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  1. The game isn't postponed
  2. Yeah, maybe teams should start hiring Luck Coaches instead of Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  3. Because if a guy is hitting HRs and 2Bs, they can get away with K's while still being productive. If a guy had McKenna's profile, a 22% K rate is too high.
  4. With an OPS of .686 in '19 and .675 this spring. How does that compare to league averages?
  5. Has Elias traded anyone who projects to be a valuable asset in '23/'24 seasons, when the team should expect to be competitive?
  6. Bonilla is an idiot for not making it part of that contract to take the annual payments in Bitcoin.
  7. I think he can return to Cy Young form
  8. There is a much better chance of Santander being an All-Star in 2023 than either of them being above replacement major league players.
  9. Which 3 outfielders better than Santander will be on the roster in 2023?
  10. I'd prefer to wait until 2022 to spend it, after a full major and minor league season (hopefully) to see where the holes are that need to be filled by free agent signings.
  11. We MIGHT get more than we gave up IF he has a "really good" first half. In that case, we'd pay at least $9 million for a potential improvement prospect swap. Or, we could pay $18M for a pick we get in exchange for him not taking the QO Or, we could be stuck with him in 2022 (for whatever the QO is) - potentially blocking prospects Are we looking for a long term deal for a 3B?
  12. We'd still be paying $18M in 2021 for no reason
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