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  1. Why do people care so much about Rucker and Bailey?
  2. I see “personal reasons” (as you suggest) as more vague, causing wider ranging speculation, than “non-baseball related surgery”. regardless, if it is the o’s messaging that you are concerned about here, I don’t know what to tell you.
  3. How is what you said any different than what the orioles have released? both lead to speculation. the situation is a scary and it sucks, but the organization has done nothing wrong.
  4. Martin left Friday's game early and was out of the lineup yesterday.
  5. This speculation is embarrassingly awful.
  6. No. Bailey and Rucker are just dime a dozen pitchers.
  7. But it wasn’t known that there would be guys that cleared waivers and stay with the organization and guys working their way up the ranks that have looked like they can compete at the major league level.
  8. Are you counting Akin and Zimmerman?
  9. Maybe he's encouraged by the pitching depth on the doorstop.
  10. Sisco will not be fine. He can't hit. He is a strikeout machine.
  11. Maybe nobody is talking about it because it happened in a sprint training game? Also, from the photos, it doesn't look like it would have cleared the wall.
  12. Austin Hays OPS'd .900 in his draft year, as a 3rd rd pick Adley .774 as the 1-1 pick
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