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  1. At this point, I couldn’t care any less. Why? Since even before Day 1, people have been on this guy like a horny person at closing time of the bar. If he comes up and turns into Barry Bonds (minus the extra help,) this board might explode in ecstasy. If he comes up and has anything less than a Hall of Fame career with a 1.000 average and a home run every at bat, this board might explode in rage.
  2. True, but the leather is also different and they are wound up differently (usually a little looser.)
  3. I wonder how the MLB ball reacts vs the MiLB ones, mainly due to the seam difference? That could help or harm him more.
  4. Both him and Sisco will get plenty of cardio for running after the passed balls/wild pitches atleast.
  5. All I need is a plane ticket and I’ll take care of the rest...
  6. I wonder if the “lengthy recovery” is more due to the virus and any potential issues it might cause him (after what it did to Eduardo Rodriguez...) so they are keeping him “less active” than usual?
  7. Was going to say the same thing. The “delivery to your seats” was a HUGE plus and was a lot easier and convenient than I thought it would be. Making it into some type of app would be even better. Imagine a Boogs sammich being brought to you.
  8. Maybe this weekend they will announce the non-roster invitees and it’ll feel a bit more “normal.”
  9. Even though he hasn’t played there much since his debut, let’s not forget Stevie’s two plays early on: the diving stop and throw at third against the Nats and his charging, barehand throw in extras against the Braves that kept the game tied. He probably is the better defender of the first 3 that were mentioned.
  10. Plot twist: Orioles sign Bauer and his YouTube videos are now the pre and post game shows.
  11. Nothing about the roster or DH. Looks like there would be some “built in” double headers to accommodate the schedule.
  12. Make them all look like Arnie from Terminator 2 and you’ll eliminate arguments too.
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