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  1. The worse we can be tomorrow morning is tied with only Toronto.
  2. I would probably take 3-3 as that most likely gets us into a postseason game unless Detroit goes 6-1. Houston and Seattle are meaningless if we go 3-3 unless one of them wins out which most likely will not happen with them playing each other in a series. Ideally and probably the most realistic scenario we could hope for would be Toronto to lose tonight, We win 2of 3 from both Toronto and NY and the Jays lose the series against the Red Sox who are hoping for home field through the playoffs. That gives us the 1 seed in the WC and a home game against the Jays. This seems like the most logical b
  3. Boston, Cleveland and the Rangers should all be fighting right down to the wire for homefield. The only exception could be Cleveland if they do poorly against the Tigers. I think the O's need 3 wins to assure themselves some type. of playoff game. If we win 3 of our last 6, the Tigers would have to go 6-1 to knock us out. If they go 5-2 we have a play in game in Baltimore. Tuesday's game gives us a chance to get off to a good start with Gausman going. Hopefully he is healthy and pitches well. I was one who thought things didn't look great for us because of the schedules but I like our chan
  4. I know this might be a bit of a stretch and I knew Buck wouldn't do it, but was I the only one thinking it might be a good idea to PH Mancini for Davis in the 11th? The D'Backs had a lefty in there and Mancini killed lefties in the minors and is doing the same in the his first two games since being added to the roster. Mancini seems to have a good approach when he bats and defensively, Mancini is a 1B. Maybe not as good defensively as Chris but still a 1B. Again I know it probably goes against conventional thought to take a vet out for a rookie who has played two games but I at least thought
  5. Should Buck consider moving Tillman up a day and start him against Boston for game 4? Since we have been using a 6 man rotation, would we be better off with Tillman going in game 4 against the Sox and drop Jiminez down a slot to pitch game 1 against Arizona?
  6. It's very difficult to be optimistic when I look at the schedules of all the contending teams. Houston's schedule is really tough but the other teams have a more favorable schedule than us. Complicating matters is the fact the Tigers and Royals still have two series left with each other making it even more difficult for us to get any separation. We must win the Yankees series and even then the Tigers series may go a long way in determining our fate. Lose both and things will be bleak.
  7. EVERYONE chasing us has a much more favorable schedule than the O's. We are most likely not going to squeak in with average play. We are going to have to play very well in September.
  8. 23-17 seems like a bit of a stretch the way this team is playing. 4 games under .500 since the All Star break and we are supposed to go 6 games over from here on out? I would like to think so, I am just not confident in that. We are supposed to get fat against the Yankees when we have split with them for the year, they have played better than us after the break and 6 of 9 against them are on the road where we are atrocious. Granted we could do well against the Rays and maybe the D'Backs at home, but we also have a 4 game split with the Nats, 3 games on the road against the Tigers, We have 6
  9. Definitely a Gold Glove contender IMO.
  10. Some favorable pitching match ups to hopefully get us some confidence playing on the road. Especially with this long road trip coming up. Hopefully the bats start coming alive. Trumbo going deep last night was a welcome sight. Schoop who was on fire in June, cooled in July. It would be nice to see him heat up again.
  11. Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been a longtime lurker and decided to join the fray. I've been a fan going back to the mid to late 70's. Hopefully I will be able to make a minor contribution to some of the discussions. Go O's!
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