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  1. "Lord Castle" seems to be the choice of the Minors.
  2. I wonder if this is a correlation to them starting almost immediately after the MiLB season ended instead of having to ramp these guys back up.
  3. Brooks looks like he is about to drop kick Etch...
  4. I saw Akin and Ortiz in person. Ortiz, even after the weight loss, was still quite a bit larger. Akin isn't a small boy, but he carries it a lot better.
  5. I'm sure Davis and Boras were happy with the contract.
  6. If Ortiz is in it, the tires will dig a moat from the bullpen to the mound...
  7. Akin in Norfolk and hope he can learn to be more "pitch efficent." Ortiz to the treadmill. He might get gassed coming in from the bullpen...
  8. I don't see Martin making it to Opening Day on the 26 man roster, unless something big happens. I think he starts off in Norfolk atleast. I think Villar ends up at short and an Alberto/Wilkerson platoon at 2nd. Catching....Not sure. Severino, unless he gets traded. Sisco, unless they move him or move on from him. Wynns, unless they get rid of him. If they protect Cumberland, do they give him a shot?
  9. His first highlight was a line drive towards the line. Stevie laid out and made a diving stop and threw the runner out at first.
  10. Don't forget, last season he had other highlight reel plays at 3rd base, including the diving stop and throw against the Nats in his first start and a "run and throw" to keep the game tied against the Braves, plus the running, sliding, over the shoulder catch as a second baseman in the last game of the season.
  11. Guess I'll keep a closer eye on my mail.
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