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  1. I'm pretty sure it is the BLM movement marching the streets crying about being victims
  2. BLM is definitely not a cop hating organization: https://imgur.com/c3hpKWo
  3. If only there were more decent thieving, store owner and police officer assaulting people like Michael Brown out there, this world would be a better place.
  4. Michael Brown? That was the "hands up, don't shoot lie", right? The guy that assaulted an Asian store owner and reached for an officer's weapon? Is that the right one?
  5. Just like the BLM crowd dismisses any talk of black people killing each other.
  6. And this is a fallacy, with no eventual support. BLM is a joke.
  7. I guess welfare policies didn't win the war on poverty
  8. Don't you understand the big difference in numbers of how many times each happens?
  9. They should make a move to clean up their dirty, crime infested neighborhoods first.
  10. Do we also lead the world in black people killing one another? I'm not sure, because you didn't mention that.
  11. @Tony-OHBased on these feelings, think you should make @Eric-OH take the "OH" off his twitter handle.
  12. Have you seen McKenna at the plate since he left Frederick? He is a long shot to be a contributor at the major league level. I wouldn't take Stewart or Mullins into consideration when making moves either.
  13. The sports media is a bunch of drama queens begging for sports to be shut down for political purposes.
  14. Does playing baseball increase the chances of contracting covid?
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