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  1. Yeah, but you still could have been traded for "Cash Considerations." Dude has appeared for more teams in more sports than Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders combined.
  2. Tebow is signed. He's still in the Mets minor league system.
  3. Two words: Luke Hemlich. Both him and Russell did horrible things in the past. Hemlich did his stuff many, many years ago, as a juvenile, and from all reports, has been a model citizen since then. He doesn't get drafted and almost couldn't even play in Mexico, due to fan backlash. Why should Russell get a pass for a horrible set of instances, the most recent being barely a year ago? I'm all for "maybe people can be given second chances," but just because he could help a broken team in the middle infield, why look at his past and say "oh well?" If anything, give him a minor league contract and tell him he has to earn his spot by outplaying everyone else and be a leader in the community.
  4. I suddenly have plans for tomorrow night that does not include going there. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Email went out earlier: Paul Fry and Kyle Moore will be the guests this time. Might go, as I like Fry, plus I should be off early enough to get there. Anyone else going, or will I be the only one subjected to @weams talking about the food?
  6. Watching Davis in the outfield during the Texas series this year was...Interesting.
  7. Wonder if he will work on his Shuuto...
  8. Having watched Scott a lot in the Minors too... I would trust Wilkerson's control over Scott's. I would trust @scOtt control over Scott's, too...
  9. I have to disagree here. If you are basing it on his glove and arm, he can play 3rd just fine and is slightly above passable at 2nd. He has a good arm (enough for a "line to line" throw from 3rd to 1st that doesn't have that "lollipop" effect) and has good reaction (see: diving stop vs. Nationals, "run and throw" vs. Braves) and range at 2nd (running/sliding over the shoulder catch vs. Astros.) That's just at the MLB level. He had several plays at Bowie when he held down 3rd that would have made "Top Plays" for that day. His bat is the reason he is a utility guy. His glove and arm play well.
  10. We know this is going to be a cold, soulless, "screw the fans" process. But what is "acceptable" for the end result? World Series champions? Playoff contenders every year Elias is here after the "rebuild" is done? Fighting for first in the East, even if they fall short a few times? .500 or better and you are happy? Anything in between?
  11. Mancini isn't going anywhere before the next decade.
  12. Eff him. Hope no team signs him.
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