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  1. It feels like it’s been years since they closed the season at home.
  2. So, start using the same balls they used during the playoffs last season?
  3. Don’t know. Is it a league wide issue or just isolated to the Nationals? Did they order stuff later than others? There are a few questions.
  4. His second, later article says Cobb and Givens threw side sessions and will pitch tomorrow.
  5. Crap, why couldn’t the AL and NL East positives tests pop up around the 21st?
  6. Salvador Perez said he has it but is showing no symptoms and could play right now. Padres and Twins confirmed a few cases. Orioles said they won’t confirm any, but Roch is doing good at putting out the names of everyone at practice.
  7. I’d go to a packed Camden Yards right now to see them practice.
  8. I’m surprised they aren’t using pitching screens for now.
  9. Thanks. Wasn’t sure if it would be worth going up next week and being by the Flag Court.
  10. Are you allowed to be on Eutaw Street, or are you told to live along?
  11. If there are no fans, probably impossible to get. I wonder if I have a gold mine: I have a 2020 All Star Game, Opening Day, Twins, Brewers, and Rangers commutative baseballs. Don’t think any of them are getting used this year.
  12. I wonder if they use the test just for current cases, or if they also have the anti body test to see who have already had it?
  13. Rangers player has tested positive. Time to see if that has any impact on the Rangers.
  14. I mean, if they win the first game, it would probably the latest in a season they have been over .500 in a while.
  15. Some reported. A couple of players were posting updated photos on Instagram of them at the ballpark. Elias said they were going to spread out the influx and reporters don’t exactly have access.
  16. I learned to strike out. Doesn’t that help now?
  17. Minor League Baseball also has about 4 times as many teams and are more spread out, plus the players generally live with host families. There is a higher risk.
  18. Let me try and find it again. I saw the tweet while at work and it wouldn’t let me paste it on here. I don’t remember who it was and it was about 5 hours ago. Knowing my luck, it was a typo and got deleted.
  19. Just saw that players on the 60 man roster do NOT need to be put in the 40 to play in games (regular ones, not inter squad.)
  20. Probably waiting on word about the Fall League and when it starts/the roster stuff for it.
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