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  1. I think this is the year the Dodgers finally win it.
  2. I’m a classic commercial buff and I remember that. Lol
  3. Yesterday was a great bounce back win.
  4. Just about every time the Phillies have scored in the series, the O’s came right back and scored the following inning.
  5. We’re on ESPN tomorrow. We must be getting noticed.
  6. They’re winning games that bad teams usually don’t.
  7. If this was the Yankees, this game is called.
  8. Jesus Christ Baltimore. I didn’t know the Marlins were bringing Pedro Martinez and Kershaw with them. SMH
  9. Chris Davis is a prime example of the difference between a small market team and a big market team. We can’t afford to make this type of mistake. No way he’s still playing in NY or LA.
  10. There’s plenty of time to see if they’re a bad team, but regardless, they’re 5-3. As we speak right now, they’re not the worst team in baseball.
  11. I’m hoping, but I’m not expecting us to do anything. But WE ARE 5-3 and just swept the Rays who is ranked 5, I believe. From what I’ve seen, I’m not even sure the mighty Red Sox are all that much better than the O’s.
  12. I know i’m bearing a dead horse and It probably will never happen because the union won’t allow it, but baseball really need some kind of system (not necessarily a salary cap) where small market teams can hold players that they develop. Nothing is more frustrating than being a glorified farm system for big market teams.
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