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  1. I wasn't around here in 2014, so I just got my "Yes, that's reasonable" vote in now.
  2. I'm pretty stoked for the 1-2 punch of Brandon Bailey and Michael Rucker
  3. Does an option really matter for Caleb Joseph?
  4. Can the internets ever get the bandwidth back that was wasted on this thread?
  5. So, signing every pitcher willing to sign a minor league contract would improve the pitching? This makes no sense.
  6. Easton Lucas is a stud. We stole this deal.
  7. Mentioned this in another thread. I wish I would have know it was "threadworthy". It would have lifted me to OH stardom.
  8. Are you a graduate of Tony's school of loss vs lost?
  9. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but I am excited for the Zach Peek and Pop two headed monster out of the pen
  10. Saving $10 million takes the sting out having to pay $60 million in dead money. Logically, there is no relationship between the two. Psychologically and emotionally, there can be.
  11. 3 World Series Championships in the 2020’s
  12. Maybe allow us to sign decent free agent pitchers?
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