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  1. Whatever issue kept him out of the Bowie pool originally probably cost him a shot this season.
  2. Both. They have a 3 man bench right now, so adding another player that can play the field seems like the better option. Maybe do it after someone pitches that won’t get another start this season and option them down.
  3. Might have been one of those “try and sneak him in” moves. Now, with the open 40 spots, how many more debuts will we get this final week?
  4. The fact he wasn’t even in the Bowie camp makes me wonder what is going on. It’s one thing if he was in Australia during this time and wasn’t able to fly back, or if he was dealing with an injury. But if he was in the US and healthy, that’s a pretty big blow to his chances.
  5. Is he on a 1 year deal? I think if not, he gets DFA’ed. Either way, they might try and re sign him to a MiLB deal with a Spring Training invite.
  6. Hyde said he expects Zimmerman to pitch again. Unsure if as a starter or piggybacking someone.
  7. Could Davis be moved to the 45 day IL to clear a spot?
  8. Former Orioles farmhand Wynston Sawyer has his contract selected by the Yankees after they put Paxton on the IL. He was then sent back down to the alternate site. Still...40 man roster status!
  9. Between the title for this thread and @Can_of_corn talking about dongs in another post, I’m starting to think I’m not paying enough for this site...
  10. The 60 is full since Mason Williams and Dilson Herrera cleared waivers and were sent to Bowie. Both are more useful in Bowie right now then holding a roster spot for an injured player (same with Ty Blach.)
  11. AAA contract with invite. He was released due to needing a spot on the 60 and he isn’t coming back this season anyway.
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