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  1. Bannon would be ok, but he has been out for a bit with an oblique injury caused during a swing. Still no word on any rehab games, so he is still going to be out for a while longer.
  2. Cumberland over Adley. Mason McCoy at some point, in place of Stevie. Maybe Bannon later in the year if he gets healthy and produces. Zach Jarrett in place of Stewart if/when he gets hurt.
  3. Not to hijack the thread, but what did you think of Houston Roth? He closed out the last 4 innings and had 1 less K, no hits, but 2 walks (and 1 HBP) in 1 less inning. His stuff seemed good too, but that's on the app.
  4. Bring out the popcorn for when Severino has to catch him.
  5. Oh come on, they are only 1 call up away from being contenders!
  6. I think after the All Star break is when we might see the most change. Alex Wells has been pitching very well and seems to have overcome his initial rust from his late start due to the oblique issue. Once Baumann moves back to Norfolk, Wells could get a chance in the rotation, pushing Harvey out and possibly sending Lopez to the pen.
  7. Or “Cisco,” even when his name is in the thread title or in a reply to a quote with his name…
  8. Agree fully on this. IL both of them now and let them heal instead of having them push and possibly get hurt worse. Call up McKenna and Diaz. If someone else gets hurt along the way, either put Stevie out there or find a way to add Zach Jarret to the 40.
  9. Marcos Diplan is on the “Inactive List” right now for Olympic baseball.
  10. Check back in 2 weeks, is my guess.
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