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  1. Also, Dusten Knight cleared waivers and was sent to Norfolk.
  2. I’ll have to double check, but wasn’t that a year where they didn’t have anyone “young and exciting” to call up and instead had a returning Trumbo, Scott, Kline, etc, plus there was still the question about the Arizona Fall League and whether players on the 40 would be eligible or not due to the early start?
  3. That’s 4 innings for Akin most of the time.
  4. Random fact: Wynns now has hit a home run at every AL East stadium. Not bad for someone who can’t hit.
  5. Boston is one of the 7 teams to have a “City Connect” uniform this season.
  6. It was last done by Andrew Romine in 2017 for the Tigers.
  7. So Jones was optioned for a pitcher? Alright… I guess this means Severino and Mancini are healthier.
  8. Also FWIW, Cuiffo did not play in the Norfolk game today. Brett Cumberland was the starter.
  9. Nick Cuiffo is my guess, due to him being on the Taxi Squad since Wynns was promoted.
  10. That makes the most sense. Someone is going on the 60 day IL then. After looking, Tanner is the only player on the 10 day IL.
  11. I mean, it’s clearly because of… Uh… *Checking notes* They didn’t lose?
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