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  1. What? As I've said, if you seriously think these comps that draft analysts are throwing out means they think they'll be who they're referencing I'm not sure what to say...they clearly aren't. They just try to give comparable notable players the general fans know about that have a similar style of game+build. You really think Callis is saying Baumler is gonna be Greinke?
  2. Yeah, definitely think I'm the one with the problem here. Have a fantastic day...dude.
  3. Great rebuttal, dude. What a riveting argument from your side. Glad we could get this great of a discussion going. You're really making a strong case.
  4. Like I said, I think you're missing the point. He's far from the only player taken that gets comparisons to elite level players while not being a top 10 pick. Mayo was compared to Austin Riley who is a top end prospect in baseball due to strengths/build. That's all these are. I think you're taking the word comparison to literally.
  5. Because that's how draft prospects work and people find comparing similar skillsets/frames etc. to players that have made it? We see it all across sports. That never means when those comparisons are made they "expect" said player to turn exactly into them.
  6. How stupid I sound? You just said they gave him the slot amount for close to a Comp pick/high 2nd round amount and are going off on a tangent because someone compared him to getting "another 1st round pick". Maybe don't get so caught up in semantics and realize guys like him fall who have high asking prices and age+tool wise, for where we landed him, it is a steal? But go off.
  7. No one cares dude. After the top 10-12 picks all MLB teams value on players is completely different than other teams. The "big board" media outlets aren't true value either. The MLB draft even more so than any other sport is a complete crapshoot. So even if he did get the slot amount of a 1st rounder it wouldn't mean any more or less as to his chances hitting. He was still a steal and wouldn't be an Oriole if we wouldn't have went underslot early.
  8. If you want to seriously think someone comparing a HS kid to a pro ball player means that they're saying they'll be that player or better in time then...
  9. Again, Kjerstad is 21. Young players are generally overaggressive... especially ones with the power of Kjerstad. Tork also is likely limited to 1B whereas Kjerstad profiles as a RF with the bat to profile there and likely comes with a far lesser $.
  10. He has better foot speed and is a better defender than Schwarber, even if that's not his calling card. Schwarber offensively would be a beast if he could hit LHP, so I'll happily take the bat profile.
  11. Definitely no way he has a chance of working out because Jonathan Mayo didn't have him rated at the same slot. FO people in Boston obviously have no clue about the "real" big board on MLB.com.
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