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  1. Obviously. I think you are just arguing what would be best for the O's, not what makes the most sense.
  2. Will 2021 rosters be closer to 2019 rosters or 2020?
  3. Is there any weighted average model that doesn't more heavily weight recency?
  4. It would be fair to extend win total out to what it would have been over 162 games and then total with 2019. A straight total would give too much weight to 2019 total.
  5. Thank you for pitching well enough during the abbreviated season to bring a decent return
  6. Exactly. Scott is under control through 2024 and is still improving. Hopefully the plan is to be competitive before then. Not sure why to trade him unless the return is huge. Fry and Castro, I don't really care about trading. I think they already are what they are going to be. So, if you can get something for them now, go ahead and deal them.
  7. I think the funniest part about this is that you made them throw in the ow level pitching prospect.
  8. I'm pretty sure it is the BLM movement marching the streets crying about being victims
  9. BLM is definitely not a cop hating organization: https://imgur.com/c3hpKWo
  10. If only there were more decent thieving, store owner and police officer assaulting people like Michael Brown out there, this world would be a better place.
  11. Michael Brown? That was the "hands up, don't shoot lie", right? The guy that assaulted an Asian store owner and reached for an officer's weapon? Is that the right one?
  12. Just like the BLM crowd dismisses any talk of black people killing each other.
  13. And this is a fallacy, with no eventual support. BLM is a joke.
  14. I guess welfare policies didn't win the war on poverty
  15. Don't you understand the big difference in numbers of how many times each happens?
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