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  1. Here is the current outlier...Nelson Cruz in 162 games for the Twins 0.318/0.401/0.650 - 191 H, 56 HR, 139 RBI.
  2. As soon as the sons had to take control, they said the team is for sale.
  3. I think it's just as simple as a good pitching coach straightened Bundy out.
  4. Peter Angelos did get us Albert Belle without even discussing it with anyone else.
  5. In the 5 seasons since we let Cruz go, he averaged 40.8 HR and 104.4 RBI each year. Not counting this season. And he is tied for the league lead in HRs now.
  6. Severino leads the team in batting of players with at least 100 AB. .325 BA.
  7. AB per HR... 6.75. . Can he keep it up? LOL
  8. Natty

    O’s-Mets 9-8

    Mountcastle is going to be a hitter.
  9. Natty

    O’s-Mets 9-8

    Is DJ leading the league in HR/AB ratio? ...LOL.
  10. Put him in the bullpen. He can pitch blowout games. No other value.
  11. Dylan Bundy update with the Angels... 8 starts, 50.2 IP, 55 K's, W-4 L-2 ERA 2.49...
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