leads to some mistakes due to his aggressiveness. He plays with much more passion than the previous Oriole players the past few years, so I'll take it.
  5. With the ASG past us and the second half of the season for us to look forward to (or dread). I'm curious to see what you all would prefer to happen these last couple months. So, rank your top 5 REALISTIC things you'd like to see happen with the O's. I'll kick it off: 1. Mancini does not get traded. 2. Bundy keeps pitching like he has recently. 3. Villar gets traded for an org's top 20 prospect. 4. Mountcastle gets called up and plays well. 5. Cisco keeps playing like he did the last week or so of the 1st half.
  6. Good point. I too really like his command with the pitchers. It makes them better.
  7. I'm a bit concerned about his conditioning. He clearly put on weight during the off season. His pitching style relies on his legs to generate power. Probably fine in short stretches but I'm concerned how it translates into the long season. Hopefully he works himself into better shape as the season progresses.
  8. These kids are hungry, which is the exact opposite of what we had the last couple years. We'll be inconsistent, have stretches where we look good and stretches where we look down right awlful.....but overall surprise people just a little bit. The coaching staff is much more built around player development in the modern game, and the lessons these kids learn this year will set them up very well for future years. Diaz will be an absolute stud. We just need to find arms.
  9. Field of Dreams - grew up in Iowa, and the movie set are still there - same house, same cornfield. I loved visiting as a kid. The movie makes me very nostalgic of growing up in my own small Iowa farming community. The Sandlot - amazing. Bang the Drum Slowly
  10. Can you show us where you got the stat? Not denying anything....just want to see the breakdown! Flippin' awesome game either way.
  11. yark14

    Joey Rickard

    Rickard is more valuable to the team right now than Trumbo.
  12. Honestly, reminds me of Arrieta in so many ways. It will be a blessing (for them) and a curse (for us) to trade him to a team that can help him discover his swagger. He has a million dollar arm, that is unquestionable.
  13. I'm really liking this signing so far. Very impressed by the way that he manages pitchers. I know this is subjective, but through the first two games I feel that he was crucial in getting Gausman and Bundy through rough spots that they otherwise would have blown up in last year. Also, helping Britton through his command issues tonight was huge. Hopefully this skill can help him with Miley and Jimenez.
  14. Bundy is looking pretty solid tonight. Hopefully this trend continues....we need him to have a good year.
  15. Except if you live in Texas. :cussing: I have the MLB.tv subscription and live in Austin, but still blacked out when we play in Houston.
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