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  1. The Yankees better win tomorrow or they might be having a seat right next to us. Lol
  2. Is it showing real signs of age and does it need significant repairs? It still looks good on TV, but so doesn’t Fenway and I’ve heard stories about that place. I ask because even though Camden isn’t ancient, it’s not new anymore.
  3. I would love to contribute in keeping them out of the playoffs.
  4. How many one run 9th inning leads have the O’s blown vs the Yankees over the years. I swear, if someone wanted to be me $100 that the O’s were going to win 3-2, I wouldn’t have taken the bet. SMH
  5. I’m at the game and 37 is some hot garbage. and has singlehandly “almost” sabotaged this inning. Good turn on the double play though.
  6. Joe Jackson is an underrated artist. Thought I’d throw that out there.
  7. I just saw the Davis contract breakdown. I actually thought him retiring was going to help the O’s.
  8. Was this team supposed to be THIS bad? Maybe I set my goals to high, but I really thought this team would at least compete. And when I say compete, I don’t mean for the pennant, I’m mean to get to respectability. I wasn’t expecting to be this many games under 500.
  9. They tried way too hard to make that look like Yankee Stadium. Totally unoriginal.
  10. With the mysterious wind blowing in when the other team bats. Lol
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