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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Ring was the only 2016 draftee to make it to Delmarva last year, be it the end of the year. Have to agree with Chuck, teams have different ways and thoughts of where a player may be best suited for his development. Maybe they wanted Ring to play every day and play center field, who really knows...........
  2. I can shed some light...If you look at the Amateur draft discussion on Ring, he was given 100 grand at the 31st slot, which is unusual. It is surprising he fell so far considering where some of the other outfielders in the SEC got drafted. Ring's offense isn't even his best attribute. I watched him play in the Gulf Coast League and his defense is second to none. I read in his player of the week article, that he has already "hosed" two runners out also from right field. I get why they have Mckenna playing center field, because he was a 4th round pick and he is younger, but Ring is a better center fielder. In fact, I'll go as far as to say Ring is the best defensive center fielder in the Orioles farm system. Also you have to remember, a guy like Ring played a college season, then had to play hot summer day games every day in the Gulf Coast League last year. I wouldn't be surprised if a little fatigue played in on him at the end.
  3. So him play again yesterday.....his defense is really good in center...gets great reads and jumps on the ball...nearly MLB ready in that category.....hitting .415 in 41 AB's (be it a small sample)....the kid played in the tough SEC conference so I am sure he saw real good pitching in college....Would like to see him move right to Delmarva and see what he could do
  4. Been to a few games this year....This kid Ring plays a real good center field and has been hitting for a high average......I guess he was drafted as a junior out of college...maybe he can move up quickly
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