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  1. They are trying to work out a trade for Nunez. Wynns could be outrighted to AAA. Not sure about Sulser, if he has been outrighted before, anywhere. Wynns might depend on what the team does with Severino.
  2. Mountcastle showing out this year probably also helped.
  3. No Pop? Interesting. They added more than I thought they would and I’m a bit surprised at Nunez being the odd man out. With Diaz being added, Stewart needs to watch out.
  4. For those saying Pop won’t be taken due to coming off TJ, Santander was taken after shoulder surgery too.
  5. De La Cruz, Gonzalez and Perez are all bullpen catchers for the minors.
  6. Pop could be claimed and put on the DL for the season (like Santander.)
  7. Iglesias has his option picked up.
  8. At best, a potential mid season trade if he does well, at worst, he has a shorter Orioles MLB career than Jose Rondon?
  9. He declared Free Agency yesterday. Kohl Stewart and Branden Kline just did the same.
  10. This increased my thoughts that Urias might be outrighted to Norfolk.
  11. He was a batting practice legend. Until Aderlin Rodriguez arrived...
  12. Maybe he is recovering from something and using his time for rehab and then his studies?
  13. So is Urias. Plus, possible trades of Cobb and anyone else.
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