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  1. I'd prefer to wait until 2022 to spend it, after a full major and minor league season (hopefully) to see where the holes are that need to be filled by free agent signings.
  2. We MIGHT get more than we gave up IF he has a "really good" first half. In that case, we'd pay at least $9 million for a potential improvement prospect swap. Or, we could pay $18M for a pick we get in exchange for him not taking the QO Or, we could be stuck with him in 2022 (for whatever the QO is) - potentially blocking prospects Are we looking for a long term deal for a 3B?
  3. We'd still be paying $18M in 2021 for no reason
  4. Give up prospects to pay a guy 18M for a season when the team won't be a contender? Sounds like a great idea.
  5. One area is at about max capacity, the other is the fastest growing area in the state and about 45 minutes from both Nats and O's stadiums.
  6. You don't think Frederick is contested territory?
  7. Wouldn't a salary dump have been not picking up his option?
  8. I hope we got Dylan Bundy in return
  9. The roster is terrible. Was that up for discussion?
  10. Yeah - aside from being the best player on the roster, there isn't much to like.
  11. DJ Stewart isn't any good We don't know if Diaz is any good Santander looks like he will be a good player who is enjoyable to watch who will be around for the next 4 seasons if we want him.
  12. DirtyBird

    Nunez DFA

    Paying a guy that makes your team worse as opposed to understanding sunk cost is stupid management.
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