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  1. Hey, it looked routine until you see the other factors. Plus, Mountcastle can do no right in the field. Didn’t you get the email or did it get sent to the spam box again?
  2. I have to give Santander a bit of a break here, as the combination of the wind and the sun (cloudless day) really messed with the ball there.
  3. No. https://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Tom_Patton
  4. I played from Tee Ball all the way through Little League until High School. I had a very good arm and mainly played 3rd, catcher, and pitcher until my last two years when I was moved to second base. As a hitter...I could draw a walk and was decent at stealing, but teams weren’t exactly scared of my hitting. Defense was my highlight. Guess Wynns and I are similar. Gave up baseball to play football in High School. Highlights in Little League were playing against other kids I was in school with who were always talking trash when I would catch and not a single one of them successfully stole a base against me, or one of my teammates and I being the backbone of the team one season. I could hit that season and one of us would pitch the first 4 innings and the other would pitch the last 3, while the other caught. Ended up winning our “level” championship that year and we had the best record in the entire league. I still throw when I can and actually won a Manny Machado autograph ball at Aberdeen during “Launch A Ball” by getting the tennis ball in the bucket on the pitchers mound from the stands on the first base side.
  5. It is charged up as a “civil matter,” so there won’t be charges by the police. I don’t know Florida law, so I don’t know what, if any, bearing him paying bills there would have on things.
  6. He already plays for the Orioles...
  7. But not on the 40. So he was sent to Norfolk outright before Spring Training cuts, but is still in MLB Camp (on paper.)
  8. Even in the event of a “total shutdown,” my place of employment would be open. Hooray. 😑
  9. Age and health play the main role. Italy has a higher “elderly” population and the health isn’t as good overall. Plus, homes and towns are compact, making the spread go easier. My main worry is them slowing it down so much and still putting out so much fear about it that even if/when the number of new cases are super low, everyone still freaks out over it.
  10. I’ve always wondered...Did that pitch go THROUGH the netting behind the plate?
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