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  1. What is going to happen here when Westburg ends up better than Austin Martin?
  2. And gee, I thought we were going to buy a prospect for $80 million
  3. It's not hard for most 19 year olds to lose weight if they try. They should have told him that drafting him and his $1 million bonus depended on him dropping 30 lbs
  4. Is it just me, or do his best games at the plate come in blowout wins? Are numbers his being inflated by performances against bad pitchers that everybody is hitting?
  5. I would say pumping money into Latin American operations instead of paying $50 or so million to win 10 more games is also an advantage. Your continued crying about taking Cowser over Lawler is pretty pathetic.
  6. You are the only one saying players, who you have no clue about, stink.
  7. I wonder how much the name, image and likeness ruling could impact sign-ability of HS players committed to big programs.
  8. Imagine being firmly committed to arguing that Elias should have drafted a guy that you have probably never seen play a full game of baseball.
  9. He had an OPS of 1.052 in 2019 for SHSU and also had 3 HR in 13 games for Team USA that year
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