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  1. I don't think DJ Stewart is good enough to make any real impact. He will be on the team and in the lineup, but won't make an impact.
  2. I mean, nobody ever gets these things right, so I am probably wrong.
  3. Yes. Need somebody to eat innings.
  4. The biggest jump into the top 30 has to be Stauffer, right? Probably close to top 15 now? 1 Rutschman 2 DL Hall 3 Hays 4 Mouncastle 5 Rodriguez 6 Henderson 7 Kremer 8 Harvey 9 Diaz 10 Baumann
  5. You don't have Gunnar in your top 10?
  6. I think Akin starting in the O's pen/flex starter might be the most likely scenario.
  7. He just said why you would leave him there (unless Akin is promoted) - to have him in a starting rotation. It makes a heck of a lot more sense to leave Baumann in Bowie than it does to put Zimmerman in the pen. Zimmerman was called up to AAA to start last season, he got 7 starts. Some of them were pretty bad, but he also had 3 that were pretty good.
  8. I'm don't see the point of sending Martin to Norfolk. It's not like he is a prospect that will benefit from the development time in AAA - he is a placeholder on the major league team until someone better comes along,
  9. You should buy a beverage for everyone who took the time to complete that quiz
  10. How much FV do you think Givens has? Is it worth paying his arbitration number to find out?
  11. Breaking News: Team in rebuild won't trade top prospects.
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