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  1. Remember ... signing Lynn and/or Cobb would also cost the O's their second round draft pick in this year draft.
  2. ALE is a different animal. Difficult to compare. Look @ Pomeranz in Boston since he left San Diego for example. Trades we did't make: B.J. Upton .203 avg / 4 hr / 16 rbi Drew Pomeranz 2-5 w-l / 4.60 era / 1.38 whip
  3. Trades we did't make: B.J. Upton .203 avg / 4 hr / 16 rbi Drew Pomeranz 2-5 w-l / 4.60 era / 1.38 whip
  4. Here is a schedule comparison: Orioles: 28 at home, 30 away, 41 versus .500 or better teams Red Sox: 22 at home, 37 away, 37 versus .500 or better teams Blue Jays: 25 at home, 32 away, 35 versus .500 or better teams The Orioles have nine games remaining with the Red Sox (six at home) and six remaining with the Blue Jays (three at home). The Blue Jays & Red Sox have 6 games left with their final 3 as the last 3 games of the regular season in Boston. Source:Steve Melewski
  5. The Rude Sox have dealt away many decent prospects this past year. Pat Light goes to the Twins.
  6. Pomeranz's ERA over 7 since joining the sox. Glad we kept our prospects right now. Welcome to the AL Pom!
  7. They have the same amount of SO but Renfro has 100 more AB. Their OBP is almost identical. Either way the list is so subjective.
  8. The other flaw is how is the Braves Kevin Maitan the #1 rated 2016 international player not on the list. His report states the following: "Some scouts have designated him as a once-in-a-generation prospect. Every scout knows he is special."
  9. This list is a joke. How is Hunter Renfroe not in the top 10 .321 25 hr @ AAA one of the reasons the Padres moved Kemp. He is ranked 20 spots lower than Aaron Judge.
  10. Poorly managed inning. Even the announcers know YG is good for 5 innings. Why not have MG ready after walk #2. Then load the bases so now he has no room for error... SMH
  11. But they could have DFA Ubaldo and would had the same result with a better prospect in terms of performance in Peluffo. Peluffo and Hansley are the same age. Play in rookie ball and Peluffo has way better stats the last 2 seasons. The Padres would have fleeced the O's. The Jay's didn't overpay so why should the O's.
  12. Well just DFA him. Don't give up 2 decent prospects for him just to get him off the team.
  13. The O's would have overpayed vs. Toronto for a positional player the O's don't really need to win this season. The O's are #6 in hitting (BA) and #14 in pitching (ERA)
  14. Let me restate: In both scenarios the Padres would have saved appx. 5 million so the money for the Padres would have been a wash. The O's would have sent 3 players to the Padres vs. the 1 player the Jay's sent. Here is the Kicker both of the players the O's would have sent are performing better than the player the Jay's sent. So I am not sure what you are debating for?
  15. I believe the point is do you overpay the Padres with good prospects just to rid the roster of Ubaldo? When we already complain about our farm system.
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