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  1. DirtyBird

    Coby Mayo

    All four of them have probably played more games this year than they ever have in their baseball careers. I'm not sure they wouldn't benefit more from individualized offseason programs to work on things than playing more games in the AFL. I think it makes more sense to send guys who may have missed time during the season and could use more live AB's
  2. DirtyBird

    Coby Mayo

    This guy is better than Austin Martin
  3. Not every prospect is a top 5 pick out of college. Adley's first full season, there was no minor league baseball and Kjerstad has had health issues. There are a ton of OF's on the current Delmarva roster, three of them besides Cowser were early draft picks, who will likely move up to begin next season. My guess is that Aberdeen's core OF to begin the year will be Kjerstad, Rhodes, Trimble & Williams, and/or possibly Haskin.
  4. I don't think this is true and, due to there being no minor league season last year, there isn't enough info to make this claim. The current Aberdeen OF is Cespedes, Harris, Haskin, Sparks and Turchin. That is not a group that is going to block the 1st rd pick from starting the year in Bowie.
  5. 100+ exit velo on the double and also comebacker off the pitcher's leg in first AB.
  6. Same thing that happened for us this year
  7. What is going to happen here when Westburg ends up better than Austin Martin?
  8. And gee, I thought we were going to buy a prospect for $80 million
  9. It's not hard for most 19 year olds to lose weight if they try. They should have told him that drafting him and his $1 million bonus depended on him dropping 30 lbs
  10. Is it just me, or do his best games at the plate come in blowout wins? Are numbers his being inflated by performances against bad pitchers that everybody is hitting?
  11. I would say pumping money into Latin American operations instead of paying $50 or so million to win 10 more games is also an advantage. Your continued crying about taking Cowser over Lawler is pretty pathetic.
  12. You are the only one saying players, who you have no clue about, stink.
  13. I wonder how much the name, image and likeness ruling could impact sign-ability of HS players committed to big programs.
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