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  1. Why? Most teams looking to salary dump are non-contenders, and non-contenders don't give up prospects who they think will be valuable in the future.
  2. I would, but I'm worried the Chris Davis section would wear out the "0" and "K" keys on my laptop.
  3. What is better for the organization, Akin being thrown into the fire and getting banged around a bit as a regular starter, while going with a 5 man rotation in AAA (Kremer, Zimmerman, Wells, Lowther, Baumann)? Or holding Akin back, or yo-yo'ing him, or having a 6 man rotation in AAA, or keeping Baumann behind at Bowie for the first part of the season?
  4. You think that new management should "take what they can get" for Mancini now instead of working towards potentially having a competitive team in 2022?
  5. You don't hold real prospects back in order to have room for organizational players. That makes absolutely zero sense.
  6. I'm not much of a reader
  7. AKA, The one that ruined the country
  8. I think you give Mullins one more shot in the majors to start the season. If he doesn’t look like a major league player, get him off the 40 man
  9. Organizational players don’t necessarily need to “earn” promotions. They just are there to fill a position. Frederick is a pretty high level for guys in there first full pro season drafted where Welk was.
  10. I hope Hernaiz and Henderson break camp with Delmarva, but based on Elias's comments, that doesn't sound likely. It will probably be Welk at 3B, Ortiz at SS, Carmona at 2B there. Encarnacion 3B in Frederick Also think McKenna will be in Norfolk to be in OF rotation, compete w/ Mullins to be the 4th OF in Baltimore at some point this season.
  11. Does this change anyone's Elias grade from the other thread?
  12. We could have just DFA'd Kline the instead of Valaika the first time.
  13. How can anyone say that 2019 was a good or great draft right now?
  14. Because we are terrible, so terrible pitchers will have a chance to make our terrible roster.
  15. Go to the earlier event on Carroll Creek. A short walk down the creek takes you to Idiom (my favorite), Smoketown and Attaboy breweries, and McClintok distillery.
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