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  1. It’s similar to Posey. Both have stuff outside of baseball they are dealing with and taking this time off to deal with it is a better decision.
  2. I mean, the National League IS the “Senior Circuit” and we know how stubborn the youngsters can be...
  3. Michael Kopec is not playing this season.
  4. I wonder if injury is a concern, as far as pitchers. With their whole routine out of wack, arm injuries could be a bigger issue this season.
  5. Registered just to post the question. Doubting the validity of the inquiry.
  6. It feels like it’s been years since they closed the season at home.
  7. So, start using the same balls they used during the playoffs last season?
  8. Don’t know. Is it a league wide issue or just isolated to the Nationals? Did they order stuff later than others? There are a few questions.
  9. His second, later article says Cobb and Givens threw side sessions and will pitch tomorrow.
  10. Crap, why couldn’t the AL and NL East positives tests pop up around the 21st?
  11. How is that different than any other day? 😂
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