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  1. Could someone please tell me exactly what the players want?
  2. I think MLB will be affected the most in all of this. It’s gonna be horrible for MLB to have to share its pennant race limelight with the NBA.
  3. I haven’t seen anybody discuss this. He definitely has the best chance at the Hall and with the anger over this cheating scandal getting worse everyday, does this keep Altuve out of the Hall?
  4. His wife probably talked him out of that real fast. Lol
  5. We have a game this weekend? Are exhibition games starting earlier this year?
  6. I know. I was talking about Fox, not FS1.
  7. VERY good point. Why the hell aren’t the ALCS and the NLCS on FOX?
  8. So how can you possibly be so sure that they stay in Baltimore?
  9. ORIOLE33

    2019 New York Yankees

    Looking more and more like this is the Yankees year. I thought Houston was the only team with a realistic chance at beating them, and still do, but I always thought the Yankees were a little better despite Houston having the better record.
  10. ORIOLE33

    Postseason picks

    Houston is starting to worry me. The one and only reason I picked them over the Yankees is home field. I don’t think TB stands a chance.
  11. There were a few that I recalled that said they hit a ton of HR’s and look at their record. As good as Minnesota was in the regular season, I never thought of them as anything other than a great regular season team. They “might” win game 3 and that will be it.
  12. I told you that when the playoffs come, the Twins were not going to be no match for the Yankees. Houston is my playoff team because I think they’re the only team that’s keeping the Yankees from a title. I don’t believe anybody in the NL, including the Dodgers, will beat the Yankees in a 7 game series.
  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if the O’s swept Detroit. They’re THAT bad.
  14. I know pretty absolutely nothing about this rumor. I just have one question. Is there any smoke to this rumor?
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