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  1. I mean...last season we were in a pandemic.
  2. Because there's also zero reason for Witt to be brought up in this thread either? "Witts also playing great right now" when he actually isn't (and yes, I'm aware he's young for his placement) is just pointless.
  3. ISU94

    Kyle Bradish 2021

    10 Ks thru 4.
  4. Make it 3/3 w/ 2 walks
  5. One of those hitting prospects is viewed fairly highly by a lot of people. The other has a chance to be an everyday type guy in a corner spot too. Smith has stuff also that can improve and has been on the up and up this past year with a great spin rate. Those 6 wildcards could present a legit piece or two as well. Im well aware of how they were viewed at the time.
  6. Look at the packages we got this deadline compared to what we got for those? I think this ones better...?
  7. I mean, the very top end were here but the main reason for being where we are is because of the depth of it. Most of that has been brought in via Elias, including some of the IFAs that are getting ready/already sprinkled in to that top 30. Our farm system hasn't been this filled with solid 40-45 guys in a long, long time. Not to mention it could be argued Elias got more for relievers/meh pieces this deadline than Duquette got for School, Machado, etc. Which is pure insanity. This is clearly a much better run team that has a deep farm system due to the guy currently here
  8. Because they're not on the 60 man and with COVID they can't...
  9. He's only been year for a little under 2 years...how do you expect him to get top 100 prospects outside of the previous regime and 1st round picks that quick?
  10. I don't see them spending this off-season even if success continues this year. Gonna see what they have with the young guys the next couple years and reassess imo.
  11. TB is bringing guys up if they're ready and in a pennant race. Just because they have a great farm doesn't mean they rush guys just to do so. I said if a guy has shown he's clearly ready.
  12. Can of Corn on OH definitely knows how to property develop a player over the GM of a professional baseball organization who has been in the game for decades and been apart of some of the most successful "team builds" over the past couple decades. Don't challenge that.
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