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  1. I mentioned it a few times. Saw both Gallo and Schwarber hit the warehouse in batting practice. Both hit near the “C” painted on the building. Gallo hit just below it, Schwarber hit halfway up the letter, a few feet to the right of it.
  2. They offered him the deal now but will wait until after the new agreement to do the physical? Sounds like Elias is gonna spend a few hundred to send a pizza to Lyles house during negotiations.
  3. Buck Britton with the big promotion while Kyle Moore and Felipe Alou both jump up too.
  4. My favorite memory of him was his 3 home run game in Texas when the 3rd one bounced up and was about 2 feet from my glove. Thank you Pedro for the MASN air time.
  5. They can clear out whoever they want and get more spots for selections. They just can’t add anyone to protect them from the draft.
  6. Who had Gillespie on their Bingo card?
  7. Need to check his stats. But there goes 1 spot for the Rule 5 protectee’s.
  8. In 2020, Blach got hurt and required Tommy John surgery, then was released. He was re-signed to a MiLB deal for 2021 so he could rehab and get some game innings in Low A, usually just going 2-3 innings. Due to his MLB experience, his MiLB deal was only 1 year. The Orioles did him a favor with the signing and they could re-sign him on a MiLB deal with a Spring Training invite (if he is fully healed) or just a MiLB deal and assign him to a higher level to continue to rehab and get his pitches back before using him as depth.
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