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  1. Probably got jealous Hyde brought Wilkerson in instead.
  2. As someone who does get autographs, I usually get them from players I enjoy watching play, or, in the case of last years FanFest vouchers, players who had a legacy. If they turn out to be a great player, cool.
  3. I'd rather they offer Kelby Tomlinson a MiLB deal instead of Beckham.
  4. I wonder if they haven't tried it due to questions/issues with maturity and composure?
  5. I'm pretty sure they already knew that, hence why he went #1 and is getting an invite in his first ever Spring Training.
  6. You won't believe the amount of people who think this means he is breaking camp with the team...
  7. When my wife and I first started dating, we went to the movies and saw "The Gallows." She didn't tell me how much of a sissy she is during horror films and my own life was too scary to be freaked out by Hollywood. She proceeded to jump, scream, and/or swing her arms wildly at the tiniest scare, popping me in the mouth and nose a few times. Once the movie ended, the couple behind us commented "wow, she really beat the s... out of him!" Since then, she has been on her own with horror films...
  8. If Taylor Davis is coming on an MiLB contract, it doesn't matter. A month until Spring Training and any number of things can happen before Opening Day: Injury, ineffectiveness, or a trade. Depth right now is good. If Sisco, Severino, or Wynns gets hurt and may miss a substantial chunk of time, Holaday or Taylor could get on the 40 as insurance. If a team calls and asks about Severino and offers up something that gets Elias interested, open roster spot. Taylor or Holaday come into camp and hit .100 with 20 strike outs, they can be released without another hit to the 40.
  9. Yeah, thanks for sending it. But next time, hair from his head is fine too.
  10. Not yet. Was going to do that after I finish with the Sisco Voodoo Doll.
  11. Quick, someone get him the location of every camera!
  12. It's cool. It's not like you are a lawyer or anything.
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